Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil vs Clarins Lip Comfort Oil: Which is Better?

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Dior vs Clarins Lip Oil

Brides / Emily Cieslak

Growing up in the glory of Lip Smackers, I first experimented with makeup through lip gloss. Swiping on the fruity flavors felt like a way to ween off a childish candy addiction. But then in my teens and early twenties, I stopped wearing lip gloss altogether. All the formulas felt drying and tacky, literally and figuratively.

Then one of my friends gave me the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil as a birthday present a couple years ago. This was before the product was going viral on TikTok—"Dior lip oil" currently has over three million views on the platform—so I tried it with no expectations. I quickly became "addicted" and found myself wondering, why did I ever stop wearing lip gloss?

A lip oil is like a lip gloss, but better. As the name suggests, it contains a few oils, so it’s more hydrating and isn’t as sticky. I hate fussing with lip liners and lipsticks, so I love how I can just swipe on this oil and my lips instantly have shine and color. The ease is especially convenient during a long event like a wedding, where with all the talking and eating, you don’t want to worry about your lipstick smudging or transferring on your teeth. Plus the gleam of an oil creates the illusion of fuller lips in photos.

Now more and more brands are creating their own lip oils. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is another popular choice—it has nearly three million views on TikTok and a few colors always are sold out. With similar packaging, shades, and claims, the two products seem nearly identical. So I decided to test out both lip oils to see if there is a clear difference and winner between the two products. 

Keep reading for my in depth comparison of Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil verss Clarins Lip Comfort Oil and find out which one you should pack in your clutch for your next wedding event.

Price at the time of publish: $27

Who’s It For: If you like the idea of moisturizing your lips and getting some color while you’re at it, Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is for you. Containing four different oils, including organic jojoba and rose, this formula is highly hydrating and feels more like a nourishing lip treatment than a lip gloss. It comes in eight universally flattering shades that adapt to your own lips for a custom hue. The packaging feels luxurious and the bottle squeezes out any excess product from the applicator, ensuring not a single drop is wasted. With mirror-like shine, you can apply it over lipstick or wear it alone for plump, juicy lips. 

Shades: 8 | Key Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Sweetbriar Rose oil, Hazelnut Oil, Castor Oil | Scent: Sweet (strong)

Dior Lip Glow Oil

Dior Lip Glow Oil


Price at time of publish: $38

Who’s It For: Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil is for anyone that loves the look of a gloss, but hates the stickiness. The innovative formula gives you a vinyl finish without the stickiness or dryness. Slightly thicker than a true oil, Dior gives you ample color payoff and will last through rounds of drinks and socializing. It also comes in eight shades that bring out your lip’s natural color. With a slight minty tingle, the formula instantly plumps your lips for a pout that will have people asking if you just got lip injections (true story).  

Shades: 8 | Key Ingredients: Sweet Cherry Oil, Luffa Cylindrica Oil | Scent: Mint (faint)

What I Considered


Winner: Clarins

When it comes to the ingredients, Clarins is the clear winner, as it packs four different nourishing oils while Dior only has two. The second ingredient in Clarins is organic jojoba oil, a lightweight oil that hydrates and softens the skin without clogging pores. The formula also has organic sweetbriar rose oil, which is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as hazelnut and castor oil. Overall, Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is formulated with 93 percent ingredients of natural origin. Dior, on the other hand, only has two plant-based oils, including sweet cherry oil, which is rich in vitamin A and also helps boost hydration. If hydrating, natural ingredients are important to you, then Clarins is the clear winner. 


Winner: Dior

Considering that Clarins has twice as many oils, it’s not surprising that it feels more like applying an oil to your lips than Dior. It’s thinner, which unfortunately, sometimes causes it to run outside the lines of my lips. Dior is slightly thicker and does a better job of staying put. I also notice a slight tingly feeling when I apply the Dior lip oil, which hopefully helps plump the lips. Even though the Dior formula has fewer oils, it's still hydrating.

Dior Lip Oil
Dior in Rosewood.

Brides / Emily Cieslak

In terms of shine, it’s hard to see a difference between the two. I took a bunch of selfies during testing, and as I look back, I honestly can’t tell which oil is which. Both deliver a mirror-like shine, which automatically makes your lips look fuller by picking up natural light and reflecting it back. Because Clarins' thin formula can be a little messy, Dior wins this category.


Winner: Depends on your preference.

These two lip oils offer a vastly different flavor experience. You hardly get a flavor with Dior—there’s a trace of minty-ness which probably is the same thing that causes the slight tingly sensation. Clarins has a strong sweet scent, reminiscent of some candy from my youth. The winner of this category depends on whether you prefer scented or unscented products.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil
Clarins in Chocolate.

Brides /Emily Cieslak


Winner: It’s a tie. 

Each line has eight different shades, ranging from a light nude to dark brown. The beauty of these shades is they are all somewhat sheer, so they work on different skin tones. For instance, I received a sample of the Chocolate shade from Clarins. When I first saw the bottle, I thought it was way too dark for me, but it actually is the perfect shade to create the trending Brownie Glazed Lips. Both formulas are also supposed to work with your pH to create a custom hue—which based on how different the color can look in the bottle and my lips, I think is actually true. While I often layer these oils over a lipstick, you can wear them alone and still get plenty of color payoff. I love the shades in both versions, so this one is a tie.

Staying Power

Winner: Dior

Ah perhaps the most important but challenging category. Lip glosses always tend to fade faster than a true lipstick or stain, so you can’t have too high expectations. With that being said, Dior’s formula lasts longer than Clarins. Having worn it to countless events, dinners, and dates, I find that I don’t have to reapply the Dior Lip Oil too often. Even as the initial shine dies down, my lips still have a nice sheen and color to them. With Clarins, the gloss kind of disappears on its own, even without too much drinking or eating. I think this goes back to how Dior’s formula is thicker and has less oils, so it is more of a true lip gloss, while Clarins is like a nourishing oil that has color, too. 

Dior vs Clarins Lip Oil

Brides / Emily Cieslak


Winner: Clarins

These lip oils nearly have identical packaging—a little bottle with chic metal accents and a doe shaped applicator that’s curved to hug the contours of your lips. Yet Clarins went above and beyond with its brush. When I pull out the applicator, you can feel the bottle neck squeezing out any excess product, kind of like a mascara bottle. This allows you to get the perfect amount of product every time. Dior’s bottle doesn’t have that feature, so sometimes the applicator grabs too much product or it splatters out. With each bottle being around $30-$40, I can’t afford to miss a single drop.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to pick a winner because both products make my lips look amazing and aren’t that different from each other. However, for a special event like a wedding where I want a long-lasting, mess-free shine, I would probably go with Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil. The thicker formula lasts longer, doesn’t linger outside the lips, and has more plumping-power thanks to the minty tingle. 

However, if moisturizing, natural ingredients are more important to you, then Clarins is the perfect choice. Neither of them is cheap, but you save around $10 with Clarins too not to mention the bottle prevents wasting any drops. 

Either way, I highly recommend you retire any matte lipsticks and jump on the lip oil bandwagon. I can officially say they are worth the hype. 

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