25 Unexpected Cactus Wedding Ideas for Any Season

Add unique texture and detail to every element of your day!

cactus place card

Photo by Mary Claire Photography

Looking for a unique touch to add to your wedding? Bring cactus into the mix! Whether you’re planning a casual western party, a boho dinner, a modern cocktail hour, or an elevated soirée, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate this adorable detail.

No matter the season, cacti will add unexpected texture and color to any aspect of your wedding. You can choose to incorporate real cacti as simple centerpieces or altar decorations, or embrace their unique shape and print a cactus on everything from invitations and wedding welcome bags to cocktail napkins. You can even theme your wedding day sweets around them!

Think adding a touch of cacti to your wedding is the perfect fit? Read on for 25 of our favorite cactus wedding ideas to get you started.

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Incorporate Cacti in Place Settings

cactus place setting

Photo by Kadi Tobin Photography

Looking for a unique table setting option? Look to pricky pear cacti with the thorns removed. Use the flat cactus pad as a fresh way to dress up a Southwest-inspired place setting.

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Illustrate Something Sweet

cactus cookies

Photo by The Fresh Prints

Elevate your dessert table and incorporate your love for cacti in a simple way. Commission watercolor cookies with adorable saguaros handpainted on top for the sweetest touch.

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Theme Your Guest Book

cactus guest book

Photo by Mary Claire Photography

You can incorporate cactus throughout your wedding, even in the smallest details. Include a nod to the theme on the cover of your guest book. We love the look of this hand-carved option showcasing a desert-inspired scene.

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Decorate Your Reception Tables

cactus wedding table decor

Photo by Margherita Calati

The number of options for centerpieces is ever-expanding, but it’s not always all about the florals. Look to cactus as well to make a statement on your wedding day dinner tables. Better yet? Mix and match cacti and blooms for a bold look.

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Choose Cactus Cocktails

cactus wedding cocktails


While it’s tricky to include actual cactus on your dinner menu, you can still theme your signature drink around it! One real wedding couple served a prickly pear cocktail complete with tequila and prickly pear cactus syrup to raise a toast.

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Hand Out Live Favors

cactus favors

Photo by Cathrine Taylor

Of course, incorporating real cacti into the mix will be a hit. Why not treat your guests to a cute favor? Putting together a display of mini cacti will serve as statement décor, and later it will allow guests to continue growing a plant from home.

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Feature Cactus Place Cards

cactus place setting

Photo by Mary Claire Photography

Planning an elevated dinner party doesn’t mean cactus details can’t be involved. Ditch the typical green and just go for the shape. We love the idea of calligraphed cactus place cards for each table setting.

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Welcome Your Guests

cactus wedding welcome bag


Welcome your guests to your desert-inspired wedding right off the bat. Put together a welcome bag with a cactus print and include a schedule of events to keep them informed. Of course, tying it off with a bow is always a nice touch!

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Serve Cactus Cupcakes

cactus cupcakes

Photo by Carmela Joy Photography

Real mini cacti are adorable, but cactus cupcakes are even sweeter! Put together a display with themed cupcakes, or mix and match decorated and simple sweets.

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Choose a Cactus-Filled Venue

cactus wedding venue


One of the best ways to incorporate real cacti into your wedding day? Find a venue with plenty on-site. Whether it's a resort or a greenhouse, scope out a spot for unique photos with cacti as your backdrop.

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Deck Out Your Cake

cactus wedding cake


There’s no shame in going all out with your cake, especially if you love cactus details. Ask your baker to handpaint cacti on your cake, paired with a few more realistic options as well.

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Play With Pink

pink cactus wedding decorations


While you typically see green cactus, it doesn't mean you can't get creative with color. Consider painting smaller cacti with a vibrant color and use them to create whimsical centerpieces.

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Add a Topper

cactus wedding cake topper


A sweet way to include a nod to your love of cacti? Choose an otherwise simple treat and top it with a custom topper. We love the way this cactus makes a statement on a textured cake.

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Theme Your Invitations

cactus wedding invitation


Kick off a cactus theme from your very first step. Design your invitations around these whimsical plants, complete with a cactus-lined envelope and illustrated stamps.

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Decorate the Ceiling

cactus wedding decorations


Deck out a reception space with organic elements. We love how unique this dinner set-up was, complete with hanging greenery, dried leaves, and even cactus pads.

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Dress Up Macarons

cactus macarons

Photo by Mary Claire Photography

Macarons are the sweetest little treat, and they offer the perfect canvas for artwork. Commission custom macarons with little cacti painted on top for a charming favor or dessert to-go.

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Keep It Sweet and Simple

cactus wedding menu


A sweet and simple way to include cactus at the dinner table? Decorate your menu with a beautiful cactus illustration for a pop of green at each seat.

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Serve Themed Cookies

cactus cookies

Photo by Vanilla Photography; Cookies by Pink Sugar

If you're planning to serve cookies but don't want cacti to be everywhere, just include a simple nod. A set of decorated cookies with a variety of designs and different hues will look beautiful when paired with saguaro cacti.

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Bring Life Indoors

potted cactus wedding decor


While it's challenging to bring real-life-sized cacti that you'd find in the desert into your reception space, you can replicate it. Look to tall, slender cacti in pots to bring life to a room. We love the mixture of terracotta pots and tall pillar candles with this look.

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Create a Cactus Statement

cactus escort card display

Photo by Rachel Solomon Photography; Calligraphy by freja creative

Go all out and make a statement with cacti. This escort display is nothing short of stunning, with cactus pads used to create the shape of a cactus on a watercolor backdrop. Each pad features table assignments for guests to find their seats in style.

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Decorate Your Cake Table

cactus cake table decor


Deck out your dessert table to match your theme. Even a smaller single-tiered cake looks absolutely adorable adorned with a few potted mini cacti.

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Frame Your Altar

cactus wedding altar

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

There's no need to build a tall altar when including cacti can do the trick! Bring large potted cacti into the mix, paired with a few smaller potted options. The contrast of heights and unique texture they provide to any backdrop is simply stunning.

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Theme Your Tables

cactus table setting

Photo by Vanilla Photography; Menus by Indigo & Ivory Designs; Macrame by Artesense

Deck out a neutral, Southwestern table in the most beautiful way. This place setting utilized macrame for a textured base, plus a cactus illustration on the menu. Take it even further with a few potted cacti and a sprig of dried greenery to finish the look.

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Enhance Your Bouquet

wedding bouquet with cactus

Photo by Vienna Glenn Photography

While carrying an entire bouquet of cacti might be a bit much, you can still add this unexpected element to the mix. Pair vibrant blooms and greenery with just one or two pieces of cacti shining through for unique texture.

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Gift Sweet Favors

cactus cookie wedding favors

Photo by Amy and Jordan; Cookies by Heart Sweet Cakes

Hoping to incorporate cactus details throughout your big day? End it on the sweetest note. Commission custom cactus cookies from your favorite bakery for your guests to take home with them.

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