44 Great Date Ideas to Keep Your Marriage Fresh

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Continuing to date your spouse after you marry is one way to keep your romance alive, according to many marriage counselors and relationship experts. But no one ever seems to offer suggestions on where to go or what to do with your loved one. After all, going to the corner bistro every Saturday night can get a little stale.

To help you brainstorm for a good time, here are 44 exciting date ideas—including some from our readers—that are perfect for newlyweds and married vets alike.

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Get to Cookin' in the Bedroom


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Throw a slumber party for two; serve dinner in bed and have each other for dessert. Participate in an online sex workshop to learn something new, or generally level up your bedroom time together.

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Jump for Java

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Get coffee at your favorite coffee house or check out a new one. Even better, find out if the cafe hosts events, like open mic night, and get intimate over a hot cup of joe.

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Go for a Ride

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If you own bikes, hop on and check out a new route or rent a couple and see where the day takes you. Stop for a bite or ice cream on the way.

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Belt Out a Song


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Perform a duet at a karaoke bar. Better yet, reserve your own private room so you can get as loud as you want and even make out afterward, minus the dirty looks.

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Hop on a Wild Ride

roller coaster

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Go to a theme park and hold on to each other when the rollercoaster makes a dramatic drop. Then binge on funnel cake and take turns winning each other a stuffed animal.

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Take the Leap


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If you’re adventure seekers, consider going skydiving or bungee jumping together. The adrenaline rush is sure to be a highly unforgettable experience (pun intended). City dwellers might check out an indoor skydiving location, like iFly, in locations nationwide.

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Head to the Zoo or Museum


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Get cultured or learn something new about reptiles together as you stroll through the exhibits holding hands.

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Rock Out at a Concert


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Music always brings people together. Jamming to live beats—even if you’re more Beethoven than Bon Jovi—is a great stress reliever, whether you're in an intimate performance space or a jam-packed arena.

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Take an Art Class Together


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You don't have to be Picasso to have a good time. Channel Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost and try pottery or another sensual art activity where you can get your hands dirty.

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Challenge Each Other to a Tournament


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Tennis, bowling, pool, or the arcade are always great for some friendly competition. Make things interesting and make a bet–loser has to make the winner dinner.

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Take a Staycation

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You don't have to go far to leave your worries behind. Check into a room at the hot new hotel, sleep in, get room service, and lounge by the pool. Or spruce up your space at home for staycation bliss.

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Let It Snow


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If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that snows, sledding and other fun winter activities are a delight for people of all ages. Make snow angels afterward or simply sit back and take in the wintry landscape.

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Go for a Spin on a Motor Scooter

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Switch up your usual commute and go for a spin on a motor scooter together. Channel Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday!

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Stop to Smell the Roses

botanical garden

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Flowers are an eternal symbol of romance. Head to your nearest botanical garden and learn all about them together, or take a stroll through a blooming park.

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Take a Road Trip

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Road trips are a wonderful way to break up your usual routine and liven things up. Go to the city or the country and enjoy a change of scenery.

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Pack a Picnic

beach picnic

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Fill up a picnic basket with goodies like a loaf of crusty bread, wine, cheese, and the season's fruit. Go to the park, take in some sunshine, and share your feast with one another on a blanket.

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Be Tourists in Your Own City


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Chances are you haven't visited all of the tourist sites in your hometown. Check some off the list together. Perhaps go all out and sign up for a sightseeing bus tour to enjoy the views.

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Draw Sketches of One Another


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Even if you can’t draw, you’ll have fun connecting to your creative sides and create a lovely memory. Who knows, you may surprise yourselves.

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Take to the Ice

ice skating

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Glide around together at the nearest ice skating rink (a rollerskating rink works too). Warm up by a fireplace and share some hot cocoa afterward.

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Camp Out Under the Stars


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Look no further than your own backyard and the night sky for a romantic date. Or drive out a bit further to make it a special trip, and use a stargazing app to spot the constellations. If you are not an outdoorsy couple, opt for the planetarium for stargazing.

