30 Casual Grooms From Real Weddings

Your guy will look fresh in these dapper duds.

Bride and groom

Photo by Amy Anaiz

There's no denying that a black tux is a classic, dapper look, but we always love a fresh shake-up in a groom's wardrobe. Donning an alternative groom-look on the wedding day is a bold move—one that we appreciate. The key lies in creating a style that's true to both his personality and your wedding theme and venue. If you're looking to add a little personal style to your groom's wedding day attire, look no further.

If he wants something a little different, but still wants to play it safe, consider a suit in neutral, beige, or brown tones, mixed separates in blue hues, or a tux in shades of gray. Want to add a subtle punch? Step up the game by opting for an ensemble that plays with textures or prints—or both. Think a suit made of wool or velvet, a floral pocket square or tie, a checkered button-down shirt. If he's daring enough, he can amp it up by throwing on a patterned jacket, such as plaids or stripes. But if he really wants to stand out, a colored suit in a vivid jewel tone or popping pastel will always do the trick.

And if your wedding style calls for it, he doesn't have to stick to formalwear either. Forget the coat altogether—a vest or suspenders would look just as great. Or mix tops and bottoms to achieve a semi-casual balance—think slacks with a chambray shirt. Because as much as your groom should look good, he should also be comfortable. Don't forget to add a little flair to personalize the look, such as a Western-inspired brooch for a boho style or top hat for an Art Deco vibe.

We've rounded up casual wedding attire inspiration from 30 stylish grooms.

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Wear a Checkered Button Down Shirt

Groom in a pink suit

Photo by Cassandra Farley Photo

Think pink with a cotton candy suit and playful patterns of a checkered shirt and polka dot tie for some spring flair. We love the fun, quirky play on prints that would fit any garden or whimsical spring wedding.

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Keep It Classic in Blue

Groom in cobalt blue suit

Photo by Curly Tree Photography

A bold cobalt blue is chic and sharp. Consider donning a blue suit if you still want to look crisp and classic, without wearing a typical black tux.

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Go For Khaki

Groom in an olive green suit

Photo by Swatch Studios

This suit proves that khaki gets a bad rep. We love the rich neutral tones of this olive khaki suit and the way the three-piece set makes a white dress shirt pop. This will look especially great for a fall wedding.

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Wear Shades of Gray

Groom in a gray suit

Photo by Kati Rosado

We're seeing 50 shades of gray here—black jeans and a velvet coat puts a more casual spin on the black tux. This informal textured look, complemented perfectly by the deep brown boots, is perfect for a boho bash or an edgier fall outdoor wedding.

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Take a Cue From the Venue

Groom in a blue shirt and mustard pants

Photo by Jennifer Armstrong Photography

This casual ensemble is all seaside sophistication, with a shirt and shoes that mirror the color of the waves and pants that mimic the hues of the sand. A charming bow tie tops off the look that's sure to wow at any beach wedding.

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Wear a Statement Shirt

Groom in a floral shirt

Photo by Hailey Howard; Florist and Creative Direction by Cargo Creative

This groom knows how to pull off some serious florals. A statement shirt combined with a ponytail is the perfect statement style for alternative grooms. You can even toss the jacket at the reception for a more comfortable look.

If you want your statement shirt to be the key focus of an outfit, make sure to keep all the other elements in the same solid color family.

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Pop in Pastels

Groom in a pastel blue suit

Photo by Chris Spira Photography

A pastel sky blue suit calls for attention, while a crystal guitar pin and navy polka dot bow tie add a bit of personal flair. We can totally imagine this at a spring or summer garden wedding.

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Mix Bold Prints

Groom in a striped suit

Photo by David Newkirk Photography

Blue stripes, a hot pink diagonal checkered bow tie, and an orange boutonnière—this bold groom pops with style, thanks to mixing and matching patterns with bright colors. This look is perfect for the stylish grooms who love making a fashion statement.

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Add a Statement Accessory

Bride and groom

Photo by The Toths Photo & Film

Rustic meets southern-1920s inspiration in this striking ensemble of a mix-and-match suit, wide-brimmed hat, and floral bow tie.

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Opt For a Waistcoat

Groom in a waistcoat

Photo by Kate Weinstein

Why bother with a coat? This groom proves a waistcoat is all you need, donning a palette of grays and blues. With the right fit and a classic boutonnière, he looks extra dapper and polished.

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Try Linen

Groom in a linen tux

Photo by Daniel Milligan Photography

A linen tux brings a more casual appearance to a formal silhouette, the ideal mix for a light and breezy feel. This beige suit, complemented by earthy, dark brown accents, is perfect for an early fall wedding.

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Rock Velvet

Groom in velvet separates

Photo by Leighanne Herr Photography

This rich, luxe look plays up textures with a striped button-down and velvet separates in navy and burgundy—heavy hues we're loving for a winter wedding. We love how the look was streamlined by his matching burgundy accessories.

