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The 12 Best Burgundy Suits to Wow Every Wedding Guest

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There's nothing quite like a classic black-and-white suit, but sometimes it's nice to switch it up! If you want to stray away from black and opt for a little bit of color, without going for something too flashy, a burgundy suit is an excellent option. Burgundy is a deep red color with a slight purple hue that makes the shade rich and ideal for formal occasions. So, if you're seeking a unique way to instantly elevate your big day, consider incorporating this sophisticated hue into your color palette. It's especially stunning for fall or winter weddings, where it pairs beautifully with the golden tones of fall foliage or even the forest green shade of evergreen branches. The best part? The color is surprisingly versatile and a great way to elevate your wardrobe beyond your wedding day.

While burgundy suits do tend to stand out as more of a style risk than black suits, as far as colors go, they are certainly more on the subtle side. The shade proves to be super versatile and pairs beautifully with several neutral tones. It can be styled with brown leather shoes, suede charcoal gray, or even black patent dress shoes. For a timeless, black-tie affair, we love a monochromatic look or a crisp white button-down shirt paired with a sleek black tie. If you're opting for a slightly more playful, fashion-forward spin on the burgundy palette, we can't get enough of looks that introduce texture or pattern whether it be incorporated through the shirt, pocket square, or even socks! No matter if you choose a classic and simple burgundy suit or something more adventurous, you really can't go wrong with the luxurious hue.

We've put together a collection of 12 beautiful burgundy suits, ranging in price, that are great for both grooms and wedding guests.

Best Wool: Karako Suits Statement Men's Burgundy 100% Wool Slim Fit Suit

Man in glasses wearing burgundy suit and tie

Courtesy of Karako Suits

Size range: 36S-52L | Material: 100% wool | Shipping: Free U.S. ground shipping | Return policy: Free returns accepted within 14 days of purchase

This attractive burgundy wool suit comes with a two-button single breast jacket, vest, and trousers, all for about $200. This is another classic fit that can be worn for different occasions.

Best Heathered Fabric: State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Suit

Man in burgundy heathered suit and black tie

Courtesy of State and Liberty

Size range: Suit: 38''-48'' Pant: 29''-40'' | Material: Stretch poly blend | Shipping: Shipping rates vary | Return policy: Free returns accepted within 90 days of purchase

The heathered fabric of this suit gives it just the right amount of texture to make it more interesting to look at. It's made of a stretchy material and is lined with a lightweight, breathable dress shirt fabric ideal for those warmer weddings.

For a Winter Wedding: Indochino Hartford Velvet Burgundy Suit Jacket

Indochino Hartford Velvet Burgundy Suit Jacket

Courtesy of Indochino

Size range: Made to measure | Material: Velvet | Shipping: Free shipping on orders exceeding $150 | Return policy: Free returns accepted within the U.S. and Canada

This stunner is nothing short of phenomenal for a winter black-tie affair. With its sleek black lapels and rich red velvet, a piece like this would pair perfectly with tailored black dress pants and patent leather shoes.

Best Budget: Asos Design Super Skinny Wool-Mix Suit

ASOS Design Super Skinny Wool-Mix Suit

Courtesy of ASOS

Size range: 32R-46L | Material: Wool Mix | Shipping: Free shipping | Return policy: Free returns accepted

Just because you're going for a luxurious look doesn't necessarily mean you have to break the bank! This timeless burgundy piece features clean lines and a slim fit.

Best Velvet: Hockerty Custom Red Velvet Suit

Man in velvet burgundy suit with black tie

Courtesy of Hockerty

Size range: Made to measure | Material: Velvet | Shipping: Free shipping on orders exceeding $150 | Return policy: Returns accepted within guidelines but "Perfect Fit Guarantee" applies to all products

A burgundy velvet suit isn't for everyone, but if you feel that you have the confidence to pull it off, then you should absolutely go for it. This is another suit that would work well for fall or winter weddings because of the material.

For a Summer Wedding: Oliver Wicks Intense Ruby Red Linen Suit

Oliver Wicks Intense Ruby Red Linen Suit

Courtesy of Oliver Wicks

Size range: Made to measure | Material: Linen | Shipping: Free shipping | Return policy: Free returns accepted

The light and airy fabrication of this ruby red suit is ideal for summer nuptials. A linen piece like this is an easy way to make a deep-burgundy hue feel effortless and versatile.

