Designer Norma Kamali Is Engaged at 75!—and “So Happy” with How Her Timeline Worked Out

"For me, I can't even perceive age.”

Norma Kamali

John Lamparski/Getty

It’s never too late for love! Fashion designer Norma Kamali just announced her engagement at 75 years old.

During an Instagram Live with The WIE Suite founder Dee Poku, Kamali shared that she recently got engaged to her longtime partner Marty Edelman. The infamous “Sleeping Bag Coat” designer expressed that she was “so happy” with how her timeline has worked out.

"We all have our own calendar, we all have a different timeline of when things are supposed to happen," she said during the live.

According to Kamali, in 1970, an astrologer actually predicted that she would meet her soulmate at 65. At the time, Kamali says this was something she did not want to hear and did not believe to be true. 

But the astrologer was right—Kamali and Edelman met when she was 65 years old. Which, she says, was actually exactly how it should have happened. "I am so happy because I wasn’t ready before that.”

The designer also revealed that she and Edelman have spent a lot of time together the past year, so Edelman proposed on her 75th birthday in June. But she isn’t worried about society’s perception of a late engagement. "For me, I can't even perceive age,” she told Poku. Kamali and Poku also discussed how Kamala Harris’s engagement in 2014 at age 48 has helped to normalize a later timeline for women.

The designer of Farrah Fawcett’s well-known, 1976 red swimsuit has been previously married before meeting Edelman. She wed her ex-husband and ex-business partner Eddie Kamali at just 19 years old. The two divorced in the mid-'70s.

We’re looking forward to seeing what fabulous dress she comes up with for the wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple. Age is truly just a number!

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