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Throw on a Black Jacket

Groom in a black jacket

Photo by Erin Wheat Photography

Edgy with a bit of Western flair, this look is perfect for an adventurous elopement. It could easily match a boho wedding in the woods or an edgy, rock-inspired country shindig.

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Add Seasonal Colors

Groom in a red suit

Photo by Andrew Franciosa

A rustic brick red suit and pale tie with a splash of neon orange juxtapose for a stylish look befitting a late summer wedding.

A more casual wedding is the perfect opportunity to add some personality to your look. So if you want to inject subtle fun, consider adding a smaller printed item like a tie or bow tie.

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Use Jewel Tones

Groom in a green suit with bride

Photo by M&J Photography

We love a good jewel tone. The bride isn't the only one who looks like a gem—the groom does, too, in all over emerald attire.

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Go For Unexpected Texture

Groom in a seersucker suit

Photo by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography

Seersucker stripes are so much more fun than a plain-colored suit. Besides, this summer staple is all southern charm, especially with a sporty red polka dot bow tie. We can definitely see this at a casual outdoor celebration—like a garden party or a barnyard wedding.

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Keep It Simple With a Bow tie

Groom in a blue suit and a white shirt

Photo by Curly Tree Photography

An easy way to make an ensemble more casual is to mix black trousers with a colored blazer. Plus, a mix of blues and flash of white is clean, crisp, and cool.

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Accessorize with Suspenders

Groom in tweed pants

Photo by Chris & Ruth Photography

Tweed pants, suspenders, and a geometric bow tie—this look may sound nerdy, but this groom proves it's anything but. We'd love to see this dapper look at a fall wedding!

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Look Festive

Groom in a maroon suit

Photo by Blest Studios

An all-over burgundy suit has a subtle festive flair for a seasonal wedding, achieving a smooth and sophisticated style. Pair the look with classic oxfords or brogues to keep it polished.

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Add a Funky Tie

Groom in a floral tie

Photo by Chloe Tanner Photography

A tailored blue blazer, brown pants, and white shirt are dream semi-formal attire, but the real eye-catcher is the groom's multi-colored floral skinny tie, a perfect way to complement the bride's bouquet.

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Layer a Cardigan

Groom in a cardigan

Photo by Katie Stoops Photography

This groom knows how to layer and work an autumn palette, evident in a pale blue button-down, navy cable knit cardigan, olive pants, and wool maroon jacket. Paired with a man bun, this is one stylish ensemble.

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Mix Navy and Black

Groom in a navy suit and black pants

Photo by Jen Huang

Fashion rules dictate that one shouldn't mix navy and black, but this groom shows that rules are meant to be broken. A velvet jacket adds an air of elegance to an otherwise casual ensemble of black jeans and a white linen shirt.

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Try a Plaid Suit

Groom in a green plaid suit

Photo by Julian Beattie

This suit gets a pattern takeover with monochromatic plaid, accented by a vivid jade green tie. He kept the plaid outfit streamlined by sticking to a single color palette. We can imagine this look at a fall wedding.

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Mix Tan and Black

Groom in a light blazer and black pants

Photo by We Are the Portos

Can't decide between light or dark? Both look great juxtaposed as separates. Brown shoes are the perfect in-between, while striped socks and a funky colorful bow tie bring a dash of stylish whimsy.

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Wear a Checkered Vest

Bride and groom exit

Photo by M&J Photography

A brown checkered vest is the perfect touch with a blush suit for a dapper look. It instantly adds sophistication and packs personality to any simple suit.

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Match Your Lapels With Your Bow Tie

Groom in blue tux

Photo by Gregory Ross

This groom looks svelte and smooth in a midnight tux that puts a twist on the old classic, with black lapels and a matching bow tie. Kudos to this groom's attention to sophisticated detail.

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Consider Chambray

Groom in an edgy look

Photo by Christa Kimble Photography

This groom creates a bit of boho appeal, with a chambray shirt, wine-colored pants, and chocolate-colored vest. We love the effortlessness of this semi-casual ensemble.

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Keep It Clean With a White Shirt

Groom in suspenders and a white shirt

Photo by We Are the Portos

This rugged groom pulls off casual wear with an earthy style that manages to also look polished. Pop a button (or two) open for a dash of sexy.

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Roll Up Your Sleeves

Groom in a black vest

Photo by Galaxie Andrews

Rolled-up sleeves and a charcoal-colored vest have a style all on their own—and it's hot. Try the look for an edgier, grunge-inspired vibe.

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Accentuate With Leather

Bride and groom

Photo by M&J Photography

The groom's attire here is a breath of fresh air. Tan leather accents set off a dreamy tux in periwinkle blue, the perfect combination for spring nuptials.

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Pair a Chino Suit With Loafers

Bride and groom

Photo by Amy Anaiz

For a casual, effortless look that still looks polished, consider a beige chino suit paired with loafers. We especially love this groom's choice of forest green tasseled loafers that perfectly complement his green tie.

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