21 Creative Wedding Cakes for Cheese Lovers

From the traditional favorite to designs made with wheels of cheese.

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There are plenty of couples who feel that cake just isn’t their thing. And typically, alternatives such as cookies, pies, brownies, and donuts have been showing up on dessert tables to offer something a little different. But what if you have no sweet tooth at all? Enter: cheesecake wedding cakes.

While a traditional cheesecake first comes to mind, there's also another iteration of this cake alternative. The new take? Tiered cakes made from wheels of cheese is the perfect way to incorporate that traditional stacked cake look, all while offering something different and wildly delicious. 

Meet the Expert

Aleah and Nick Valley are the founders of Valley & Company Events, a wedding and event planning, design, and floral company based in Seattle, Washington. 

“Keeping the tradition of a wedding cake but putting a personal stamp on the ceremony by serving a stacked cheese cake is a fun and creative way to show off the style and likes of a couple,” says Aleah and Nick Valley, founders of Valley & Company Events.

How to Set-Up a Wheel Cheesecake For Your Wedding 

In choosing cheeses for your cake, think about varieties that are a bit firmer. “Cheeses that are a bit firmer are successful because they hold up well and allow for stacking. If a couple loves a good triple creme brie or an herbed chèvre, we suggest saving that for the top tier as it will be much softer,” says Aleah and Nick Valley

Be sure to consider smellier cheeses and consider how those scents or flavors might interfere with others in the stack, and consider how you might decorate each wheel to complete the look. “What's even more elevated is dressing the cheese cake display with seasonal fruits,” says Aleah and Nick Valley. “Whether it’s champagne grapes, figs, citrus, or stone fruits to complement the display, getting ultra-creative and bountiful with the accompanying presentation can be so memorable and fun!”

Serving a tiered cheese cake may require a bit of planning ahead of time, as it’s not quite the same as a traditional cake cutting. Aleah and Nick Valley suggest that the tiered cake is divided into smaller cheese blocks or wheels to serve to guest tables. Pair your cheeses with artisanal crackers, fresh fruits, fig jam, and honey to enhance the presentation and experience. 

With so many choices, luckily, we’ve put together some cheesy inspiration to whet your appetite. Read on for 21 cheesecake wedding cakes—from traditional recipes to new on-the-wheel iterations—that will delight your guests. 

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Keep It Traditonal


Photo by Georgia Verrells    

Love cheesecake? There's no reason to stray from the forever favorite! This tiered creation is decorated with a drizzle of chocolate, raspberries, and gorgeous pink roses, proving that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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Enhance the Cake


Photo by Caro Weiss Photography


Upgrade a plain cheesecake by adding flavor—and edible flowers! Shown here with tiers of yellow, pink, and purple, this confection is any cheesecake lover's dream.

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Layer Different Cheeses


Photo by J Harper Photography 

This tiered cake is so pretty it must have been hard to cut into. With layers of hard and soft cheeses, it certainly stood tall to make a delicious statement. But it’s the décor that really sealed the deal, adding florals and greenery, and even bringing more cheese into the mix to decorate. 


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Tell a Story


Photo by Charity Burggraaf; Planning and Design by Valley & Company Events; Cake by Paris-Madrid Grocery 

Creating a cake made out of cheese can offer the ideal opportunity to tell a story. Consider incorporating cheese options from countries you’ve traveled to together, all while creating a beautiful masterpiece. This cake incorporated dots of florals and fresh fruits to complete the look. 

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Add Fruit Accents


Photo by Rachel Red Photography; Cake by Boutique Bites  

Adding bountiful, seasonal produce is such a gorgeous way to dress up a cake made out of cheese. The addition of fruits such as figs, berries, and apricots, with sprigs of greenery perfectly finished the look of this beautiful cake. 

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Serve Individual Treats


Photo by Autumn Harrison Photography

Surprise guests by making them individual, bite-size cheesecakes. There's something special about the customization—plus, we think they'll enjoy the no-frills cutting and blueberry topping.

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Decorate With Flowers

cheese cake

Photo by Taylor Abeel Photography

Talk about a pop of color! We love the way this tiered beauty incorporated cheese wheels in similar hues, adding a colorful statement with stunning florals. 

