25 Creative Cherry Blossom Wedding Cakes

Add some color and romance to your cake.

three-tier pink cherry blossom wedding cake with icing details

Photo by Maria Francescanitti

Few flowers can command attention in the springtime the same way cherry blossoms do. The delicacy of the blossoms is astounding, and their hue is truly romantic, with an incredible scent that goes along with it. With how stunning cherry blossoms are, it’s no wonder couples are featuring this bloom on their wedding day.

During springtime and beyond, couples are adding blossoming branches to floral arrangements and incorporating hand-drawn blooms into their stationery. Another gorgeous way to feature this sweet flower? Designing your wedding cake with cherry blossoms in mind.

While you certainly could add real cherry blossoms to a cake (the petals are in fact edible!), there are plenty of other ways to incorporate their beauty, from handcrafted sugar flowers to buttercream blooms. And don’t forget, you can choose to include either white or pink blossoms (or both!) to fit your wedding’s overall aesthetic.

Think this look is perfect for your big day? Read on for 25 cherry blossom wedding cake ideas to inspire your own.

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Embrace an Embroidered Look

two-tier embroidery cherry blossom wedding cake

Courtesy of The Pastry Studio

Want to embrace cherry blossoms while playing with texture? This two-tiered cake features sprawling, hand-drawn branches complete with dainty blooms to create a romantic design reminiscent of hand-stitched embroidery.

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Showcase Sugar Flowers

pink four-tier wedding cake with cherry blossoms

Photo by Images by Berit; Cake by Pink Cake Box

It's truly amazing what can be crafted out of sugar, and cherry blossoms fall into that category. Ask your baker to create an incredible display of expansive blooms to make a statement.

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Use a Neutral Canvas

light blue wedding cake with cherry blossoms and floral details

Photo by Sam Rae Mua Photo; Cake by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

There's no shame in incorporating cherry blossoms in a subtle way. This four-tiered design features a neutral canvas, with the addition of hand-painted sprawling branches and a few fresh blooms to complete the look.

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Turn to Textured Edges

white wedding cake with cherry blossom decorations

Courtesy of Zoe Clark Cakes

This cake not only embraces the beauty and delicacy of cherry blossoms, but it also features plenty of texture to make it that much more interesting. The addition of a soft pink marble hue with gold-flecked detailing makes it entirely magical.

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Keep It Simple

textured cherry blossom cake

Photo by Tim Trevino Photo; Cake by Sweet Heather Anne

While the bottom tier of this confection is anything but simple, complete with incredible embossed detailing, the addition of blossoms is. We love the way this sweet shows off a natural look with just one blooming branch.

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Incorporate Hand-Painted Details

Handpainted cherry blossom cake

Courtesy of Zoe Clark Cakes

This design displayed true artistry, with hand-painted cherry blossoms dotting each of the two tiers. The addition of two blossom branches with sugar flowers was just the cherry on top.

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Play With Pastel Hues

single tier cake with cherry blossoms

Courtesy of Rosalind Miller Cakes

Obsessed with pastels? Lean into it with a stunning cake design! This single-tiered cake may be small, but it's mighty with its gorgeous blue detailing and bold cherry blossom branch.

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Wow With White Blossoms

white and gray cherry blossom cake

Photo by Jane Beadnell Photography; Cake by Poppy Pickering Cakes

We love the sophisticated look of a white wedding cake with just a hint of neutral gray. With ruffled edges, it's the perfect backdrop to showcase stunning white cherry blossoms for a modern vibe.

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Combine Ruffles and Blooms

single tier textured cherry blossom cake

Photo by Poppy & Sage Photography

Just because you want a small cake doesn't mean it can't be all about texture. This super tall single-tiered cake featured ruffled detailing paired with sugar cherry blossoms, plus a few real blossoms to finish off a romantic display.

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Accent a Single-Tiered Cake

Bride holding single tier cherry blossom cake with macarons

Photo by Photography by Bea

Just hoping for a hint of cherry blossom beauty? There's no shame in that! Deck out a pink cake with macarons and buds, and use the cherry blossoms as an accent piece to complete the look.

