20 Creative Engagement Announcement Ideas

Time to tell the world that you said 'yes!'

Engagement Announcement Ideas

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Congratulations! You've said, "Yes!" We're sure you want to shout your engagement from the rooftops, but you may be having some trouble figuring out how. Or possibly even who or when, for that matter.

Before you put your publicist hat on and start leaking the news, make sure you've taken the opportunity to just enjoy the moment. Privately bask in the milestone with your partner before involving everyone else. Once you feel comfortable with sharing the news, be sure to notify your closest friends and family before going fully public (aka posting on social media). But how do you get the word out?

Formal announcements are the traditional route, always made by someone other than the engaged couple. But many modern couples are choosing to skip the formalities for more casual, personal announcements. From digital declarations to coy nods to humorous parodies to glamorous photoshoots, there's an announcement style for every engagement.

Take any potential drama into consideration when coming up with your announcement strategy. Be considerate about timing (perhaps a close friend or family member has a significant milestone coming up that shouldn't be overshadowed) and discuss anyone that should be kept out of the loop with your newly minted finacé(e).

With so many different options to choose from, we don't blame you for needing a little creative inspo. To help you, we've compiled some adorable (and unique) ways to tell the world—or at least your family and friends—that you're engaged.

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Snail Mail

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In this digital age, we all know there's nothing quite like the surprise of getting some snail mail of the fun and happy variety. And, imagine the excitement when your pen pals realize the true surprise that lays inside. While there are tons of creative and fun ways to announce it, popping some postage on a postcard, notecard, or photo announcement is a surefire way to spread the news the old-fashioned way.

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Holiday Cheer

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If your engagement happens to fall around the holidays, you can use this opportunity to multitask—which is certainly a skill you'll want to master throughout wedding planning. Throw on some festive outfits, strike a pose, and announce your engagement while wishing everyone a very happy holiday. They'll be a welcome addition to everyone's fridges and card displays, and you'll have just checked two things off your list.

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Spell It Out

Scrabble with ring

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We love this Pinterest-worthy trend of using Scrabble letters to spell out, "We do," "She said yes," "Future Mr./Mrs.," your first names, and so on. You don't have to be a Scrabble enthusiast to put these little letter tiles to use adding a pop of nostalgia and fun to your announcement. But, it's even better if one or both of you are known for your board-game prowess.

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Personalize the Message

Custom tailor your engagement announcement to who you are as a couple, your vacations if they're relevant, or your history together, to deliver something that is unique to the two of you. If you're both teachers, for example, play around with ideas like writing it on a chalkboard. If you're foodies, you can use yummy treats as props or snacks. If your first date was somewhere iconic or meaningful, try to go back for the announcement photo or recreate the scene.

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A Carefully Planned Post

Did you even get engaged if you didn't share it on social media? Whether it's the classic hand-holding picture, a photo snapped live from the moment, the traditional ring selfie, or even a professional photoshoot kept under wraps, the perfect social media post is one that speaks to your personality—that's what got you all those followers in the first place, right? Just be careful not to overdo it, and post when the time is right.

If there are people that you don't want knowing about the engagement, save yourself the drama by ensuring the post is private or, at the very least, has the audience filtered so it won't be visible to them.

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Surprise Them in Person

It's increasingly common for families to know when a proposal is coming, but if your family and friends don't know or don't have too many details, we love the old-fashioned way of breaking the news in person. Sometimes, nothing is better than an unannounced visit with an, "Excuse me, but does this ring make me look engaged?" asked at just the right time. Plus, you'll get to see their faces light up with realization in real time.

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Digital Face-to-Face

If distance or scheduling puts a dent in your plans, FaceTime, Skype, virtual hangouts, or going live on Facebook can be your very best friend. This incredible technology has the ability to eliminate the farthest of distances and put you face-to-face with those you love most. By using these platforms, you'll be able to see their reactions, hear their well wishes, and cherish the moments that you otherwise might have missed out on.

