15 Beautiful Deckle-Edge Wedding Invitation Ideas

Get some invite inspiration with this chic stationary style.

A deckle-edge invitation suite surrounded by colorful flowers.

Photo by Sean Thomas Photography

When it comes time to pick out your wedding invitations, one of the first things you need to consider for the invitation suite is the style of paper or stationary you want to choose for the actual invitation. One of our favorite options—and a timeless choice—is a deckle-edge style.

In contrast to a cut-edge style, deckle-edge wedding invitations are made of high-quality, hand-torn paper, resulting in a feathered, hand-made appearance along the edge of the invitation. This stunning effect is perfect for so many wedding aesthetics, from elegant vintage celebrations to pared-back, minimalistic weddings to bold, boho-style events.

Here, we round up 15 deckle-edge wedding invitation ideas from our Real Weddings for you to use as inspiration while you choose the wedding invitation suite that matches the celebration of your dreams.

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Create a Vintage Feel

A deckle-edge wedding invitation with seashells.

Photo by Mon Soleil

If you're planning a vintage-themed wedding, a deckle-edge wedding invitation is a perfect choice! The slightly worn, almost aged look to the edge of the paper, as seen in this beautiful invitation suite, will emulate vintage vibes from the moment your guests open their invitation envelopes.

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Think Rustic

A deckle-edge wedding invitation suite.

Photo by Lisa Poggi

We love the neutral tones, elegant cursive font, and hand-drawn map included in this deckle-edge invitation suite that is equal parts chic and rustic.

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Add a Wax Seal

A deckle-edge wedding invitation suite with a wax seal and white roses.

Photo by Jeremy Chou

For a little something extra, consider adding an elegant wax seal to your deckle-edge invitation. This will create a refined, sophisticated look, and you can have fun getting creative with what the wax seal looks like!

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Pair It With Vintage Script

A deckle-edge wedding invitation suite featuring vintage script.

Photo by Emily Magers Photography

If you're looking to further your vintage vibes, consider pairing the deckle-edge invitation suite with a delicate, loopy, vintage-style cursive script.

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Go Neutral

A deckle-edge wedding invitation suite featuring a grey wax seal and neutral-toned script.

Photo by Ashley Rae Photography

If you're planning on having a neutral color palette at your wedding, begin to thread that décor theme by opting for a neutral script color with your deckle-edge invitations for a minimalistic, chic look.

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Get Glamorous With Gold

A deckle-edge wedding invitation with gold embossed illustrations.

Photo by Jessica Mangia

To expand upon the elegance of the deckle-edge invitation style, opt for gold font or a creative gold-embossed illustration of the wedding destination, as this couple did here.

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Use Large Font

A deckle-edge invitation suite featuring large, bold fonts.

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography

A great way to get creative with deckle-edge invitations is to opt for a large font which will create a beautiful contrast with the delicate hand-cut edge of the paper.

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Create an Exaggerated Edge

A deckle-edge invitation suite.

Photo by Justine Milton Photography

If you really want to emphasize the hand-cut nature of this invitation style, have your stationary designer create an exaggerated deckle edge by doing some extra feathering along the edge of the invitation paper.

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Play With Shape

A deckle-edge invitation suite.

Photo by Kiyah C Photography

We love the way that this deckle-edge invitation isn't a perfect rectangle; if you look closely, you'll see that not only is the hand-cut edge exaggerated, but the shape is slightly asymmetrical, which adds an organic effect to the invitation suite's overall look.

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Mix Fonts Styles and Sizes

A deckle-edge invitation suite with multiple font styles.

Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography

Since the deckle-edge style already has such tangible texture, play with that by using multiple font styles and sizes for the invitation wording.

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Create a Moody Aesthetic

A moody boho wedding invitation suite with deckled edges.

Photo by Kami Olavarria / Stationery by Four Things Paper

We love the way this deckle-edge invitation suite has a moody vibe; the use of colorful stamps, a bold black wax seal, illustrations, and ribbon create an effect that's ideal for a fall or winter marriage celebration.

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Play With Color

A rustic deckle-edge invitation suite.

Photo by Dawn Derbyshire / Invitation by Oh Joyful Day

If you want to opt for a bolder invitation style, talk to your stationery designer about using watercolor or dyed paper to create a pigmented background to pair with the deckle-edge cut.

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Use Watercolor Accents

An elegant calligraphy blush wedding invitation suite with deckle-edge paper.

Photo by Jen Huang Photo

How pretty does this deckle-edge invitation suite look? If you want that sweet, delicate effect seen in this suite, opt for light touches of watercolor accents in the corners of the invitations.

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Stick to Black and White

A deckle-edge wedding invitation suite.


The organic, hand-cut look of the deckle-edge paper will look beautiful when contrasted with a simplicity of a white background and black script—especially if you're having a black-and-white affair.

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Choose a Tea-Stained Patina

A tea-stained deckle-edge wedding invitation suite.


If you want that bygone-era, romantic look for your invitation suite, speak with your stationary designer about adding a tea-stained patina to the deckle-edge invitations to make them look slightly aged.

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