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Root for the Home Team

sports game

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Head to a sporting event of your choice. Even if you're not a sports fan, there's something special about being part of a collective energy; plus, there's always the concession stand to explore.

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Climb Mountains Together

rock climbing

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Whether you're rock climbing at an indoor gym or out in the wild, build trust and communication skills while working up a sweat.

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Be Winos

wine tasting

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Find a great wine tasting, vineyard, or food and wine pairing event. Sample some bottles and bring home your favorites.

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Volunteer Your Time

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Visit a senior home, organize a fundraiser for a non-profit, or volunteer a Saturday afternoon at a shelter. You’ll spend time with each other in the most rewarding way–making a difference and helping others.

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Gamble on Your Love


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Try your luck at a casino or make a wager over your favorite board game at home.

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Check Out Open Houses

living room

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Whether or not either of you are into real estate, you can just dream out loud about your future together or gather inspiration for your current space.

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Whip Out the Board Games

board game

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There are many great board games to choose from–pick one or three of your favorites! For a twist, the winner has to take the loser out to dinner for another date night.

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Try Couples Retail Therapy

window shopping

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If you've been needing jeans or a new winter coat, take your boo with you for a second opinion. No one will boost your confidence more. Take turns shopping for each other and carrying the load of bags.

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Get Down on the Dance Floor

dance class

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Time to dust off those dancing shoes! Whether you sign up for dance lessons or hit up a club all night, just make sure you dance with each other. Not only is it a fantastic workout, you'll learn new moves and get an endorphin high from breaking a sweat.

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Hunt for Treasure

Antique furniture and knickknacks at flea market
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Visit your local flea market, vintage, or antique store to find some secondhand gems. Have fun trying on clothes from bygone eras or score a killer midcentury piece of furniture for the house.

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Appreciate the Art of Words

open mic

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A night of spoken word or a poetry reading can spark romance–or at the very least a stimulating conversation. Grab a nightcap afterward to discuss.

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Make Love and Go All Out


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Kick things up a notch. Wear sexy lingerie, send each other naughty text messages all day, light candles, throw rose petals on and around the bed, use edible body paints–whatever floats your boats.

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Go Higher

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Enjoy a hot air balloon ride. Bring some champagne or sparkling cider and toast to the view.

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Look Up

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Watch the sun rise or set from a beautiful location. This would be perfect during a hike, near your favorite beach or lake, or at your favorite restaurant with a view.

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Expand Your Palate


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Pick a restaurant that serves a cuisine neither of you have ever tried before. You just might discover your new favorite dish.

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Learn a New Language


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Why not find an exciting new way to communicate with your loved one? French, Italian, Spanish, and other romance languages sound beautiful and might be the perfect turn-on in bed.

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Go Fish


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Get close and enjoy good conversation while waiting for that first bite. You can opt to cook your catch when you reel something in, so it’s practically two dates in one.

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Tackle a Fun Home Project

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Paint your basement a bright new color, install your home theater, create a collage of wedding photos for that empty wall. You’ll work as a team, and your home will get a nice upgrade in the process.

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Rock the Boat

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Whether you rent a paddle boat or sail boat, enjoy the fresh breeze and calm waters with your favorite person.

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Read a Book


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Visit your local bookstore or library and browse around. You can each pick out what you like, then pick out a book for each other.

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Putt Around

mini golf

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When was the last time you played miniature golf? Bring back the classic high school date, but add a cocktail before or after to kick things up a notch.

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Tee Up for Tea


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Have high tea with scones and cucumber sandwiches at a ritzy hotel or tea house. You'll get to dress up and feel sophisticated for the afternoon.

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Go for a Wreck Record

bumper cars

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Bump each other with bumper cars or race each other in go karts. Either way, it'll be way more fun than driving in traffic.

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Zen Out

Couples massage

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Nothing is hotter than total relaxation. A couple's massage at a spa is practically guaranteed to put you both in the mood for romance afterward.

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