20 Catholic Wedding Songs to Bless Your Big Day

Catholic Wedding Songs


After the priest has said the marriage prayer and blessed the couple, it’s time to celebrate your love. For those whose faith is their guiding light, you can (literally!) thank God there are plenty of wedding songs that sing His praises without compromising romance. Whether it’s a secular rendition of an old classic like Beyoncé singing “Ave Maria,” a moving take on modern devotion like “All I Need Is You” by Hillsong UNITED, or an emotional vow to the sacrament of marriage like “Commitment” by Sanctus Realthere, there are plenty of songs to bless your big day.

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“Ave Maria,” by Beyoncé

Lyrics of Love: “I found heaven on earth/You are my last, my first”

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“This Is Love,” by New Wine Worship

Lyrics of Love: “I give my life to You, receive this offering/It’s all I have but You deserve my everything”

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“The Marriage Prayer,” by John Waller

Lyrics of Love: “Help me to love You more than I love her/Then I know I can love her more than anyone else”

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“Yes I Will,” by Vertical Worship

Lyrics of Love: “Oh, yes I will, sing for joy when my heart is heavy/All my days, oh yes I will”

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“All I Need Is You,” by Hillsong UNITED

Lyrics of Love: “One more day and it's not the same/Your spirit calls my heart to sing”

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“Lives Brought Together,” by Dan Schutte

Lyrics of Love:”In times of sorrow when the night is long/The love of the lord will stay”

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“Pennies From Heaven,” by Louis Prima and Sam Butera & the Witnesses

Lyrics of Love: “So, when you hear it thunder, don't run under a tree/There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me”

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“Grace Got You,” by MercyMe

Lyrics of Love: “Laugh, 'til your whole side's hurting/Smile like you just got away with something”

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“Haven’t Even Kissed,” by Moriah Peters

Lyrics of Love: “I have been waiting patiently/I locked up my heart, gave God the key”

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“Commitment,” by Sanctus Real

Lyrics of Love: “I wanna finish the life we started/I wanna be two old beautiful souls that stayed with it”

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“Angel,” by Casting Crowns

Lyrics of Love: “As the sun danced in her eyes/We were standing there”

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“More Than You’ll Ever Know,” by Watermark

Lyrics of Love: “Something about just being with you/When I leave I feel like I've been near God”

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“Thank God I Got Her,” by Jonny Diaz

Lyrics of Love: “She's everything I didn't know I needed/The perfect fit, the missing piece”

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“Give It All,” by We Are Messengers

Lyrics of Love: “And I lay my life down for the only one/Could take a prodigal and make a son”

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“Heaven (All Around You),” by Apollo LTD

Lyrics of Love: “I loved you like a lamb/And I fought just like a soldier”

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“God Gave Me You,” by Dave Barnes

Lyrics of Love: “God gave me you for the ups and downs/God gave me you for the days of doubt”

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“House of Love,” by Amy Grant

Lyrics of Love: “Love with a firm foundation/Ain't never, never, never gonna fall”

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“Love Has Come,” by Matt Maher

Lyrics of Love: “Love has come to show the way/Hallelujah, peace be with us”

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“Love So Great,” by Hillsong Worship

Lyrics of Love: “Your love is like the wildest ocean/Oh, nothing else compares”

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“Point To You,” by We Are Messengers

Lyrics of Love: I can't forget from where I've come/And what my heart's been rescued from”

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