covid journey

The Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 Weddings

Weddings were officially “cancelled” on March 12, 2020; however, love was never cancelled. Couples pivoted. Weddings were postponed. Zoom ceremonies became legal. Petite parties were planned. Vows were celebrated. And, through it all, marriage mattered. 

Reflecting on the past year, there are silver linings to highlight: love lessons learned on the front lines, real weddings of couples who persevered to make their partnership official, and stories from industry leaders who were reminded of why they work in the business of love. But it has not been an easy journey for any of us, and particularly so for couples planning weddings and the individuals who make a living helping them. Deposits were lost; guest counts were cut; dreams were reimagined. Many, many hard decisions were made. 

Just as wedding plans have changed, weddings, as we knew them, have been forever changed. And a year later, we are still navigating our “new normal.” In honor of this emotional anniversary, we present our ultimate guide to COVID-19 weddings, a package that we put together as a reminder that, yes, we’re still in this together. Our hope is that it will continue to inspire you and help you navigate the now, all the while looking to the future with excitement and a renewed sense of hope. We will be together again, dancing, celebrating, and embracing those we hold close.