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Choose Other Blooms

Cherry blossom wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Melissa Beattie Photography; Cake by Poppy Pickering Cakes

Cherry blossoms can serve as the perfect way to accent other blooms, especially if you're hoping to add more texture. We love the pairing of pink dahlias, roses, cherry blossoms, and sprigs of greenery on this five-tiered stunner.

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Top a Semi-Naked Cake

naked chocolate cherry blossom cake


This is the perfect cake for those who don't want to choose. Embrace a semi-naked chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, and a decadent drip. Adding fresh cherry blossoms finished off the top of this cake in the most beautiful way.

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Play With Pink

pink cherry blossom wedding cake with buttercream piping

Photo by Maria Francesca Nitti; Cake by Antico Caffe Soriano

Ditch the idea of an all-white wedding cake and go for nothing but pink! This soft, pastel hue pairs perfectly with a pearl-dotted border and handcrafted sugar cherry blossoms.

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Show Off Sprawling Petals

textured cherry blossom cake

Photo by Jennifer Jane Photography; Cake by Edible Essence

The details on this four-tiered cake are nothing short of astounding. Opt to display a masterpiece with embossed detailing paired with a single sprawling branch of cherry blossoms.

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Mix Modern With Romance

square cherry blossom cake

Courtesy of Jasmine Rae Cakes

Cherry blossoms add plenty of romance to a cake design, whether you opt for real flowers or something made out of sugar. For a more modern look, go for square tiers to make a statement.

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Embrace Minimalism

fondant wedding cake with cherry blossoms

Courtesy of Elizabeth Harris Cakes

Want to take a more minimalist approach? It can still be done! Go for skinny, tall tiers with the simple addition of just one or two branches with a few blossoms to complete the look.

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Rock Rose Gold

rose gold cherry blossom wedding cake with floral details

Photo by Eli Turner

Rose gold wedding details are forever here to stay, and for good reason—they're stunning! Embrace rose gold with a painted cake, complete with dainty blossoms to match.

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Create a Cascade

white cake with cascading cherry blossoms

Courtesy of Earth and Sugar

Want to create a statement with plenty of contrast? Opt for a stark white cake with a big, bold cascade of cherry blossoms for a gorgeous confection.

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Utilize Real Flowers

wedding cake with buttercream cherry blossoms

Photo by Desi Baytan

The petals of cherry blossoms are indeed edible, so if you want real flowers on your cake, you can certainly have them. We love the idea of pairing fresh blooms with a few buttercream flowers for an interesting, textural design.

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Choose Pink and White Blooms

tall wedding cake with cherry blossoms

Photo by Daria Lorman Photography; Cake by Bouchra Sugar Designer

This three-tiered wedding cake truly matched its backdrop perfectly. With textured tiers and white and pink blossoms, it was perfectly dressed up for a springtime wedding.

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Commission a Masterpiece

purple cherry blossom cake

Courtesy of Belsize Cakes

Incredible palette-knife artistry is utilized to put together beautiful buttercream-painted cakes like this beauty. With two different tiers, plenty of texture, and stunning white cherry blossoms, this sweet is ready to make a statement on any cake table.

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Be Subtle

white cherry blossom wedding cake

Photo by Ashley Baumgartner Photography; Cake by Batter Up Cakery

This romantic design is nothing short of dreamy, but it doesn't make an overpowering statement. We can't get over how beautiful the subtle details are cascading down this cake.

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Feature Pink and Gold

wedding cake with cherry blossoms and gold

Courtesy of Crumbb Cakes

The romance of cherry blossoms pairs perfectly with just a hint of sheen. This four-tiered cake made a statement with textured top tiers and sprawling petals with a bit of gold to complete the look.

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Go Bold With Plenty of Pink

pink cake with cherry blossoms

Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography

Obsessed with pink or want to make a statement? Lean into the bold color. We love the way this cake embraced the beauty of cherry blossoms with a unique spin by switching up the palette to incorporate a coral hue.

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Pair Blush and Linen

neutral cherry blossom cake

Photo by 5ive15ifteen; Cake by Cake Opera

This cake stood tall to make a statement on a gorgeous dessert table, but the colors made for perfect balance. With the combination of a subtle linen-inspired design and blossoming branches, a romantic-meets-elegant vibe came together in a beautiful way.

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