24 Doughnut Cakes for Any Wedding Style

A new take on the crowd-favorite doughnut wall.

Mulit-tier donut wedding cake with a variety of decorated donuts

Photo by The Curries; Desserts by Crosstown Doughnuts

Looking for the perfect alternative to a classic wedding cake? From macaron towers and croquembouche to stacks of chocolate chip cookies, the options are endless. But for those looking for a sweet option with a nostalgic twist, doughnut cakes definitely fit the bill.

Doughnut walls had their time in the spotlight, but doughnut cakes are here to stay. From stacks of simple glazed doughnuts to treats dipped in colorful frosting with pretty dried petals, there are so many stunning ways to dress up these classic sweets. “Doughnut cakes are perfect for couples who want to do something a little different than a traditional cake, but they still want the beautiful focal point a traditional cake gives,” says Christina Wong, owner of Truffle Cake and Pastry.

Meet the Expert

Christina Wong is the owner of Truffle Cake and Pastry, a custom cake business located in Toronto, Canada, with a specialization in weddings. 

Choosing a Doughnut Cake for Your Wedding

Are doughnut cakes only appropriate for certain types of weddings? Absolutely not. According to Wong, doughnut cakes or doughnut towers are perfect for weddings of all sizes and themes, from casual to elegant events. While you might not automatically picture a doughnut cake at a black-tie wedding, it can certainly be dressed up to fit into your day, whatever that may look like.

Doughnut cakes can be decorated with coordinating florals, a monogram on top, or by enhancing the overall display by utilizing a beautiful cake stand. Plus, the doughnuts themselves can be glazed in a pretty palette or topped with decorations to match your wedding’s aesthetic.

To be sure you have plenty of doughnuts for your guests to enjoy, plus enough to create the actual statement look, Wong suggests treating doughnuts like ordering cake. "If you have a plated dessert at the end of your meal, I would suggest ordering doughnuts for approximately 50 to 60 percent of your guest count," she says. "If the doughnuts are being used as your main dessert, you'll definitely want to order at least one per guest."

Of course, if you and your spouse-to-be are doughnut aficionados or you have guests coming who love them just as much, you may consider ordering extra for those who indulge in more than one. Wong says she offers a variety of doughnut cake sizes ranging from 24 doughnuts up to 95 doughnuts, with a cost range between $250 and $600, but of course, that cost includes the time and ingredients put into making a decorative doughnut display. Depending on the route you choose, whether ordering from a bakery or working with a planner to set up the display on your own, the cost may certainly differ.

Convinced that a doughnut cake is the perfect fit for your big day? Read on for 19 of our favorite ideas for serving up these sweets.

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Make a Focal Point

frosted doughnut wedding cake tower

Photo by Chantelle Watt Photography; Desserts by Truffle Cake and Pastry

Make a statement with a tall tower of frosted doughnuts paired with fresh blooms to match. This charming display certainly stands on its own, but adding adorable mini-towers on either side takes this table to a new level.

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Stick With a Consistent Palette

pink wedding cake with pink frosted doughnuts and fresh white flowers with greenery

Courtesy of Kayla Knight Cakes

Want to incorporate doughnuts but still add cake to the mix? We can’t get over the look of this uniquely decked-out cake. Pair a three-tiered cake with plenty of doughnuts, a decorative drip, and a bit of greenery for a decadent look.

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Decorate With Florals and Linens

doughnut wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Salt Media

Who says a doughnut cake can’t be elegant? Pairing a base of gauzy blue linen with beautiful, fresh blooms is sure to create a romantic display.

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Add Charming Flags

doughnut wedding cake with flags

Photo by Pepper and Light Photographers; Desserts by Truffle and Cake Pastry

This display is as sweet as can be. Decked in pink frosting and paired with pretty pink roses, this doughnut cake provides just enough for a small crowd and is nothing short of dreamy. 

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Opt for Pretty Pink Glaze

pink and white glazed donut tower for a wedding reception

Photo by Lex and the Lotus; Planning by Kelsey Sage Events; Dessert by KH Desserts

Now, this is a true towering doughnut cake. Certainly, stacking these classic treats looks great, but we love the unique take on this display, showcasing these beautifully decorated doughnuts in a creative way.

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Deck Out a Real Cake

White wedding cake covered in doughnuts

Photo by Clay Austin Photography

You can definitely stack your favorite doughnuts high to create a lovely display, but if you still want to keep cake on the menu, don’t ditch it too quickly. Instead, decorate the exterior of a simple two-tiered cake with your favorite mini doughnuts for a whimsical look.

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Adorn With Pretty Posies

Doughnuts on tray with posies

Photo by Wild Malva

This simple display is as sweet as can be. Stack multiple flavors of doughnuts on a stand with sprigs of baby’s breath for a charming look. 

