19 Cupcake Wedding Cake Ideas for a Unique Take on the Trendy Treat


Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography; Desserts by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

Having cake at a wedding has definitely been a long-standing tradition. But what’s a couple to do when their wedding plans are more casual and can’t accommodate a full cake cutting

Cutting a wedding cake really takes some work and careful calculation, divvying up pieces to all of your delighted guests. But cupcake wedding cakes provide the ideal alternative, avoiding the mess, all while still serving up a delicious, beautiful bite of cake. 

Cupcake wedding cakes are the ideal option if you’re hoping to avoid all that comes with cutting a traditional wedding cake, even eliminating the need for plates and forks. Plus, they’re a fun way to set-up a display that will really make a statement. 

With so many options for flavors, colors, and ways to showcase these cute mini cakes, cupcake wedding cakes might just be the perfect fit for your nuptials. Read on for 19 unique ideas to get the inspiration started. 

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Play With Florals


 Photo by Lani Ohye Photography; Desserts by Lucky Rice Cake

What a stunning display in a gorgeous color palette! This simple white-and-gold cupcake tower pairs buttercream florals with real buds for a beautiful set-up.

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Make Macarons


Photo by Quarter Moon Co.; Desserts by Nutmeg Cake Design

Switch things up to offer multiple options on your display. This stunning tower is the perfect size of cake for a traditional cutting, plus it's paired with macarons and cupcakes to match. 

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Decorate With Flowers


Photo by Lindsay Hackney


Don’t be afraid to bring multiple flavors into the mix if you’re choosing a cupcake wedding cake. Part of the beauty is that you won’t have to choose just one!

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Consider Buttercream


Photo by Absolutely Loved; Desserts by A Cake Life

The naked cake on top of this tower is simply stunning—especially when paired with fresh florals. That said, the buttercream-decorated cupcakes are just as swoon-worthy. 

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Mix Up Glassware


Photo by Shelly Anderson Photography; Desserts by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

Part of the beauty of offering cupcakes is bringing variety into a display. And you can even do that with your glassware and decorative items as well! We love the way this table includes multiple sizes and shapes of platters. 

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Make a Statement


Photo by Clark Brewer Photography; Desserts by Enjoy Cupcakes and Sweet Baking Company

Switch up the typical display and go for something bold utilizing a shelf. Take it to the next level (get it!) by serving mini cakes on coordinating gold stands.

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Be Romantic


Photo by Wild Whim; Desserts by Enjoy Cupcakes

If you don’t want to choose between the traditional tiered cake and cupcakes, there's no need to. Here, this display pairs the two together in the most beautiful way, creating a dessert table decorated with florals for a cohesive look. 

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Garnish With Greens


Photo by Femina Photo & Design

What a gorgeous display! This set-up pairs a chocolate cake with cupcakes, offering a flavor everyone will love. We love the way greenery, thistles, and small flowers tie into the rest of the reception décor. 

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Keep It Simple


Photo by Mariel Hannah Photography; Desserts by Sift Dessert Bar 

A cupcake wedding cake can truly be anything you want it to be. And you don’t need to go overboard with a huge display if you don’t need that many cupcakes. This simple display features a small cake with red velvet, cheesecake, and s’mores cupcakes, all surrounded by lovely greenery and florals. 

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Go For Floral


Photo by Alicia Wiley Photography; Desserts by Flavor Cupcakes



This tower is an absolute dream, bringing in elements of rustic design. The icing on these cupcakes even mimics real flowers and greenery.

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Channel Rustic-Chic

cupcake wedding cake

Photo by Simply Sweet Photography

This tree trunk cupcake stand is seriously beautiful, and with a small cake and several flavors of mini cupcakes, it presents something delicious for every guest to enjoy. 

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Pair With Pink


Photo by Klaire Dixius Photography; Desserts by Flavor Cupcakery



This single-tier cake is simply stunning with its pink rosettes and perfectly paired florals. We love how the cakes left plain to let the garnishes shine en masse.

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Customize Cups


Photo by The Cake Witch 

Even if you’re planning to serve multiple flavors, there are plenty of ways to create a cohesive presentation. This display was put together using the same cupcake liners for every flavor for a lovely lace look. 

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Think Next-Level


Photo by Rachel Parsell Photography; Desserts by Hey There, Cupcake, Florals by 651 Studio & Floral Design


Towering high, this tower is a standout with a chic one-layer cake surrounded by decorated cupcakes. We also can’t get enough of the décor—the tall pampas grass perfectly frames the display!

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Incorporate Berries


Photo by Cake by Brenna


There’s nothing better than when simple décor details come together in the most beautiful way. Case in point: These sugared blueberries and eucalyptus accents.

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Channel Garden Party-Chic


Photo by Laura Ivanova Photography; Desserts by Koei Bee Catering


These cupcakes were made for a garden party reception. With a small cake, a full display of florals, and pink-and-white cupcakes, it's just too sweet.

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Experiment With Color


Photo by Trent Bailey Photography

What a way to make a statement! This stunning cupcake display fills up an entire table—and with plenty of pops of color (pink, yellow, and white!), it's nothing short of eye-catching. 

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Make It Mini


Photo by Especially Amy; Desserts by Le Papillon Patisserie


There's on need to choose between a traditional wedding cake and cupcakes. Pair the two for a "wow" dessert moment featuring a cake, cupcakes, and macarons. Yum!

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Think Monochromatic


Photo by Gabriella Santos Photography; Desserts by Baby Makes Memories


While we love experimenting with unique cupcake set-ups, there's something to be said about simplicity at this finest. This sweet white cake proves that, featuring baby's breath and white rose petals for a look that's classically elegant and beautiful.

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