17 Darling Daisy Bouquet Ideas for Any Wedding

daisy wedding bouquet

Photo by Liron Erel; Floral design by Arms of Persephone

Daisies bloom from spring through early fall, making them an incredibly versatile flower. And thanks to their long season, these darling flowers are the perfect addition to wedding bouquets.

Classic daisies are small with a yellow disk in the middle and white petals all the way around. They evoke such a romantic, wildflower vibe to incorporate into any aesthetic. But that’s not the only type of daisy available. English daisies have a fuller look to them, with color options including pink, red, and white. Gerber daisies are much larger flowers, with a more muted disk in the center and longer petals. Not to mention, Gerber daisies come in many colors including yellow, orange, pink, white, and even coral. Feverfew daisies are a daintier variety, with a similar look to chamomile. And each variety offers a light scent, without being overpowering or too fragrant.

Daisies can be incorporated into wedding bouquets in so many different ways, whether they’re complementing other blooms in the overall design or stealing the show on their own. Plus, daisies will add plenty of gorgeous texture, no matter the design you choose.

Think daisies are the perfect fit for your wedding? Read on for 17 daisy bouquet ideas to inspire your own.

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Turn to Elegance

yellow daisy bouquet

Photo by Eleana Stanton; Floral design by Ashley Fox Designs

For a hint of romantic elegance, use yellow daisies as the main focal point instead of the normal white. Of course, a few white daisies dotted throughout is lovely too! We love the combination of these beautiful pastel hues and plenty of texture.

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Pair Daisies and Sunflowers

sunflower and daisy bouquet

Photo by Alex Tome

This bouquet certainly commanded attention at the couple's naturally chic wedding. The combination of sunflowers, daisies, eucalyptus, and baby's breath was absolutely stunning! Not to mention, the lovely texture each element brought to the mix.

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Celebrate Spring Hues

bright daisy bouquet

Photo by Alexander Donalson; Floral design by Arms of Persephone

We love the spring vibes of this darling bouquet. The mixture of classic daisies, yellow craspedia, and pink tulips made for such a beautiful, vibrant combo. Talk about the perfect design for a classic springtime wedding!

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Go Organic

romantic daisy bouquet

Photo by David Bastianoni; Floral design by Vincenzo Dascanio Event Production and Floral Design

A daisy bouquet doesn't always have to mean plenty of yellow. This bouquet was made up of luscious, natural greenery as a beautiful base. Then, it was paired with roses, stephanotis, and daisies for an organic-meets-ethereal look.

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Keep It Classic

daisies and greenery bouquet

Photo by Brittney Hyatt; Floral Design by Petals by Piper

Bring a natural wildflower vibe into the mix. Classic daisies and feverfew daisies were paired with other dainty white flowers to make up this beauty. We love the way a white ribbon pulls this bouquet together!

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Turn to Texture

wildflower daisy bouquet

Photo by Lauren Fair; Floral Design by Oleander Curated

Ready for romance? Texture will be your BFF! Play with plenty of dainty daisies, along with wispy greenery and dried elements for the perfect look.

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Go for Gerbers

gerbera daisy bouquet

Photo by Jenna Henderson; Floral design by Belles Fleurs Designs

This beauty showcases a mixture of gerber daisies paired with roses. The light pink color palette is absolutely dreamy, and the fluffy, full petals exude romance.

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Feature Daisies Only

Couple hugging with bride holding daisy bouquet

Photo by Forged In The North; Floral design by Doan Ly

Select a daisy you love, such as these fuller stems, and make an entire bouquet out of them. They are certainly pretty enough to make a statement on their own like this bouquet did for a Brooklyn rooftop wedding.

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Choose a Natural Look

wildflower daisy bouquet

Photo by Kate Headley; Floral design by Sweet Root Village

Planning a countryside wedding? Plan for your bouquet to match. This stunning design combined eucalyptus, white daisies, and nigella. And of course, blue thistle was added for the perfect pop of bold color!

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Make a Colorful Splash

vibrant bouquet with daisies

Photo by Mackenzie Orth

Hoping for plenty of color? You can do it with daisies, too. Look to vibrant ranunculus and wispy pieces of greenery. Add sprigs of daisies to the mix for extra pops of yellow and texture.

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Channel a Boho Vibe

boho daisy bouquet

Photo by Marcella Laine; Floral design by Petals by Piper

Daisies are definitely the ideal fit when you're hoping for a boho vibe. They pair well with just about anything in a beautiful bouquet! Incorporate fresh blooms, along with dried elements for plenty of added interest to create a gorgeous, full bouquet.

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Wow With All-White

white daisy bouquet

Photo by Liron Erel; Floral design by Arms of Persephone

A white color palette with plenty of texture? Yes, please! This bouquet featured white gerber daisies, along with classic daisies and feverfew daisies. The mixture of different types and sizes of daisies is stunning!

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Play With Pastels

colorful daisy bouquet

Photo by Ruth Terrero; Floral design by Arms of Persephone

Daisies have a way of bringing a color palette together. We love the pastel hues of this bouquet a mixture of blooms. Ranunculus and darling daisies certainly make the perfect match!

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Make It Bold

yellow daisy bouquet

Photo by Solen Photography;

Don't be afraid to go all out with your wedding bouquet. This bold design evokes the ultimate bohemian vibe! The combination of daisies, gypsophila, and yellow craspedia makes for such a full, dreamy bouquet.

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Showcase Summer

bouquet with daisies

Photo by Sasithon Photography; Floral design by Wildflower Floral Events

Remember, daisies don't have to be the star of the show. They serve as the perfect co-star for plenty of other blooms. This bouquet was made up of colorful snapdragons, allium, mums, and daisies to complete the summery look for an island wedding.

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Walk With Wildflowers

wildflower bouquet


Wow with wildflowers as you walk down the aisle. A bold mixture of different flowers is sure to command attention, with adorable daisies filling in the gaps for a full, beautiful bouquet.

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Mix Large and Small

couple kissing while holding daisy bouquet

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Floral design by Lily Peterson of Flowershop

A mixture of peonies and daisies? Absolutely stunning! We love the juxtaposition of the larger, floppy peony petals paired with petite daisies. The matching colors made this bouquet even dreamier!

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