15 Creative Third Date Ideas to Level Up Your Budding Relationship

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Third dates are fun, exciting and full of intrigue. You and your date are just getting to know each other and are building a rapport, and it’s the perfect opportunity for both of you to do something out of the ordinary. So rather than the same old dinner and a movie date routine, these 15 third date ideas will not only help you discover if you two really click, but will also encourage you to have fun in the process.

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Take a Cooking Class Together

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If you’re looking for an interactive third date idea, heading for the kitchen can be a great way to mix things up. You and your date can sign up for a local cooking class (try your local Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma) and learn a new recipe while you learn more about each other. If you're both kitchen novices, consider signing up for a knife skills class—you'll learn how to properly hold a knife, as well as practice classic knife cuts, which might include the julienne, rough chop, and mince.

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Sing Karaoke

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Another third date idea is to head to a karaoke bar and sing your heart out to the person who may one day capture your heart. And whether you can carry a tune or not, you and your date will be able to see just how well you harmonize as a couple. You can even request to sing a duet together! According to a 2018 Time Out article, some of the best karaoke jams of our time include "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys, Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

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Go to a Museum

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If you’re looking for a date idea with an educational twist, visiting a museum is a great option. With so many different types of museums to choose from (contemporary art, natural history, air and space museums, for example), you and your partner will not only discover fun facts as you walk through the exhibits, but learn more about each other as well. Plus, most museums feature a gift shop and a cafe so you can browse for unique souvenirs and enjoy a coffee and pastry, all in one place.

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For those who are looking for a third date idea that can make a positive and lasting impact in every respect, then volunteering is the way to go. And whether you sign up to help organize a run/walk in your area (such as those by Girls on the Run, a non-profit dedicated to empowering young girls through the joy of running), head to a local Humane Society animal shelter, or spend the morning serving or delivering food with a non-profit organization like Meals on Wheels, there are many different and worthy causes in your area where you can do some good as you get to know each other.

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Go to a Sporting Event

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If you’re looking for a third date idea that will knock it out of the park, heading to a sporting event in your area is a great call. Not only will you get to learn more about your date's competitive spirit as you cheer on your team, but the high-energy environment can help you to see an upbeat side of each other as well. Plus, sports arenas have upped their concessions offerings in recent years, and while you may be paying more than you would elsewhere, you're likely to find local craft beers on tap, as well as local and regional food specialties.

For example, in a Bleacher Report article that ranked food offerings of the Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums, Houston's Minute Maid stadium received high marks for their barbecue-stuffed potatoes; Seattle's Safeco Field earned a callout for their seafood selection; and Camden Yards in Baltimore earned the top spot for its crab cakes and sandwiches.

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Head to a Wine Tasting

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If you’re looking for a third date idea that will leave you both in high spirits, then going to a wine tasting is a terrific option. And whether you prefer Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or are more of a Merlot fan, going to a wine tasting is an opportunity to learn about the hard work involved to get that wine into your glass—and if you're out at a vineyard, a chance to spend a low-key afternoon outside. Maybe you'll even learn what wine to order on lucky date number four!

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Visit a Theme Park

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For adrenaline-seekers, another thrilling third date idea is to head to a theme park in your area. Enjoy the different rides together, and the benefit of always having someone to chat with in line. In between rides, attempt to win each other stuffed animals, hats, and different prizes at the various booths. Consider Six Flags across California, Georgia, Illinois and more for rollercoasters; Hershey Park in Pennsylvania for chocolate-lovers; and Schlitterbahn in Texas for waterpark fun.

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Plan a Picnic

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Another creative third date idea is to plan a picnic together in the park. And whether you plan a potluck or pick up food from a restaurant on your way to the park, this date idea is packed with fun as you and your partner get to enjoy a meal together in an unusual way. 

To ensure a comfortable picnic experience, remember to pack a blanket or some sort of portable seating. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen if you'll be directly exposed to the sun, or pick a park with covered seating.

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Take an Exercise Class

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If you’re looking for a third date that’ll get your heart pumping in every respect, then signing up for an exercise class together is the right move for you. And whether you hit up a spinning, yoga, or Pilates session, burning calories with one another can help you figure out if there’s any heat between the two of you.

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Go to a Comedy Club

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For those who are looking for a third date idea that’s guaranteed to put a smile on both of your faces, going to a comedy club is no joke. Not only will you and your date spend time laughing together, but this kind of event creates the perfect opportunity to develop your own inside jokes in the future that only the two of you will understand and appreciate. Are you ready to laugh?

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Visit a Climbing Wall

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Take turns belaying each other at one of the many indoor rock climbing gyms popping up across the country, or go free form with a bouldering route appropriate for your experience levels. Both activities will test your coordination and strength, as well as your communication skills, as you help guide each other up and down the wall.

According to one Outside magazine article, "The good thing about taking a date climbing is that you learn very quickly about how that person reacts to stress, nerves, and being outside of their comfort zone; you find out how they respond to critiques and how much they can trust you."

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Find a Bowling Alley

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A bowling date is nostalgic, interactive, and a great vehicle for friendly competition. Have fun lacing up those hideous rental shoes, and take turns attempting to bowl a strike or two.

Choose from an old school bowling alley for a change of scenery, or one of the modern establishments that combine cool music and upscale food and drinks like Lucky Strike or Splitsville. There are also unique, independent operations like Mid-City Lanes Rock 'n' Bowl in New Orleans, or Action & Atomic Duckpin Bowling in Indianapolis.

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Head Outside

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Go for a hike or nature walk, even if it's just around the neighborhood for a few rounds. The point is to get outside, observe the environment around you, and spend some quality time together. You could pick a neighborhood you two typically just drive through; by walking, you'll experience a part of the city from a new perspective.

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Go Out for Ice Cream

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There's nothing wrong with a dinner date, but an ice cream date can be more casual and fun, and doesn't come with as much pressure as dinners do. Guess each other's favorite flavor and sample the entire menu if you're game.

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Rent Some Bikes

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Again, get up and moving away from the traditional dinner date. An interactive activity like a bike ride is an opportunity to see your date from a different angle and inspires a broader range of conversation topics. Since you'll be out and about, as well as maneuvering your bike, you'll minimize awkward silences. As an alternative, take your city's electric scooters for a spin. Scooter companies like Bird, Lime, and Spin are available in most major cities and operate with the use of their namesake app; just remember to ride responsibly.

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