Thinking Beyond Black: Colors to Consider for the Groom’s Suit

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When it comes to wedding fashion, it may feel like the bride gets all the attention. They spend months finding the perfect dress, have thousands of options to choose from, bring their girl gang along, and even get a big reveal on the day-of (whether it’s a first look or when she walks down the aisle). There are dozens of articles written about everything from the best styles for your body shape, the right fabric for the season, how to prepare for shopping—the list goes on. So, what about those who won't wear a dress on their wedding day? We want to give grooms and brides donning suits their own fashion moment. If you think your only option is a black suit—it’s not! There are plenty of other acceptable colors to choose from, whether you consider yourself fashion-forward or someone who prefers comfort over style. 

When brides shop for a wedding dress, they’re probably not thinking of getting something they can rewear later on, and neither should you, according to Angel Ramos, creative director for men’s clothing brand 18th Amendment. “Please throw away the idea of wanting to purchase something you can wear again,” encourages Ramos. “Your fiancé will almost positively never wear her dress again and she spares no cost at it. Invest in your ensemble. It'll make her look even more incredible and the photos will thank you for it, for ages afterwards.”

It’s time to think beyond a basic black suit and really take your wedding day look to the next level. The aisle isn’t just the bride’s runway—it’s yours too! 

Before You Shop: What to Consider 

There is some homework required before you head out to find the perfect suit. There are a few pieces of information you need to gather so you can let the stylist at the store know what you’re looking for. While it’s important to incorporate your personality and have fun with fashion, you can’t wear anything you feel like. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go suit shopping. 

The Venue and Location

“Major factors to consider are the time of year the wedding will take place, the location (a grand ballroom, a rose garden, or on the beach) and overall style of the wedding celebration,” advises Darryl Wilson, creative director of D’Concierge Weddings. "You want to make sure you stand out in a good way and not under dress as the groom, it's as much of your day as it is about the bride.” You don’t want to show up  to a ballroom bash in a seersucker suit, nor do you want to show up to your beachside wedding in a red velvet jacket. If you’re unsure about what the formality of your event is, ask your partner or your wedding planner so you can keep it in mind while you’re shopping. 

The Wedding Colors

“Typically, when deciding what one's suit or tuxedo should be and the color palette for their wedding, you should have a clear vision of location and a visual aesthetic of the venue,” says Ramos. “One of the toughest questions I tend to ask clients while planning this beautiful occasion is, ‘If your wedding was a movie, what movie would it be?’ It challenges you to seriously consider what inspires you to really understand the world you and your future spouse live in creatively and visually to allow us to brilliantly design from there.” Unsure what your wedding colors are? Confirm with your S.O. before you start trying on potential wedding day looks. 

Expert Recommendations

Our experts weighed in and gave their honest opinions about what color suits to consider besides black for your big day. 

Blue and Gray

Either of these colors “paired with a nice loafer or designer shoe would be the perfect fit for a casual wedding celebration,” recommends Wilson. “For a spring or summer wedding where the thought is to be less formal, going for a heathered-grey suit or ink-blue suit as opposed to a classic dark navy will look brilliant, and it will prevent you from looking as if you walked out of the New York Stock Exchange after the closing bell and hopped in a yellow cab to head to your wedding,” adds Ramos.

Burgundy and Mustard

The color mustard might have you running for the hills, but Wilson swears by it for a fall or winter wedding. “I'm all for the royal colors (burgundy, wine, plum) and what I call spice colors (mustard, cinnamon, sage). In winter, velvet textures and suede not only make you the stylish one in the room but will keep you warm.” Ramos says patterned suits are also an option to consider if you want to move away from solid colors. “Wearing tweed or flannel in dark grey tones looks so rich in texture and finish and incredibly chic," he adds.

Pink and Khaki

Real men wear pink—on their wedding day! That’s how the saying goes right? “I'm all about color. I love pastels and vibrant colors like emerald, pink, and fuschia, just to name a few,” says Wilson. “For the guys that are afraid of such a bold color, you can always play it a little safer with a tan or khaki color suit and bring in the color via the tie, socks, or shirt.

Consider a Jacket Change

Of course, you can always have more than one hue on deck for your wedding day. “I encourage the thought of a jacket change,” recommends Ramos. “There's nothing more chic and elegant than starting your wedding day in black-tie classic, where you look as if you just arrived from a quick espresso with James Bond. Then after the ceremony and photos and prior to hitting the dance floor, you slip on that beautifully cut velvet dinner jacket. BOOM.”

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