15 Fun Cake Pop Ideas for Your Wedding

Serve this bite-sized treat on your dessert table.

Wedding cake pops in orange, green, yellow, pink shades on stand

Photo by Jasmine Lee Photography

As your wedding reception dinner comes to a close, you'll likely want to offer guests a sweet treat to finish off the meal before they head off to the dance floor. Looking for a dessert that is stylish, easy to hold, and won't be too heavy for guests on the go? Consider serving cake pops at your wedding. These bite-sized cake creations on a stick are a delicious and fun option for couples looking to fill their dessert table with a unique and design-forward treat.

Cake pop baker Laura Poetoehena of Izzy's Cake Pops shares, "People like these little treats at their events because they are small enough to grab and go, don’t make a mess, and there are so many flavor options." She adds, "When it comes to customizing cake pops to a wedding a lot of couples will coordinate their reception colors or add edible flowers. Or, you can even incorporate a fur baby into the celebration."

Want to get some more ideas for cake pops to serve at your own wedding? Read ahead for a variety of fun designs and ways to arrange these handheld desserts at your celebration.

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Play With Shade

Green marbled cake pops with gold sticks on dessert stand with fortune cookies and regular cookies

Photo by Chloe Moore Photography; Desserts by Dip’D N Drip’D

Cake pop frosting doesn't have to stick to one shade. Get inspired by these sweet treats, which use a marbling effect on the frosting to capture multiple hues within this wedding's palette.

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Grow a Tasty Tree

Wedding dessert table with pink, purple, and red cake pops, wedding cake, jars of cookies, and cupcakes

Photo by Don Mears

Looking to arrange your dessert table in a unique way? Have a cake pop "tree," where a solid base allows sticks to be stuck inside to appear like a branch-like arrangement. Choose pops in a variety of hues to upgrade the look.

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Arrange With Acrylic

White and brown cake pops in acrylic stand on wedding dessert table

Photo by Emilia Jane Photography

Acrylic stands are another great way to arrange your cake pops. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic of your dessert table, but they also set up your pops to be easily grabbed by guests.

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Suit Up Your Sweets

Dessert table with cake pops in tuxedos and dresses, doughnuts, and cookies

Photo by Bridget Rochelle Photography

Want to dress up your cake pops for the occasion? Have your baker design your pops to look as if they are wearing a tuxedo or wedding dress. It's a cute touch for a whimsical dessert table.

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Add an Accent

White cake pops with golf leaf and cake pop with bridal dress and tuxedo inspiration

Photo by Izzy's Cake Pops

Want to serve up cake pops with a unique accent in addition to a suit and gown? Ask your baker to include a small fondant addition, like a gold leaf, to update the style of your sweet.

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Mix Them In

Pink doughnut wall with shelf with florals, pink cake pops, and macarons

Photo by Taylor Morgan Artistry

Create a dessert arrangement that allows guests to explore options in an organic way. Here, cake pops are displayed on a shelf of a doughnut wall along with macarons and light décor items that are all within the same palette.

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Pop of Pie

Heart-shaped pie pops on sticks at wedding dessert tabel

Photo by One Love Photography

Cake not really your thing? If you prefer pie as your dessert of choice, you can also serve them up on a stick during your wedding celebrations. We love how these sweet treats are shaped like hearts to evoke the romance of the day.

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Go for Gold

White cake pops with gold foil on plate

Photo by Jenn Wagner Studio

Add a touch of shine to your cake pop creations with the addition of gold foil. They can look minimal and chic on confections covered in white frosting, or bold and glam with colorful fondant.

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Color Code

Cake pops on white stand in orange, yellow, pink, gold, raspberry, and green shades with sprinkles

Photo by Jasmine Lee Photography

Think about the way you use color when arranging your cake pops. Here, the treats are organized in a colorful diagonal gradient to create a photo-ready dessert presentation.

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Opt for Ombré

Ombre pink and white cake pops with frosting drizzle arranged in two rows

Photo by Mini Melanie

Leaning into the ombré wedding trend for your nuptial décor? Continue the theme past dinner and serve up cake pops with frosting on a gradient.

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Showcase Your Pet

White cake pops with cat faces, ears, and heart noses on stand

Photo by The Spark Cake Pops

Want to include your pet in your wedding day? Consider having them made into cake pops as a surprise dessert. Get a cake pop pro to design one that actually looks like your furry friend.

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Give Cake Pops as Favors

White cake pops in cellophane wrapping with orange ribbons and sprinkles

Photo by Jasmine Lee Photography

If you're looking for a good wedding favor idea, tie your cake pops with a bow and send them along with guests as they head home from your celebration.

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Tower of Treats

Cake pops in blue and white designs on tower stand on table

Photo by Organic Wedding Photography; Desserts by The Casual Gourmet

Choose a multi-tiered dessert display tower to serve up your cake pops to guests. These sweets have cohesive palettes and designs to add to the aesthetic of a dessert table.

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Timeless White

White cake pops on tray with rose

Photo by NY Cake Pops

If you are hosting a classic all-white wedding, keep your cake pops simple with chic white frosting. A little additional drizzle of frosting can give them some flair.

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Have Fun With Flavor

Black and gold cake pop designs on acrylic stand

Photo by Mini Melanie

Cake pops can be crafted in a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate to funfetti to lavender-lemon. Have your baker create the perfect confections to fit your favorite tastes.

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Shine On

Pink cake pops on gold stand with gold glitter

Photo by NY Cake Pops

Make your cake pops really stand out on the dessert table with glitter frosting. This shining sugary treat will definitely fit in with a glam reception.

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