Celebrity Florist Jeff Leatham's Advice to Brides: Your First Idea Is Always the Best

"Don’t try to be someone else."

Jeff Leatham Flowers


As a bride in the thick of planning her own wedding, I know firsthand the double-edged sword that is social media. It's an infinite archive of inspiration at your fingertips, from flowers to cakes and beyond. But it's also a black hole of ideas that, when jumbled all together, oftentimes creates even more confusion.

Celebrity florist Jeff Leatham, who has worked with stars like the Kardashians and Sofia Vergara, agrees. "I feel like social media is such a blessing and a curse for people who are planning weddings or events," Leatham told Brides when we sat down to chat with him about his new Waterford collection. "Brides get home, they have a glass of wine and scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, and they can’t make up their minds."

Like anything in life, there is a sweet spot—a happy medium—for using social media to narrow down the vision for your wedding. "Give yourself that window to have fun and to play, but you really need to work with your planner or florist to decide on a cutoff date for changing your ideas," Leatham continued. "What I’ve found with weddings is that your first idea and your first theme is always the best."

What I’ve found with weddings is that your first idea and your first theme is always the best.

Another piece of advice all brides need to hear? Be authentically you. "Don’t try to be someone else," says Leatham. "Have [an event] that’s catered to your personality and your budget."

Speaking of budget, Leatham can't stress enough the importance of having one in the first place. "The first thing you should do is have your budget because you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re having this crazy wedding that you can’t afford," he advises. "Style and budget are the two most important things because you don’t want to waste anyone’s time."

Leatham also shared a budget-friendly insider tip. "[Florists] are getting a lot stricter now and if you have to have them show you ideas, they’ll charge you for that," he says. "If you do all the research before you start meeting with your florist, that will save you a lot of time and money."

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