Charlotte Tilbury Launches Bridal Lipsticks, Talks Famous Brides

From Amal Clooney to Poppy Delevingne to Kate Moss.

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If there’s a beautiful star who has worn a makeup look we’re obsessed with, beauty guru Charlotte Tilbury has probably worked with her. The MBE and founder of her eponymous line has glamorized the faces of Kate Moss, Janelle Monae, Amal Clooney, and too many other beauties to count for the red carpet, magazine covers, and their wedding days.

The latter occasion—and inarguably our favorite—set the vision for Tilbury’s latest trio of bridal-inspired Matte Revolution lipsticks. In limited-edition rose petal shades that take their names from sweet wedding moments—Wedding Belles, Mrs. Kisses, and First Dance—the hues channel the flawless faces of her favorite brides like the aforementioned Clooney and Moss, Sabrina Elba, Claudia Schiffer, and Poppy Delevingne. The long-lasting lipsticks look equally amazing on bridesmaids and guests: She did Clooney and Spencer’s makeup for Meghan and Harry's Royal Wedding after all.

Meet the Expert

Charlotte Tilbury is a British makeup artist and founder of her eponymous makeup and skincare brand. She has worked with several celebrity brides, including Amal Clooney, Sabrina Elba, and Poppy Delevigne.

So naturally, we had to speak to the guru about her new collection and all things bridal. Read on for her tried-and-true lipstick rules; how she collaborated with Clooney, Elba, and others for their big-day beauty; and a how-to of Delevingne’s bridal makeup.

Focus on Finding a Long-Lasting Formula

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Tilbury's No. 1 tip is to focus on a long-lasting formula for the actual wedding day—and that comes with a tried-and-true tip every '90s girl should be comfortable with. “On your wedding day, you should have the most beautiful lips of your life! From the magical first kiss to sipping Champagne and talking all day to your loved ones, a long-lasting, pout-perfecting, sumptuous lipstick is a must-have," Tilbury says. But long-lasting shouldn't mean skimping on moisture. "For your wedding day, you need a formula that feels like velvet on the lips, nourishing them so you never look cake-y or dry," she added. "You need a lipstick that is imbued with waxes and oils to cheat your ideal lip shape so that it looks as good on camera as it does in real life. With my new bridal lipsticks, I have designed three lipstick shades to work with all complexions." 

Use Lip Liner First

The rule for beautiful lips all night long? Borrow a makeup move from the '90s. "Always use lip liner first. My wax and oil-rich formula works beautifully as a stencil, ensuring your color lasts from the vows to the dance floor."

You want to look like the most beautiful, fresh, radiant version of yourself whilst creating a timeless, iconic color palette that is long-lasting, kiss-proof, and HD camera–ready.

Aim to Look Like Yourself

As far as her famous clientele goes, their rule for bridal makeup is the same as ours–look like yourself. “For 28 years I have had a career in which I have created flawless, glowing, camera-proof looks for some of the most beautiful, famous brides in the world! While working, I have learned that for a bridal look, there are several factors that you need to consider. You want to look like the most beautiful, fresh, radiant version of yourself whilst creating a timeless, iconic color palette that is long-lasting, kiss-proof, and HD camera–ready," Tilbury says. It all starts with a consult and trial, just like any bridal makeup look. "Whenever I create makeup magic for brides-to-be, I always meet with them so we can discuss what look they want to embody on the day—are they a Golden Goddess, a Bella Sofia, or a Sophisticate?—and how they want to feel. If I can help them to feel confident, it will be right when it comes to the big day. My gorgeous brides-to-be are always my No. 1 priority, especially for their wedding day, and I would always make sure I allow enough time to make sure every bride looks and feels like the most beautiful version of herself before she walks down the aisle.

Wedding Makeup for Guests

Tilbury's philosophy for guests doesn't stray too far from how she works with a bride-to-be. “Whether I am creating makeup magic for a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or a wedding guest, every beauty look is all about enhancing natural beauty to make you feel like your most beautiful self! Wedding guests often have inspirations or visions they want to channel with their beauty looks, too, so we always start with that. It’s important for guests to also consider the outfit which they have chosen to wear—the shape, the fabric, the cut, and, of course, the color is key to the makeup look. I always ensure the makeup—especially the lip color—complements the outfit perfectly,” she told us.  

Starting With Skincare

As far as beauty trends go, Tilbury is most excited about her soon-to-drop skincare line. "I always say you can’t have a beautiful painting without a beautiful canvas, and a good skincare routine is so important, so you’ll have the dreamiest skin on the day. I have been working with the best labs, sourcing the most incredible ingredients to create supercharged skincare and makeup that behaves like skincare, to meet that need and make your bridal skin dreams come true," she adds.

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  Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury 

How does that all translate to how she got her own skin wedding day–ready? Turns out, a beauty guru has to follow a timeline just like us. "In the lead up to my own magical wedding day, I regularly had laser facials for amazing skin. On the day, I wore my Bella Sofia Luxury Palette—the seductive, molten bronzes, reddish-browns, and coppery tones always make my green eyes pop and have been my go-to look for years. It’s so important to remain true to your look! I paired this with my award-winning Pillow Talk lipstick. The secret formula smooths and shapes the lips of your dreams to last from dawn until dusk." Can't argue with that! Pillow Talk is definitely one of our favorite shades.

How She Created Poppy Delevingne's Bridal Beauty Look

Ready to try Tilbury's tips for yourself? We got her to break down how she approached Poppy Delevingne's incredible, barely there, glowing bridal beauty look. And it was all about the eyes! “Creating my gorgeous friend Poppy’s bridal beauty look was so special. The look was all about mesmerizing eyes and glowing, flawless skin! I wanted to create a molten-metallic eye look that would instantly make her beautiful blue eyes look even more magical. I started by using my burnished Bella Sofia Luxury Palette on the lids and then gilded them using a layer of my hypnotizing Colour Chameleon in Amber Haze over the top. My Colour Chameleons last for 14 hours and withstand dancing well into the night!

For the skin, I sculpted Poppy’s cheekbones with my Filmstar Bronze & Glow. I then dusted the highlighter shade onto the tops of her cheekbones; this is like metaphorically dripping candlelight onto the face—it complemented her ethereal, camellia-embellished Chanel dress perfectly. I finished the look with a sultry, soft lip using my iconic Pillow Talk Lip Cheat to trace the edge of lips, followed by a slick of my K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Penelope Pink for luscious, natural lips. For a gorgeous blush-glow, I swished on my Ecstasy Cheek to Chic onto the apples of Poppy's cheeks.”

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 Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury 

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