14 DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Hot chocolate DIY favor

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When you find yourself strapped with a tight wedding budget, it can be helpful to cut some of the last-minute costs along the way. One of the easiest ways to do so is through DIY wedding favors. You'd be surprised at how quickly wedding favors can rack up costs, so consider this much more inexpensive route and take matters (quite literally) into your own hands.

To avoid getting overwhelmed by another item on your wedding to-do list, order supplies a month or two before the wedding. For favors that don't have a best-by date, you can definitely start assembling weeks before. If they require customizing names—such as a cheese board with ID calligraphy—wait until a week before the wedding for any last-minute changes to the guest list.

For edible favors, make those much closer to the wedding date, but be sure you're done with them at least a couple of days before to avoid pulling all-nighters. If the guest list is sizable, considering calling in reinforcements: your bridal party or family members who volunteered to help. Turn it into a fun night with wine, snacks, and a fun playlist in the background.

If your favor is somehow related to your meet-cute love story or your relationship, don't forget to mention it, either in a note attached to the gift or during a speech. It'll make your wedding feel extra intimate and your thank-you more meaningful.

From custom paper cranes to dip-dyed candle votives, the DIY wedding favors below say a heartfelt thank-you to friends and family for attending your wedding.

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Serve Snacks on a Custom Cheese Board

Cheese boards

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Design by Karson Butler Events

You and your spouse will be the Big Cheeses at your wedding with favors like these. Everyone will love munching on some light bites before dinner, but take it to the next level with custom cheese boards you can add to your tablescape. Label rectangular pieces of slate with your guests' names, then top with your favorite cheese and charcuterie. You'll save major favor dough and convert your guests into the ultimate party hosts with their new serving device.

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Offer Wine To-Go

Wine in a can

Photo by Julia Green Photography; Event Design by Bridal Bliss

Even wine connoisseurs will enjoy grabbing a small can of vino on the way out of your wedding. Add an inexpensive DIY touch with decorative straws and a personalized note attached, and voilà—you're all set with budget-friendly favors guests will rave about.

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Dip-Dye Candles


Photo by Petra Bindel

Put your dip-dye skills to the test with these candle favors that you can customize to match your wedding color palette. Order votive candles with holders, and decorate them with strips of dyed cotton gauze.

Simply dip each piece of gauze into a watercolor bath of your chosen hue for a handmade favor that looks far from amateur.

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Hand Out Customized Instruments

Mini tambourine wedding favors

Photo by Pablo Beglez

Put your own spin on sets of mini tambourines by using stamps or a paint pen, and distribute to guests at the reception for optimal use on the dance floor.

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Write a Handwritten Note

Handwritten note

Photo by Simply Sarah Photography

Nothing says "thank you" better than putting pen to paper and personally expressing your gratitude to guests. Handwritten notes cross the do-it-yourself criteria off the checklist, and guests will take home a unique note that they'll surely always treasure. Add a fresh apple for the finishing touch.

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Make a One-of-a-Kind Craft

Origami name tags

Photo by Sara Lobla

This couple turned their seating chart into guest favors, treating their nearest and dearest to handmade boats that the bride and groom made themselves. Each mini boat featured a different paper pattern with guests' names attached via a cardboard star.

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Give Out Hot Chocolate Kits

Hot chocolate mix

Photo by Amilia Photography

Send guests home from your winter wedding with a homemade hot chocolate kit complete with all the sweet essentials needed to make this beloved beverage, marshmallows and all. Individual copper mugs lend a more elegant feel to the ingredients, which your friends and family will love sipping on a cold day. Plus, the pretty containers can see their fair share of use for alcoholic concoctions, warm or cold, after the wedding.

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Assemble Vials of Honey

Jar of honey

Photo by Sarah & Ben

Because you and your spouse bee-long together, gift your nearest and dearest with small vials of honey, which you can instantly assemble yourself. Cover tiny jars of this sweet substance with burlap, and print your own attachable tag.

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Spin Cotton Candy

Cotton candy

Photo by Tim Robison Creative

Guests of all ages won't be able to say no to a bag full of pink, cloud-like sugary goodness, and we love how this couple hung bags of cotton can with clothespins and added a personalized thank-you. Double the favor fun with a variety of cotton candy colors for your own wedding, which you can buy tubs of in bulk.

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Share Your Favorite Coffee Grounds

Coffee beans

Photo by Heather Jowett

After eloping in Costa Rica, this couple brought back coffee beans to gift guests at their Michigan reception. You don't have to be jet-setters to replicate this favor—add a more homey vibe and simply fill pretty little jars with your favorite coffee beans. This is especially perfect to highlight the city you're getting married in if you have a lot of out-of-town guests.

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Customize Seed Packets


Photo by Jason + Anna Photography

To plant the seed for an easy and eco-friendly wedding favor, encourage guests to bring out their green thumbs after your wedding. Print out custom labels to attach to flower seed packets of your choosing (perhaps some buds you featured in your wedding decor?). If you're having a casual outdoor celebration, display the take-home gifts in a dirt-stuffed wheelbarrow.

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Brew Your Own Beer

Home-brewed beer

Photo by Jose Villa; Planning by Laurie Arons

If you or your partner enjoy brewing beer, why not share your mixes with your guests? Infuse bottles with your signature brew and order personalized paper bags so they can grab the drinks while dancing or on the way out to enjoy at home.

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Prepare Easy-to-Bake Dessert Mixes

Cookie mix in a mason jar

Photo by Jen Huang Photography

If you're a whiz in the kitchen, why not share an easy baking recipe? Create a cookie or cake mix that guests can whip up at home for a tasty and delicious treat. Add customized packaging to a mason jar that includes the recipe instructions.

Recall some of your favorite recipes to make with your partner and let your guests recreate them at home. Whether it's a sauce, a salsa dip, jam, or a baking mix, a gift that offers guests a taste of your love story is a heartfelt thank-you.

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Prepackage Cocktail Mixes

Cocktail mix

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Like the dessert mix, a quick cocktail mix is an easy DIY. Grab a mini bottle of your favorite spirit and a bottle of the soda that goes best with it (think: gin and tonic or whiskey and coke). Bind together with twine, and add a snack!

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