Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold's Simply Elegant Wedding in the Coachella Valley

The brides hosted an elevated version of their backyard parties.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold wedding recessional in Palm Springs

Photo by Asha Bailey

It was love at first cowbell. In 2015, copywriter Taryn Arnold was playing the instrument at a Los Angeles dive bar when she met her future wife, content creator Cammie Scott. "We were at a mutual friend’s power hour (where you take a shot of beer every 60 seconds) and Taryn got asked to play the cowbell during a song," the couple shares with Brides. "She killed it. Cam thought it was funny and bought her a beer."

When Cammie planned a surprise proposal for Taryn in November 2021, she was the one putting on a performance this time around (that you can see on TikTok!). "Taryn is a huge rom-com fan and loves the stadium scene in 10 Things I Hate About You, so Cam recreated it," they explain. Cammie took Taryn to the center of the Banc of California Stadium field with loved ones waiting in the stands. "I Love You Baby" by Frankie Valli blasted through the speakers as the big screen showed clips from the iconic scene along with cute videos from throughout the couple's relationship. The song ended as the words "Taryn, will you marry me?" came on screen and Cammie got down on one knee. "Will never get over it," reflects the couple.

As they began envisioning their wedding day, Cammie and Taryn knew they wanted something that truly felt like themselves. "We love hosting people in our backyard, so our overall vision was a fancier version of one of our backyard parties. It’s elegant, simple, homey, and made special by a lot of small, personal touches throughout the experience," they share. "We knew we wanted to get married at a villa where our wedding party could be together for the entire weekend."

The couple also wanted to keep the planning process fun. "We wanted to enjoy it, because most of our wedding experience is the planning and lead up," they say. To help in the details and execution of the event, Cammie and Taryn hired wedding planners Katie Jansen and Shelby Kenney from Stylish Details. "Thank God! Don’t know how we would’ve done this without ours," they laugh. "Our planners made everything so smooth—they got us, got our vision, and executed it perfectly."

"We were nervous going into planning after hearing horror stories from other LGBTQIA+ couples but we have always taken the opportunity to be representation when we can," the brides share of choosing their vendors. "It wasn’t always easy getting them to understand we were two brides, but once they did, luckily everyone was incredibly supportive."

Unfortunately, a hiccup occurred only a short time before the big day. "About three months before our wedding, our venue canceled on us and we had to scramble to find a new one," the brides share. Luckily, they were able to book the Buena Vista Estate in Thermal, California. "It worked out perfectly because our new venue was even better than the first."

After a year of planning, Cammie and Taryn's dream wedding came to life on March 4, 2023 in front of 150 close friends and family. Read ahead to see all the details, as planned by Stylish Details and photographed by Asha Bailey.

Modern wedding invitations with florals and Palm Beach book

Photo by Asha Bailey

"Early on, Taryn pitched multiple brand identities and directions we could take our day, so we had a clear and unified vision early on," explains the couple. "We went for cozy, light, editorial, and just personal to us." That aesthetic was clearly translated in their modern invitation suite by Studio Envelop.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold hug in robes getting ready for wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

That direction also carried into the way the couple orchestrated the day, "allowing us to challenge 'traditional' wedding things and do what we wanted instead," the brides share. Cammie and Taryn spent the morning together and both of their bridal parties got ready in the same room.

Cammie Scott gets makeup done before wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

When it came to her wedding day beauty look, Cammie shares, "I wanted to still look like me, but just better." Creating a great foundation for a naturally elevated makeup look was key. "Skincare is my second love (Taryn is my first of course)," says the bride. "I started getting monthly facials at VH Skincare by my queen of skin Alisha about a year out. I also did a couple rounds of Vbeam treatments there for my rosacea and used the Dr. Dennis Gross LED light mask everyday." She finished her beauty prep with a spritz of Maison Margiela Replica ‘On A Date’ "I typically prefer more warm, musk, masculine scents, but I fell in love with how light, feminine, and romantic this perfume is," she adds.

Cammie Scott poses in Vivienne Westwood wedding dress

Photo by Asha Bailey

I just felt a joy I hadn’t felt in any of the other dresses.

Cammie Scott with mother on wedding day

Photo by Asha Bailey

Cammie stunned in a gorgeous off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood gown she found at Loho Bride. "It was not at all the dress I thought I would pick but once I put it on, I just felt a joy I hadn’t felt in any of the other dresses," she remembers of the shopping experience. "Instead of thinking about what I liked or didn’t like about the dress, I was just focused on how incredible I felt in the dress. Originally, I planned to change three times, but I loved my wedding dress so much I last minute decided to only change once for the after party." Her mother, who looked chic for the day in a Vince set, joined her virtually as she found the one. "My mom unfortunately broke her leg right before she was supposed to visit me so we set up a tripod and she watched me try on dresses via FaceTime."

Cammie Scott in wedding dress with bouquet

Photo by Asha Bailey

Cammie accessorized her look with lab-grown diamonds by Jean Dousset, Badgley Mischka shoes, and a veil from Davie and Chiyo. She also carried a white bouquet designed by Emily Petros.