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A Bevy of Balloons

Nothing says, "We're celebrating," quite like balloons. The very sight induces joy and makes people want to participate in the revelry. Communicate your engagement by spelling out the message with mylar balloons, writing it out on round ones, or holding a giant inflatable engagement ring.

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Kid-Friendly Conduct

Do you have adorable little nieces, nephews, or children of your own that are squealing with excitement at being a flower girl or ring bearer one day? Put them to good use. With an adorable sign, custom T-shirt, cute pose, or perfect caption, you can have them help you out in creating an adorable announcement everyone's sure to love.

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Include Pets

Few are as affected by your new engagement as your furriest family members. Make the engagement announcement a full-family affair by including your pets. Invite them to the photoshoot for a family portrait, make them a sign that says "My humans are getting married," or let them pose with the ring.

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Engagement Party Invitation

Cut to the chase. You're engaged, and you're ready to party! What better way to notify your nearest and dearest of your recent engagement than by inviting them to join in your merriment? Let your guests know when and where to join you so you can all partake in the festivities.

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Game Over

Gamers, you've got the perfect medium for a quirky engagement announcement. Let the digital landscape of your favorite game serve as the canvas for your proclamation. Tell your friends and family that you've officially leveled up in life and what was formerly a single-player quest has become a multiplayer simulation. Incorporate applicable characters, motifs, and lingo to execute the final product.

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Travel Influences

Travel-lovers, we've got announcement ideas tailored to your tastes, too. Get a map or globe and put a pin in every location where a significant milestone took place (first date, first kiss, etc.) culminating with the engagement spot or even the wedding destination. Sun worshippers? Spell it out in the sand. You can even try your hand at a follow-me-to style post down the altar or hinting at a destination wedding.

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Pepper In Some Props

Let the props do all the talking for you. Sometimes it's nice to lay out some hints and see how many of your friends can put together the clues. Maybe have your barista write Mrs. or Mr. on your cup instead of your name, replace your usual ceramic mug with one that aptly showcases the new piece of jewelry you're wearing, or make things a little easier by getting a fiancé sweater—or Feyoncé, as all the pop-culture babes will appreciate.

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Humorous Hype

A formal engagement announcement need not be so serious (or so formal, for that matter) if that's just not who you are. Tap into your funnier side and come up with something that speaks to you or your relationship. Perhaps the engagement has been a long time coming and you can riff off that. Personally, we can't get enough of the awkward family photos trend where engagement photoshoots take on a hilarious '80s vibe.

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A Proposal Highlight Reel

If your proposal was (secretly) filmed by a professional videographer, you already have the goods that people want. Ask the videographer to create a highlight reel (or play around with an editing app yourself), so you can share a bite-size clip of the momentous event with loved ones. It's such a wonderful way for them to be able to feel included in the moment without taking away from the intimacy of the actual proposal.

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Do a TikTok Challenge

Like it or not, TikTok is a thing, and we think it deserves its very own spot outside of the typical social media umbrella. While some users have shared their actual engagement on the app (in a minute or less!), there are several challenges that can be tweaked to fit the occasion, like a simple "fiancé check" or an "and it went like this" photo montage of your relationship leading up to and including the proposal. Our personal favorite is filming your BFF's reaction to hearing the news for the first time (we're not crying, you're crying).

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Sports Euphemisms

Alright sports fans, we know you've patiently been awaiting your turn. Luckily, the sporting world is rich with opportunities for an engagement announcement spoof. Love baseball? Use a baseball and glove to show your partner made a "great catch." Fishing enthusiast? Tell them how you hooked the right one or how there's one less fish in the sea. You can also customize jerseys to tell the tale for you or make the announcement look like a sporting event ticket.

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Romantic Movie

Reenact your favorite scene from a romantic movie and make it all your own. You're the star of the show now after all—at least until after the wedding, anyway. Choose the most iconic moment from your favorite movie (you know, the one that always has you crying happy tears) and get to work nailing the aesthetic in the cinematic adaptation (or single frame) of your life.

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