20 Cool and Unique Ideas for Couples' Wedding Tattoos

Some inspo for your ink.

X and O tattoos on forearms of couple getting married

Melissa Marshall

Let's get real about couples' wedding tattoos for a sec. If you want to commemorate your big day (and your love) with something more lasting than a diamond ring and if never worrying about losing your ring because it's tattooed on sounds like a good idea, you might consider a set of wedding tattoos.

However, take a moment to step back and really think about it before you get your new ink—especially if it will serve as a unique wedding ring. No one wants to contemplate the idea of the "Big D" word. But, just entertain the hypothetical for a moment—if you do end up parting ways with this person, you likely won't want that permanent reminder on your skin. Although you can get it removed, the process is expensive, painful, and doesn't completely get rid of the tattoo.

If you end up deciding to show off your love with new tattoos, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Choose your placement and design wisely. Go for thin lines, simple shapes, and not too much detail.

Instead of the tattoo being on your actual ring fingers, consider getting a matching design elsewhere on your bodies, like a wrist or forearm.

  • Research your artist. Check out their portfolios and have an in-person consultation if you like their style.
  • Be prepared for a little pain. Since there are so many nerve endings in your hands, this placement is among the least pleasant. However, if it's a simple design, they can often be wrapped up in a matter of minutes.
  • Plan accordingly, and pay attention to care guidelines. For your wedding ring tattoo to look its best on your actual wedding day, get your ink at least a week prior and make sure to follow your artist's aftercare routine so everything heals properly.
  • Choose a design that means something to both of you. Your wedding tattoo should have some sort of understood meaning that symbolizes something you both know and will love looking at.

Ready for some inspiration? Here are 20 examples of what real couples chose for their wedding tattoos.

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Simply Drawn Hearts

These simple and thin-lined hearts go a long way. Placed further down the finger, wedding rings can still be worn without hiding the ink.

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Tiny Pinky Promises

Matching pinky promises symbolize your life-long vows. Tattoos placed on the arms will last much longer than on the finger, especially with more intricate designs.

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Modern and Delicate Triangles

Triangles are emblems of strength, luck, and balance. What better shape to symbolize a lasting union? When placed on the wrist, the two come perfectly together while holding hands.

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Grounding Anchors

A sweet reminder that you are each other's anchors. Matching tattoos on the inside of a finger rather than on top is a subtle way to express your commitment.

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Extra Tiny Eyes

The super-small eyes are nothing flashy, but pack a powerful meaning when placed on the ring fingers. A dainty symbol between the second and third knuckles makes the perfect accessory to a wedding ring.

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Saturn and Its Moons

This couple opted for ink over rings. The meaning fixed to Saturn and its moons is "seeds sewing," which is all too wedding-appropriate.

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Ring Frames

Not the ring stack type? Frame your bands with simple tattooed line patterns instead.

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Wedding Date in Dots

As a creative take on inking the wedding date, this couple put it in dots. At a glance, it appears to be a simple geometric design, which makes it a great option if you like to keep your tattoos a bit more ambiguous.

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Bow and Arrow

Your couples tattoo doesn't have to mean identical. Get something that goes together, like a bow and arrow, to show you complete each other.

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Traditional Wedding Ring Tattoo

A simple, no-frills band around the ring fingers in tattoo form put a modern (and permanent) twist on the classic wedding ring. Be sure to take proper care of your finger ink and get periodic touch-ups to keep it looking fresh.

Be careful what you expose your wedding tattoo to—including hot tubs and the ocean, which are breeding grounds for bacteria. Keep it clean and don't over-moisturize.

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Ring Finger Dots

Dainty and subtle, ring finger dots can take the place of wedding rings, or lie underneath. Tiny dots are also a great option for those with an aversion to needles—you'll be done in minutes, if not seconds.

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Arrow Wedding Bands

A simple arrow wrapped around the ring finger makes a sweet and delicate alternative to wedding rings. And they look great as an addition to other finger tats.

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Lock and Key

The meaning of the lock and key tattoo can be twofold. He forever holds the key to her heart (especially when the lock is heart-shaped). And as there is only one key for a lock, he is the only one for her.

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Ring Finger Anchor

This groom chooses the powerful anchor symbol in lieu of a wedding ring. And it's almost as sweet as his expression embracing his love.

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Hold On

This adorable pairing makes the most sense when they come together—a charming nod to a love that was meant to be. A split phrase makes a great couples tattoo to show the world you are better together.

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Tiny Wave Bands

This adventurous couple shows off their love of the ocean with delicate waves wrapped around the ring fingers. No need to worry about dropping wedding bling on the sea-floor here—a tattooed band is ideal for lovers on the go.

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Hand Poked

This couple decided to go in the hand-poked direction, which can often give more accurate and defined results for hands and fingers. However, given the precision and detail, they may also take some extra time to complete.

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Open Arms

For the couple who loves the traditional tattooing style, a quote that spans your bodies can be so striking. If you're opting to add a little color, the arm will lend itself to greater longevity than a finger.

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'Til Death Do Us Part

Matching skulls play off the wedding adage "'Til death do us part." The roses soften the piece with a touch of romance.

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Lion and Lioness

This couple rules their kingdom together as lion and lioness. When standing together, the half faces make a whole, symbolizing their completeness when together.

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