25 Cottagecore Wedding Ideas for a Charming Celebration

edible flower cocktails

Photo by di Luce e d'Ombra Studio Fotografico; Planning by Greta Betton

Although the cottagecore aesthetic started as a fashion trend, it has easily expanded to encompass other lifestyle categories. Romanticizing the beauty and simplicity of rural living, it has taken the internet by storm in the best way! Visions of homemade bread, blossoming gardens, beautiful flowing dresses, and plenty of cozy DIY projects for the home are top of mind, and much of that dreamy aesthetic is overflowing into the world of wedding themes.

If you’re planning a soirée with a hint of vintage, romantic, and garden vibes, these ideas are sure to fit the bill. Below, find 25 of our favorite ways to plan a cottagecore wedding for a simply charming celebration.

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Go for a Garden Setting

garden wedding venue

Photo by The Ganeys; Floral Design by Gather Design Company; Venue Thornewood Castle

Cottagecore encompasses the idea of living in the country with an incredible garden. Embrace that idea by choosing a venue with a bounty of colorful blooms and greenery. Bonus points if there's plenty of hydrangeas!

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Incorporate Colored Glassware

purple wedding tablescape

Photo by Jasmine Lee Photography; Design by Charmed Events Group; Floral Design by Pineapple Petals Studio

Colored glassware is definitely having a comeback, and it's a simple way to add a colorful vintage vibe to your tablescape. Plus, you can use it to create any color scheme you want!

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Bring in Books

wedding corsage on old book


Is there anything more romantic than vintage literature? Bring in the beauty of old books to add a hint of unique texture and coziness to the celebration, whether you incorporate them as a centerpiece or other décor throughout the venue.

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Incorporate Patterned Textiles

wedding reception with colorful tableclothes


Typically, a plain and simple tablecloth exudes a chic vibe, while something with a bit of a pattern gives off more of a homey feel. Embrace bright colors and patterns that match the rest of your cottagecore aesthetic to make guests feel at home.

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Throw Flowers

flower confetti


There's definitely no room for artificial confetti at this celebration! Utilize dried flower petals that have been crushed up for confetti, and dish it up in sweet little lace cups.

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Use Porcelain Plates

blue porcelain place settings

PHOTO BY LAURA GORDON PHOTOGRAPHY; Planning and Floral Design by Greenwood Events

Ditch plain plateware and opt for something with a pattern. Blue porcelain captures the old-time cottagecore vibe perfectly.

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Offer Blankets

blankets at wedding


Want everyone to feel comfortable? Let your guests cozy up with blankets for the ultimate countryside vibe! We love the idea of displaying them in an easy-to-find spot so anyone can grab one during the reception.

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Keep It Simple

simple table setting


Truly, cottagecore at its well, core, is to keep things simple and homey. Set up your table with that in mind, utilizing furniture that isn't too elaborate and decking the table with a few subtle blooms and candles.

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Combine Embroidery and Lace

embroidered name card

Photo by Jessica Zais

Handmade is the name of the game when it comes to cottagecore. Embrace lace and burlap and feature embroidered place settings like one couple did with this beautiful tablescape.

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Highlight a Historic Venue

historic wedding venue

Photo by Kristin Sautter; Planning by Willow & Oak Events; Venue Euridge Manor

Of course, cottagecore celebrates an old-time vibe, living in a rural, historic home. Bring history into the mix with a beautiful venue featuring stonework and sprawling vines.

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Embrace Baby's Breath

baby's breath wedding centerpiece

Photo by Britt Renee Photo

Dainty blooms such as baby's breath are perfect for showcasing a cottagecore aesthetic. It offers such a simple, textured look without too much added drama.

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Hand Out Parasols

parasols for wedding guests


Parasols give off a beautiful, old-time vibe, especially when they feature lace. Set up a simple display to allow guests to grab one on the way into the ceremony to keep the sun rays at bay.

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Wow With Wildflowers

wildflower centerpieces

Photo by Georgia Rachael Photography

Is there anything more naturally romantic than wildflowers? Display a variety of colorful blooms in the center of your table. You may even be able to pick them in a friend or family member's garden, or at a u-pick flower farm!

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Include Edible Flowers

cocktails with flowers

Photo by di Luce e d'Ombra Studio Fotografico; Planning by Greta Betton

Cottagecore embraces simple flowers found in the wild, and many of those are in fact edible. Incorporate edible flowers such as dainty daisies as cocktail garnishes or to don a cake.

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Showcase Sleeves

bride with flowy dress

Photo by Mariel Hannah; Planning by Joanne Fleming Design

A flowy dress with sleeves is not only beautiful for living in the country, it's also very functional on hot days. Embrace this gorgeous vibe by opting for a wedding dress featuring sleeves for your garden or rustic setting.

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Pair Pink and Purple

pink and purple wedding bouquet

Photo by GRACE & ARDOR CO.; Planning by Shannon Wellington Wedding; Floral design by Devon & Pinkett

The cottagecore aesthetic doesn't necessarily celebrate a specific color palette, but it definitely embraces plenty of pastels. Play with pinks and purples for your bridal bouquet. and be sure to incorporate natural texture with blooms such as Queen Anne's lace and sweet peas.

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Serve Mini Cobblers

mini cobbler desserts


Say hello to homemade desserts! You can certainly still feature a decorated cake, but consider homestyle desserts as well. Mini cobblers, pies, or even a fruit crisp with vanilla ice cream will serve as the perfect treat.

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Incorporate Colored Taper Candles

pink tapered candles

Photo by di Luce e d'Ombra Studio Fotografico; Planning by Greta Betton

Taper candles are certainly one of the most charming styles of candles, and they give off such a cozy, romantic vibe. Take your tablescape to the next level with a light pastel hue.

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Create a Textured Table Setting

textured tablescape

Photo by GRACE & ARDOR CO.; Planning by Shannon Wellington Wedding; Floral design by Devon & Pinkett

Cottagecore is all about texture, texture, and more texture! Create a beautifully layered table setting with a tied textured napkin on top of multiple plates. Scalloped edges, please!

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Flaunt a Floral Crown

bride with floral crown walking down the aisle

Photo by corbin gurkin

Picture walking through the garden collecting flowers, and then turning them into a crown to wear for the day. That's cottagecore! Add a touch of whimsy to your bridal ensemble with this beautiful floral piece.

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Add a Flowy Ribbon

bouquet wrapped in ribbon

Photo by di Luce e d'Ombra Studio Fotografico; Planning by Greta Betton

While your bouquet may incorporate a variety of blooms and greenery, tie it all together with a natural, flowing ribbon. This wispy pink ribbon adds the perfect touch of color and texture.

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Bring on the Bread

wedding bread cart


A bread cart? You read that right! Embrace the aesthetic and lifestyle by featuring rustic baked-from-scratch breads in a variety of forms. We love the idea of creating a display with a bit of butter for guests to grab something to nibble on.

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Don a Floral Dress

couple walking in garden

Photo by Jules Bower

Who says your dress has to be white? Cottagecore means plenty of garden vibes, and your dress design can certainly match. Embrace a beauty featuring blooms for a charming look.

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Hang String Lights

wedding reception with string lights


Have you ever taken a romantic stroll through a whimsical garden with twinkling lights dangling up above? Recreate that experience for your guests by draping string lights back and forth above your reception area.

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Theme Your Favors

flower petal wedding favors


Let your guests leave inspired by your love for cottagecore. One couple put together garden-themed favors complete with edible flower-topped cookies and sweet notes on plant paper for guests to later plant in their own gardens at home. How sweet!

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