20 Casual Groom Outfits From Real Weddings

Dress down without sacrificing style.

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Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge proponents of the classic black tuxedo. There’s a reason why this elegant piece of formal wear is the go-to wedding outfit for grooms. But, sporting something informal can be just as swanky (and arguably more comfortable!). A laidback look is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality quirks, your individual style, or the endearing qualities that define your relationship. Instead of blindly following a longstanding tradition, why not wear something that feels more “you?” Plus, your garb can double as decor, building upon your wedding theme or venue.

Whether you’re looking to add a subtle punch with an accessory or go all out with a bold pattern, there’s a look out there for you. Have some fun with your attire and don an unexpected hue, such as blue, gray, or brown, or opt to wear an alternative fabric like wool or velvet. For grooms who prefer an understated ensemble, dress down your attire by unbuttoning your shirt, rolling up your sleeves, or swapping loafers for sneakers. Try adding some flair to your outfit with a polka dot tie, a striped shirt, or flamingo socks.

Weddings are momentous occasions that call for statement-making fashion, but you don’t need to wear the fanciest clothing item to look your best. At the end of the day, your wedding is a reflection of you, so it’s important to dress yourself in something that you feel comfortable and confident in. To get you started, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite casual outfit ideas from Real Weddings.

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Select Light Linens


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For grooms hosting spring or summer nuptials and looking to don an effortless outfit, a lightweight fabric like linen will keep you cool and comfortable. A linen suit is also fitting for outdoor weddings, whether it’s a backyard bash or a coastal fête. This neutral shade is a versatile option that pairs well with any accessory, such as this groom’s black tie and matching loafers.

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Ditch the Tie

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Yes, topping off your getup with a tie or bow tie certainly looks polished, but the accessory can feel stuffy and restricting. There’s no rule that grooms have to wear a tie, so consider bucking tradition and getting rid of it all together. Forgoing a tie creates a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for any occasion, whether it’s an intimate micro wedding with immediate family or a boisterous soirée with everyone you know.

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Embrace a Colorful Ensemble

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If you want to make a statement without sporting the typical black tux, consider a vibrant hue like cobalt blue. To really go all out, pair your blue suit with a yellow tie and boutonniere. We love how this groom used his attire to enhance the colorful aesthetic at his wedding. 

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Dress Down in Sneakers

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Instead of slipping on dress shoes like oxfords or loafers, grab a pair of sneakers. The traditional athletic shoe provides maximum comfort, which is ideal for late-night dancing. Lacing up your sneakers feels fresh, especially if you’re going for a monochromatic look like these grooms. Pro tip: Pair your sneakers with a slim-fit suit, and make sure your pants stop at or above the ankle, so you can show them off!

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Pull Up Your Socks

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When it comes to grooms’ accessories, socks are one of our favorites. Often, grooms keep their socks hidden underneath their pants, but why not show them off? Pulling your socks over your pants is a fun and playful look that will keep guests on their toes. While black socks blend in, this brown hue pops.

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Favor a Fun Pattern

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This bold pattern is stylish, chic, and modern without feeling overly formal or predictable. Plus, the combination of a white jacket and black dress shirt is original and sharp. With intricate floral detailing, this jacket would complement a garden party wedding exceptionally well. 

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Unbutton Your Top Button

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A perfectly tailored suit with every button fastened feels prim and proper. On the other hand, leaving your top button undone gives your garb an easygoing appeal that’s relatable and breathable. An unbuttoned shirt paired with an all-white ensemble and an airy fabric is the perfect summer wedding uniform. 

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Look Snazzy in Velvet

Green suit

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There’s no fabric more luxurious than velvet. A textured look is bold and dapper, and it challenges the norm for grooms’ fashion. If you’re tying the knot during the fall or winter, a thicker fabric like velvet will keep you snug. This emerald green shade is especially daring, and it would pair nicely with a forest venue.

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Snap on Suspenders

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Suspenders are a surefire way to enliven your getup while adding comfort and practicality. Embrace your unique personality by selecting suspenders in a fun pattern, color, or texture. Wear a pair with your suit, or for the ultimate casual look, abandon your jacket and sport the accessory on its own.

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Rock a Funky Tie

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At formal ceremonies, a black tie or bow tie is a no-brainer for grooms. But, if your vows are less dressy, you have the freedom to sport any style that suits you. Consider a monochromatic blush tie or a green printed one like these grooms are wearing. An untraditional tie will loosen up your look and instantly add character. 

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Go Barefoot

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Is there anything more freeing than running around barefoot? Of course, not all grooms have the luxury of taking off their shoes, but if you’re hosting beachside or backyard nuptials, going shoeless is a fun way to de-formalize your dress code

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Don a Green Hue

Green suit

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A sophisticated tuxedo is a given at black-tie events, but at laidback gatherings, you can switch up your wardrobe by playing around with different hues. Flaunt your favorite color or coordinate with your wedding venue. To go the extra mile, have your significant other wear accessories in the same shade.

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Show Off Your Playful Side


Photo by Jenn Emerling 

Not only will a quirky pair of socks put your personality on full display, but it will also keep your feet cozy on your wedding day. These eye-catching pink socks with illustrations of cacti are the perfect accessory for a relaxed warm-weather wedding or desert locale. You can also use your socks to honor a beloved sports team or your favorite hobby.

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Sport Sunglasses

the groom with sunglasses

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Whether you’re saying “I do” on a tropical island or in the summer heat, sunglasses are guaranteed to provide shade and style. Not to mention, your wedding portraits will turn out much better because you won’t have to squint into the sunlight. A versatile shade like black will match any suit, and you’ll want to rewear them even after the wedding. 

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Stay Snug in Wool


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This groom knows how to dress for the weather and the occasion. Wool fabric will help you brave a chilly autumn day while a burgundy hue allows you to channel the rich tones of fall foliage. To keep you nice and toasty, you can also layer your jacket with a herringbone vest. We love this look for a rustic wedding theme.

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Choose an Unexpected Shirt


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Who says you have to wear a white dress shirt to your wedding? Bring some serious style to the aisle in a blue shirt and white jacket. A blue hue will add a pop of color to your garb, and eliminating a tie will give your wedding wardrobe even more of an effortless feel. 

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Take Off Your Jacket


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Celebrating your reception and newlywed status sans jacket is the best way to kick back and relax. Without a jacket limiting your movement, it’s much easier to swing your partner around the dance floor. You can even take it one step further and just wear a collared shirt and tie, abolishing the idea of a jacket entirely.

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Pair a Statement Hue with Neutrals


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If you want to express yourself and sport a striking shade like red, keep the rest of your regalia simple. Stick with a neutral color like white or black as the foundation of your outfit and breathe some life into your garments with great accessories.

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Choose a Gray Shade

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For a timeless look that still feels fresh and modern, gray is a color you need to consider. It’s suave and versatile, so you can dress it up or personalize it with anything you’d like. This groom’s green printed tie, brown leather shoes, striped socks, and signature glasses all elevate his suit.

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Opt for a Vest

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Are you looking for a smart alternative to the traditional suit jacket? Try a vest, such as this U-shaped one. This tasteful garment is great for grooms who want an informal aesthetic without straying too far from classic. Wrap it up in a black bow tie, and you’ll be ready to say “I do.”

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