17 Ways to Use Calla Lilies in Your Wedding Bouquet for an Elegant Bridal Look

These delicate blooms might just become your new favorite flower.

A bride holding a white bridal bouquet with roses and calla lilies next to her bridesmaid with a simple calla lily bouquet.

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

When we think of graceful, elegant flowers, calla lilies definitely make the list. The chic and modern trumpet-shaped flower can easily stand alone or be mixed with other flowers, building depth, providing intrigue, and most importantly, creating beauty for your bridal bouquet. “I believe the calla lily speaks for itself: a sleek, glamorous, sophisticated timeless look,” says wedding planner and designer Isabelle Kline.

Meet the Expert

Isabelle Kline is the owner of Isabelle Kline Design, an award-winning wedding planning, design, and floral company based in Colorado and California. 

Typically available year-round, florists can obtain calla lilies at any time, which means no matter what season your wedding is scheduled for, calla lilies can be a part of the design. “A calla lily provides that sleek, clean, sophisticated look,” shares Kline. “Calla lilies lend themselves to be striking all on their own; a floral designer can be creative in their presentation by creating a sophisticated, modern, and elegant feel.” 

While most commonly seen in its shade of crisp white, calla lilies come in a wide array of colors, from orange to deep aubergine that borders on black. "Small bouquets, depending on large calla lilies versus miniature calla lilies, can range from $45-$65, approximately $5-$8 per stem," shares Kline. "Larger bouquets can cost $180 or more, depending on the design and number of stems."

Ready to be inspired? Read on for 17 striking calla lily bouquets for any wedding style.

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Wedding Whites

A white wedding bouquet consisting of white roses, jasmine, calla lilies, and greenery.

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

If you're going for an all-white-everything style, style the calla lilies with similar white-hued blossoms, like this bouquet which featured varying greenery styles, white roses, jasmine, and stunning calla lilies.

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A Waterfall Effect

A bridal bouquet of white roses, calla lilies, and cascading greens.

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

If you're after that cascading, waterfall effect, calla lilies are the perfect fit. Accented with delicate, cascading greenery, this striking white bridal bouquet featured sumptuous roses and large calla lilies, which emerged from the top and the bottom of the bouquet.

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Create a Cascade

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Whyman Studios; Floral Design by  Always Flowers

The natural trumpet shape of calla lilies is perfect for creating the quintessential cascading bouquet. Add in some grasses to elongate the overall structure of the bouquet, and finish the entire design with a sleek ribbon to hold it all together. 

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Share the Tradition

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Brian Marcus of Fred Marcus Studio; Floral Design by Ocean Flowers Miami 

Give your bridesmaids a taste of tradition! Opt for narrow, petite bouquets of calla lilies only for a sophisticated look. 

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Make a Statement

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Tamara Gruner Photography; Floral Design by Isabelle Kline Design 

Turning your bridesmaid bouquets into works of art. “I designed the bouquet to lay across the arms of the bridesmaids naturally using several calla lilies climbing and bundled with the leaves giving it a very elegant look complimenting the sophisticated black gowns the girls wore,” says Kline of this Malibu wedding.

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Opt for Overgrown

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Waldorf Photographic Art; Floral Design by Fiddlehead Designs 

Planning a rustic celebration? Use calla lilies in a bouquet designed to look overgrown, alongside limelight hydrangea, eucalyptus, tuberose, and sweet pea, for an organic, wildflower-esque arrangement.

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Embrace the Nosegay

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Belathée Photography; Floral Design by Louloudi 

Often in contrast to a large, more elaborate bridal bouquet, a nosegay is a small, handheld bouquet carried by bridesmaids or other honorable wedding VIPs. Consider paring down your calla lily stems to create a much more petite silhouette, perfect for a minimalist wedding style.

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Keep It Contemporary

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Henry & Mac; Floral Design by Hanaya Floral Design 

Go for a crisp and clean look by opting for a structured bouquet. Accent leaves and grasses paired with calla lilies and dahlias, all in shades of white and green, were the perfect design focal point for the bridal bouquet at this minimalist wedding in Boston

Matching boutonnieres of miniature calla lilies for your groom or groomsmen might be the perfect way to tie your floral design altogether.

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Narrow It Down

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Jessica Wright-Moore; Floral Design by Ruth Henning 

Slim and narrow can be the name of the game when it comes to your bridal bouquet. You’ll only need a handful of stems to create a striking calla lily bouquet that plays up the elegance of your bridal look, whether you’re wearing a ballgown or bridal jumpsuit! 

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Select Simplicity

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Floral Design by Buds N Blooms 

“Simple is more when designing with calla lilies,” says Kline. “ Preferably designing with calla lilies only  to show off these beautiful flowers is best. We like to design bouquets and florals to look as natural as possible and not forced or overdone.” Work with your florist to create a bouquet that’s simple, but far from basic.

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Match Your Dress

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Cambria Grace; Floral Design by Foret Design Studio 

Get inspired by the intricacies of your dress design by making your bouquet an extension of the dress itself. This bride, whose blush Naeem Khan dress was the inspiration for the entirety of the wedding design, wanted a bouquet that played into the style she had selected, choosing a cascading bouquet of calla lilies, orchids, and greenery.  

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Consider Cranberry

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Birds of a Feather; Floral Design by Stonekelly Events 

Veer away from the typical white and cream color palette calla lilies are known for and embrace a deeper hue: cranberry. The dark red, almost purple shade will be picturesque for an autumn wedding, and the bouquet will provide the most beautiful contrast against the white of your wedding gown.

We love the idea of the deep tone paired with blush pink bridesmaid dresses for an extra feminine combination of pinks and reds.

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Look for Texture

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu; Floral Design by Michelle Edgemont 

Since calla lilies boast a single white petal per stem, the simplicity of the bloom lends itself to a soft appearance. Want to add a bit more dimension to the overall bouquet? Add in a few other flowers known for their textured appearance—we’re thinking David Austin Roses, gardenia, or even chrysanthemums.

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Choose a Unique Shape

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Dennis Roy Coronel; Floral Design by Ixora Floral Studio  

Lean into the naturally unique shape of calla lilies and create a unique shape for your entire bouquet. Cluster a handful of calla lily stems together, adding orchids and grasses tightly underneath the head of the bouquet to create the illusion that the calla lilies are floating on a bed of flowers themselves.

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Pick a Posy

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Jake + Heather; Floral Design by Rebecca Rose Creative 

“We like to design bouquets and florals to look as natural as possible and not forced or overdone,” says Kline. Keep things low key and subtle with a calla lily peeking through. We love posies for bouquets as a design choice that eliminates would-be-distractions and emphasizes a delicacy you can only achieve with a petite bouquet.

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Go Moody

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Kate Headley; Floral Design by Sweet Root Village 

Dark and brooding florals? Don’t mind if we do! Opt for calla lilies so dark they might as well be black for a unique touch. We’d love to see a vision like this come to life for an autumn or winter wedding.

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Think About Garden Florals

calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo by Jenny Fu; Floral Design by La Maison Dautel 

Whether you’re planning a spring wedding in an actual garden or just taking a few hints, the key to a floral design for such an affair is a ‘fresh-from-the-garden’ style. Tuck in a few calla lilies, perhaps in a warm shade of peach, for a whimsical bouquet design.

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