Cammie Scott with bridesmaids in pastel dresses and suits

Photo by Asha Bailey

Cammie's bridal party looked chic in a soft palette of hues in looks by BHLDN. "Cam picked colors and let the girls choose which color and style they liked best," the couple explains. "We wanted everyone to feel their best and a couple girls opted for suits in the same color scheme."

Taryn Arnold puts on wedding dress with help of friend

Photo by Asha Bailey

Taryn donned a chic strapless gown by Alex Perry in a luxe satin. "I hate to be cliche but I just knew," describes the bride. "It was so simple, elegant, and clean, but still felt unique. And, I just loved how I felt in it. I felt so comfortable, sexy, and most importantly, myself in it—just a fancier version of me. It also secured my boobs, which as a big-chested girl, was awesome."

The bride admits that she went into the shopping trip with a bundle of nerves. "There’s so much hype around ‘finding the dress’ so I happily welcomed the champagne they provide (that only I drank—my mom and best friend both don’t drink). My mom and my best friend have completely different style tastes—my mom very simple and clean, and Stephen is very eccentric," she recalls. "I knew I found the one where the whole room agreed."

Taryn Arnold laughs in wedding dress

Photo by Asha Bailey

Along with a pendant necklace from Jean Dousset and bracelet from Adornmonde, Taryn had a special piece of jewelry to accessorize her look. "My best friend asked if I wanted to wear his mom’s vintage Tiffanys bracelet and our planner said, 'Oh my god, that can be your something borrowed,'" she remembers. "We both instantly started crying." The bride decided on her veil at the last moment. "I had three options and had my bridal party choose seconds before I went down the aisle," the bride adds.

For her beauty look, Taryn asked her future wife for help. "With my day-to-day hair and makeup, I go for easy and simple—so when it came to picking my wedding look, I was lost," she says. "I asked Cam to help, because she’s the only person I want to look beautiful for, and she showed up big time. She made Pinterest boards for both my hair and makeup and I loved everything. The look I settled on is just enhancing my natural features."

Taryn Arnold with her bridesmaid and bridesmen

Photo by Asha Bailey

Taryn's bridesmaid looked chic in a BHLDN dress, while her bridesmen donned black suits. "We fit them out in suits from Friar Tux. Our dads and brothers wore slightly-more-elevated tuxes from Friar Tux as well," note the brides.

wedding ceremony setup with ghost chairs and white florals

Photo by Asha Bailey

The couple held an outdoor ceremony with a modern garden feel. "We found a photo of flower plugs for the aisle that we loved," the couple shares of the design. "Our florist used that as inspo and made it 10 times better," they describe. "Flowers were all whites and neutrals, which felt super fresh and romantic." Ghost chairs let the floral design pop.

Low wedding arch with white florals

Photo by Asha Bailey

A low floral semi-circle provided the backdrop for vows. "Since our brothers co-officiated and we both had wedding parties, we knew would have a lot of people up there," share the brides. "So, we wanted to build low instead of add more noise. It made it feel so comfy and cozy."

Cammie Scott walks down aisle on arm of her father

Photo by Asha Bailey

Taryn Arnold walks down aisle on arm of her father

Photo by Asha Bailey

A live string trio played versions of a few favorite songs as the family, wedding party, and brides walked down the aisle. The family arrived to "My Girl" by The Temptations, and the bridal parties walked to "This Must Be The Place" by the Talking Heads. Cammie entered first on the arm of her father, followed by Taryn and her dad to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer. "This was an easy decision because Cam wanted to get to watch Taryn walk down the aisle," the brides say.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold hold hands at wedding ceremony

Photo by Asha Bailey

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold kiss at wedding ceremony

Photo by Asha Bailey

Taryn and Cammie kept the ceremony personal as their brothers officiated together and they recited their own vows. "We both referenced things we had written from when we first started dating, and neither of us knew we were going to do that," they share. "Taryn’s referenced her favorite romcoms and ended with a quote from Love on the Spectrum: ‘I'm not sure when to end my vows, so I won't. I vow to keep making vows until we die, for we are special and worth it.’"

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold recess after wedding ceremony

Photo by Asha Bailey

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold toast after wedding ceremony

Photo by Asha Bailey

After a grand exit to "Electric Love" by Børns, the newlyweds celebrated with a toast of Chandon Garden Spritz.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold pose in their wedding dresses

Photo by Asha Bailey

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold kiss in their wedding dresses

Photo by Asha Bailey

Before the reception began, the brides stole away for a few moments alone to take portraits with their photographer Asha Bailey. "There’s nothing—big or small—that can ruin your day if you don’t let it," reflects Cammie. "Make the most of every second."

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold's wedding and engagement rings

Photo by Asha Bailey

The brides also could show off their new wedding bands for the first time. They both paired engagement rings by Vrai with bands by Jean Dousset.