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Keep It Simple


Photo by Marissa Kelly Photography

The best thing about a cheesecake is that it doesn't need to be fancy. Here, fresh blooms and a chic cake stand make this Costco cake (yes, really!) wedding-worthy.

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Incorporate Multiple Shapes


Photo by Miss Gen Photography


What a unique way to offer height and dimension to make a statement. Don’t be afraid to try a variety of cheeses before making your selections, as many might come in unique shapes. With six distinctive layers of cheese, decked out with florals and stone fruits, this design is simply stunning.

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Top With Honey


Photo by Jack Rodriguez Photography; Cake by Sorella Collective

This stacked set-up is an absolute dream. With layers of soft cheese, topped with honeycomb and decked out with plump blackberries, the color palette that was used to pull this off is simply divine.

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Decorate With Greenery


Photo by Stephanie Couture Photography 

This stacked cheesecake was so simple, yet stunning. We love the way harder cheeses were featured on the bottom, with softer options on top. And the sweet additions of greenery, thistle, and white roses is absolutely beautiful.

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Make it Mini


Photo by Allison Pedigo; Planning and Design by Bantam & Bloom; Cake by Cake Envy


Not in love with the tall tiered cake look? There’s a cheese cake for that too! This set-up incorporated a mini cheesecake, paired with fresh fruits and greenery. The display also incorporated additional triangles of cheese with crostinis for easy service. 

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Pair With Charcuterie



Photo by Jamie Mercurio Photography; Cake by Autumn Nomad

What if you took a cake made out of cheese and paired it with additional meats and delicious spreads? Talk about a charcuterie dream come true. We love the way this cake was incorporated into a dessert table complete with pies and cheesecake to offer a mixture of sweet and savory options for every guest.

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Decorate With Plenty of Fruit


Photo by Folega Photography


Cheese cakes truly have the potential to fit any palette, whether it’s with simple white hues, or making a bold statement with color. This cake stacked a variety of cheeses, paired with grapes, strawberries, and figs to offer a little something for everyone. 

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Embrace a Vineyard Vibe


Photo by Shutter Go Click Photography

This cake balanced modern and rustic in the most beautiful way. Setting the cheese cake on top of a barrel made for such a gorgeous rustic look, paired with grapes to bring together a farm or vineyard vibe.

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Get a Little Cheesy


Photo by Photography by Ciara

The cake topper said it all for this stunning cake. We love this fun addition, adding a bit of humor, but it might be the simple décor that really takes the cake. Pairing rosemary, lavender, and white lilacs, this was such a lovely design. 

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Add Unexpected Height


Photo by Rosie Kelly Photography

This cheesecake set-up switched up the typical rule of having hard cheeses on the bottom tier, offering a huge wheel of soft cheese. If your favorite cheese is brie, and you want to serve more of that than anything else, don’t be afraid to ask your caterer or planner to see if they can pull it off. This option added structure above the first layer for additional layers to sit on top of. 

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Consider Colorful Contrasts


Photo by Claire Brown   

Be sure your guests know exactly what they’re getting with cute little markers on each tier. We love the way these cheese wheels were stacked to add contrast, paired perfectly with accenting figs, grapes, and thistles.

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Channel Rustic Elegance


Photo by Will Patrick Weddings


Cheese cakes might just be the best way to capture rustic elegance, and this cake pulled it off perfectly. With hard and soft cheese options, and even some with a bit of a rind, this cake offers a cheese every guest will love. And with the addition of greenery and roses, surrounded by candlelight, it was magically beautiful. 

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Top With Figs and Rosemary


Photo by Anitra Wells


With French dauphinoise and rosemary manchego, the base of this tiered cheese cake provided a gorgeous opportunity for simple décor. Fresh figs and rosemary sprigs add a pop of rustic color, with a piece of honeycomb to round out the look. 

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Finish With Florals


Photo by Natashia Nicole Photography

Have you ever seen cheese look so elegant? This four-tiered cheese cake was beautifully decorated with gorgeous white blooms and a touch of greenery to bring the look together.

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