20 Décor Ideas to Dress Up Your Wedding Band Stage

It's all about the big act!

greenery band stage decor


If you and your partner have decided that having a live band at your wedding is the best fit, you’re in for a real treat. Incorporating live music can immediately change the mood of your reception, bringing a new and exciting energy to the mix. But now that you’ve secured your musical performance for the big day and you've gone over the playlist, where should they set up?

When booking live music for your wedding, be sure to check on any specific requirements the band may have for their location within your venue. From there, the rest is all up to you and your creativity. Dressing up the stage for your wedding band will draw attention to the big act, while setting the mood for dancing as well. And there are so many ways to direct attention toward the stage, from incorporating long-stemmed blooms to unique lighting.

Need some inspiration for how to spruce up and decorate your wedding band stage? Read on for 20 clever ideas.

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Place Plenty of Blooms

floral band stage

Photo by Corbin Gurkin; Design by Rebecca Rose Events

If you already have the perfect stage set-up for your band, then all it needs is a special touch! Incorporate an overflowing display with plenty of bright blooms and greenery for a stunning pop of color and texture.

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Use Ribbons and Greenery

band stage with ribbons

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Stages can be taken from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few special touches. This display utilized a variety of colored ribbons and greenery to add a pop of color and added interest to an otherwise plain white backdrop.

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Light It Up With Lanterns

band stage with lanterns

Photo by Rachel Havel 

Want to highlight your band in a special way? Consider incorporating lanterns or pillar candles. This is sure to dress up any backdrop for an entirely magical look.

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Use Potted Plants

band stage with plants

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

Separate the stage from the dance floor and dress it up a bit at the same time! We love the look of a variety of potted plants in different shapes and sizes in front of the stage, especially as they pop against a rustic barn venue!

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Wow With a Greenery Wall

greenery band stage


Planning a wedding with plenty of springtime blooms and greenery? Bring that same design concept to your stage. Create an entire wall of greenery to back up the band in style! Dress it up even further by adding colorful lettering or even a neon sign.

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Use Unique Lighting

lit up band stage

Photo by Julio Tomala

For a magical setting, incorporate the band stage into the dance floor area in a seamless way. This design used greenery and unique backstage lighting for an incredible setup.

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Feature Earth Tones

boho floral stage

Photo by Kaity Brawley

Dress up your stage with an array of textures and colors. We love the idea of long-stemmed grasses and wispy blooms to make the front of the stage feel a bit more organic.

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Go for Gold and Green

Band stage with gold names

Photo by J&N Studios

Use your stage to make a statement! A backdrop of lush greenery with a large display of calligraphed gold lettering is such a fun way to personalize the setting.

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Create an Illusion

band stage with gold and white

Photo by Kristin sweeting

If you don't have an actual stage in your venue, you can still create the illusion that you do. Use a decorative short wall or barrier to separate the band from the dance floor in a chic way. This modern pop of gold against a black and white checkered floor is truly stunning!

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Embrace a Club Vibe

patterned band stage

Photo by Kt Merry

Want to really throw a party? Make the décor of your dance floor funky and fun! Follow suit by bringing an energetic pattern to the front of the stage as well, along with matching music stands for the musicians.

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Keep It Sleek and Simple

white band stage

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

There's no shame in keeping things simple, especially if you're hoping to add pops of color elsewhere. Stick with an all-white stage, complete with sleek white music stands, and let the rest of the dance floor décor do the talking.

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Pair White Blooms and Greenery

band stage in white and green

Photo by O'malley Photographers

For a classic color palette of white and green, bring the same color duo to your band stage. This elegant design featured a boxwood greenery backdrop with plenty of white hydrangeas on the front of the stage to complete the look.

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Bring in Textured Plants

tropical band stage

Photo by Amber Vickery 

Planning an exciting dance party? Make your stage décor just as fun! This stage was dressed up with plenty of textured plants with large leaves, including palm fronds and ornamental grasses.

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Embrace a Beautiful Setting

italian wedding musicians

Photo by Gianni Di Natale Photographers 

No actual stage at your venue? No problem! Your band can make a beautiful statement in a variety of locations. We love how one couple embraced a naturally stunning backdrop to frame their band, with pops of blue blooms to match.

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Create a Wall of Tropical Greenery

band stage with tropical plants

Photo by Elizabeth Lanier Photography

A beachside wedding calls for a beach-inspired stage! Create a wall of tropical greenery by utilizing plenty of palm fronds for great texture and color.

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Feature Long-Stemmed Blooms

band stage with white flowers

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography 

If you want to use flowers to dress up your stage, consider the type you're choosing. Featuring long-stemmed blooms such as sweet peas or delphinium are sure to add height and can help to create a magical display.

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Choose a Metallic Backdrop

disco band stage

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography 

You can plan a disco if you want to! If you're incorporating disco balls above your dance floor along with plenty of metallics, why not bring them to the stage, too? We love this modern-inspired backdrop featuring shiny gold and silver.

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Add Marquee Lettering

band stand with white flowers


Want to make it feel like guests are dancing at a real-life concert? It's all in the lettering! Bring in lighted marquee lettering to spell out your last name for a special touch.

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Use a Moody Backdrop

band stage with backdrop

Photo by Norman & Blake 

Let elements of your venue inspire your stage design, all while bringing a personal touch to the mix. One couple planned a rustic, harvest moon-inspired wedding and incorporated a moody backdrop of grey and white. It created the dreamiest setting for their live band against otherwise warm tones.

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Choose an Organic Arrangement

floral installation on band stage


Organic arrangements made up of plenty of wispy sprigs and texture are a beautiful addition to dress up a band stage. Even better? These arrangements were utilized to line the aisle for the couple's wedding and then cleverly repurposed for the stage.

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