Wedding seating chart on five column blocks with greenery

Photo by Asha Bailey

A unique modern seating chart by Paper Cliché welcomed the guests to the wedding reception. "We focused less on specific colors and tried to lean more into natural tones and things you would find in your backyard if you put together a dinner party," say the brides of their vision for the design.

Curved outdoor bar at wedding with neon sign that says "The Riglin"

Photo by Asha Bailey

"The Riglin" bar cocktail menu at wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

The bar design was a particular favorite project of the couple. "The main thing we were so excited to share was 'The Riglin'–it was our one-night-only pop up bar presented by our dogs, Franklin and Riggins," they explain. "We love going to cocktail bars together, love cocktails, and love our dogs, so we thought making a big moment out of something so central to us would be special. Taryn drew and designed a logo and specific bar menus for this bar, as well." Their specialty cocktail was the "T&C Margarita," a spicy skinny mezcal-based margarita. "It’s what you’d get at our house if you came over," add the brides.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold wedding reception tables with neutral florals

Photo by Asha Bailey

Votive candles and florals on tablescape

Photo by Asha Bailey

The brides share that the reception design evolved as the planning process went on. "We started super clean and simple, then once we were able to see the rentals in person, we started adding textures, pops of color, and personal touches," they share. "We had long tables instead of round, so we knew we didn’t want tall, distracting centerpieces. Instead, we had varying height candles, bud vases, and for our water carafes, we actually brought our own from bottles we love—we used Madre Mezcal bottles and these Spanish blue water bottles that we use at home."

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold wedding place settings with black silverware and printed napkin

Photo by Asha Bailey

The brides worked with Harvest Kitchen to curate the meal for the night. "They specialize in farm-to-table, seasonal foods, and our guests loved every second of it. The beef, fish, and vegan mains were amazing, and the reception to the vegan food was super exciting. Some standouts were the vegan bundt cake (people were literally trying to track it down) and the after-party grilled cheeses," they share. "We tried to incorporate tons of vegan options, which was special for Cam." Taryn, of course, was behind the chic menu design.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold first dance at wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

The couple's dear friend Stephen Wrabel sang one of his songs "love to love u" for their first dance. It was followed by their friend Kevin Garrett singing “Golf on TV” by Lennon Stella as the brides danced with their parents.

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold dance at wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

The personalized moments didn't end throughout the evening. "My three best friends—we’ve been BFFS since high school and call ourselves The Yeahboys—spoke together at the reception, and I have never cried so hard in my life," says Taryn. "Truly, I was a wreck. I’m a huge words of affirmation person, so hearing my favorite people bear their heart out in front of 150 people was next level love."

Cammie Scott and Taryn Arnold in sequins and cowboy hats at wedding

Photo by Asha Bailey

After enjoying espresso martinis and desserts, Cammie and Taryn changed into their second looks for their "disc-hoedown" after party. Taryn wore a white Reformation suit with a black bodysuit and Air Force Ones, while Cammie wore a sparkling dress by Meshki. She adds, "I wanted to be a walking disco ball."

The brides remember how their dream celebration continued long into early hours of the morning. "No one wanted to stop hanging out at night. After the after party, we headed back up to the villa and within minutes, everyone was in the pool," they say. "I’m not sure what time we finally snuck away to lay in bed and giggle about our perfect day."

Wedding Team

Venue Buena Vista Estate

Planner Katie Jansen of Stylish Details Events; Assisted by Shelby Kenney

Officiants Jason Maze, Lee Scott, and Brett Arnold 

Cammie’s Bridal Gown Designer Vivienne Westwood 

Taryn’s Bridal Gown Designer Alex Perry

Bridal Salon Loho Bride

Jewelry Jean Dousset

Hair Valerie Harrison; Assisted by Em Beringer 

Makeup Ashley Carroll; Candace Miller

Cammie’s Rehearsal Dinner Attire Lama Jouni

Taryn’s Rehearsal Dinner Attire Aritzia

Cammie’s After-Party Attire Meshki

Taryn’s After-Party Attire Reformation

Bridesmaids’ Dresses BHLDN

Cammie’s Mother of the Bride Attire Vince

Taryn’s Mother of the Bride Attire Ramy Brook

Bridesmen’s Attire FriarTux

Flower Girl Attire Etsy

Engagement Ring Vrai

Wedding Bands Jean Dousset

Floral Design Emily Petros

Invitations Studio Envelop

Seating Chart Paper Cliché

Other Paper Products Taryn Arnold

Music Dart Collective

Catering Harvest Kitchen

Rehearsal Dinner Cake Over The Rainbow Desserts

Rentals Signature; Folklore; Catalog Atelier

Wedding Magazines Printing by Newspaper Club; Design by Becky Carveth; Creative Direction and Writing by Taryn Arnold

Custom Hats 47 Brand

Transportation Cardiff Limousine and Transportation

Accommodations Buena Vista Estate; Miramonte Resort & Spa

Photo Booth Photomatica 

Cigar Roller Fumar Cigars 

Videography Amari Productions

Photography Asha Bailey 

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