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Include a Cake Topper

Display of wedding doughnuts with cake topper at a wedding reception

Photo by Jackie Wonders; Desserts by Heavenly Donuts

Why not make a splash with an entire table of treats? Stack doughnuts to form a cake, and pair these sprinkled sweets with a sparkly topper.

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Channel Boho Vibes

boho-inspired doughnut cake display

Photo by Leah Kathryn Photo; Desserts by The Flour Pot 

This tower of doughnuts is the perfect balance of romantic and whimsical. Stack frosted doughnuts with plenty of wildflowers for a gorgeous boho look that’s perfect for an outdoor or barn-style wedding.

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Surround a Mini Cake

Small wedding cake with doughnuts

Photo by Kate Headley; Cake by Congressional Country Club

Have your cake and eat doughnuts too! Stack classic glazed doughnuts with a single-tiered cake on top to be sure you’re not missing out on any of your favorite sweets.

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Pair Mini Treats With Greenery

Semi-naked cake with cinnamon doughnuts

courtesy of Cake N Bake Shop

Take a semi-naked cake to a whole new level. Adding classic mini doughnuts, a simple white glaze drip, and fresh sprigs of greenery is the perfect fit for any wedding.

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Build a Blooming Tower

Platter of doughnuts and flowers

Photo by Jenny Soi Photography; Planning by Weddings in Tuscany; Floral Design by Jardin Divers

How sweet is this towering tray of treats? Just because you opt to utilize simple, sugar-dusted doughnuts doesn’t mean the display has to be boring. Deck each doughnut with a gorgeous, fresh bloom and pair it with plenty of greenery.

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Introduce Pops of Pink

Tiers of white and pink doughnuts

Photo by Holding & Co Photography; Planning by Marisa Nicole Events

Here’s to celebrating in color! This doughnut cake offers classic, white-iced treats for a subtle look, but the hot pink glaze and rainbow sprinkles take it to a new level of fun.

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Stack a Variety of Sweets

Doughnut wedding cake on tiers

Photo by The Curries; Desserts by Crosstown Doughnuts

A doughnut cake means you can offer the ideal flavor for every guest. Pair a variety of delicious flavors with blooming florals and charming signage for the perfect wedding sweet. 

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Decorate With Edible Petals

White doughnuts covered in gold and flowers

Photo by G3 Designs Photo; Desserts by Sweet Avenue Cakery

Who says doughnuts can’t serve up a feeling of understated elegance? Stack iced doughnuts topped with dried flower petals on a lovely stand with a beautiful bunch of greenery for a bit of romance.

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Make It Mini

Tray of mini doughnuts

Photo by Peyton Rainey Photography; Desserts by Amy Cakes

Who says a doughnut cake has to have height? After all, it’s your party! Put together a tray of mini frosted doughnuts, paired with two bold blooms, to present a cute display of treats.

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Go Bold With Color

Colorful display of doughnuts surrounded by flowers and candles at a wedding reception

Photo by Laura Briggs

Looking to make a bold statement? Skip the simple glaze and go for multiple flavors and colors. A mixture of treats, including powdered and red velvet doughnuts, is sure to make up a show-stopping display.

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Incorporate Fresh Blooms

Stack of doughnuts with fresh blooms

Photo by Kaylyn Marie Photography

Putting together a doughnut cake definitely doesn’t have to be elaborate. This simple display was made up of stacked glazed doughnuts paired with simple white roses. What a lovely option for an outdoor wedding!

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Keep It Simple and Sweet

Tray of glazed doughnuts served at a wedding reception

Photo by Kellianne Jordan Photography; Desserts by Too Sweet Cakes

Doughnuts can definitely speak for themselves in a stunning display, and this look pulls it off flawlessly. Pile frosted doughnuts on a pretty stand for an option that’s simple and sweet.  

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Celebrate the Season

Bowl of white donuts with floral decor

Photo by Anna Delores Photography

Why not coordinate your doughnuts with your wedding season? These doughnuts, covered in purple, gold, and white leaves, are the perfect treat for a fall wedding.

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Use Minis as Toppers

Pink cupcakes topped with mini doughnuts

Top your wedding cupcakes off with something even sweeter: mini pink doughnuts. And the gold foil wrappers at that extra wow factor!

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Stay Neutral

Naked cake with topper and doughnuts

Wirestock/Getty Images

You don't always need bold colors to stand out. These plain doughnuts look simply stunning with a naked cake topped with a neutral-colored bloom and pampas grass.

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Create a Rustic Feel

Tower of doughnuts with flowers

jamenpercy/Getty Images

Placing this colorful doughnut tower on a simple wood table gives the setup a rustic vibe, while the flowers offer a feminine touch.

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Set an Elegant Display

Elegant doughnut tower

redstallion/Getty Images

Don't be fooled—doughnuts can still make for a sophisticated display. This tower boasts pink and gold doughnuts surrounded by fresh flowers. It's perfect for a more formal wedding.

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