Best Details: Indochino Hemsworth Burgundy Suit

Man in burgundy suit with gold tie

Courtesy of Indochino

Size range: Made to measure | Material: Wool | Shipping: Free shipping in North America on orders exceeding $150 | Return policy: Final sale but alteration options are available

Made of pure premium wool, this comfortable and versatile suit fits all occasions. We love the gold details found in the bullhorn buttons and light shoulder pads, and this color is a bit lighter than many other options out there. Indochino is another company that custom-makes suits based on your measurements for the perfect fit.

Best Pinstripe Suit: Suits Outlets Odyssey Collection Burgundy Regular Three-Piece Suit

Suits Outlets Odyssey Collection Burgundy Regular Pinstripe Three-Piece Suit

Courtesy of Suits Outlets Menwear Expert New York

Size range: Jacket: 38S-62L Pant: 32-57 | Material: Poly rayon blend | Shipping: Shipping rates vary | Return policy: Free returns accepted within 30 days of delivery

Make a statement with this pinstripe burgundy beauty. Paired with solid burgundy groomsmen suits, the husband-to-be is sure to stand out. Plus, a striking design like this one is equally timeless as it is unexpected.

Best Three-Piece: Gentlemen's Guru Classic Three-Piece Burgundy Suit

Men's three-piece burgundy suit on a mannequin

Courtesy of Gentlemen's Guru

Size range: Jacket: 36R-48R Pant: 28-44 (custom sizes available) | Material: Cotton, Wool, Linen, Polyester | Shipping: Free U.S. shipping | Return policy: Free returns accepted

The addition of a vest to create a three-piece suit instantly elevates your look into something more classy, sophisticated, and dressed up. This one has beautiful black button details and is made to order so you know it will fit well.

Best Patterned Suit: Men's Warehouse Tayion Classic Fit Burgundy Suit

Men's Warehouse Tayion Classic Fit Burgundy Suit

Courtesy of Men's Warehouse

Size range: 38S-48L | Material: Jacquard | Shipping: Free shipping on orders exceeding $99 | Return policy: Free returns within 90s days of shipment date

We know that the fashion-forward groom isn't afraid to make a statement—after all, it is the groom's big day too! Opt for a textured fabric like jacquard for a rich look that pairs exceptionally with a deep, dark burgundy hue.

Best Budget Three-Piece: ElegantWearsStudio Men's Three-Piece Burgundy Suit

ElegantWearsStudio Men's Three-Piece Burgundy Suit

Courtesy of Etsy

Size range: US XS-4XL | Material: Handmade premium fabric | Shipping: Free shipping | Return policy: Free returns accepted within guidelines

This three-piece burgundy suit is a one-stop shop. Made of a premium, handmade fabric, the quality is sure to last you far beyond the wedding day. Plus, it won't break the bank either—win, win!

For a Monochromatic Look: Opposuits Blazing Burgundy Two-Piece Suit with Tie

Opposuits Blazing Burgundy Two-Piece Suit with Tie

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Size range: 48-50 | Material: Polyester | Shipping: Shipping rates vary | Return policy: Free returns accepted within guidelines

Sleek and sophisticated, a monochromatic look ensures a timeless ensemble that can be worn time and time again. We imagine this minimalist piece for an ultra-modern wedding overlooking a city skyline.

What to Look for in a Burgundy Suit

When it comes to making a statement in a burgundy suit, color is everything. It's a deep, rich tone that's sure to make a lasting impression. That being said, you'll want to ensure that you choose the right shade of the moody hue. Consider the color palette that will be incorporated into the wedding day—from the florals to the table settings to the napkins. It's important to note that there are a variety of shades of burgundy. From tones with deep-red hues to lighter, more purple-toned burgundy shades, each slight variation has the potential to exude a different level of lightness and overall aesthetic—who knew? So, you'll want to choose the right shade to not only match the vibe of your nuptials but also ensure that every splash of burgundy is the same. Whether it's from the groom's suit itself or even the table linens, be sure to get your hands on a burgundy swatch that you can use as a standard for comparison. If the groomsmen will be walking down the aisle in burgundy as well, we recommend that all the men's suits (including the groom's!) are purchased from the same designer for a perfect match. This will create an entirely cohesive palette—from the bridal party to the place settings—throughout the big day. Trust us, the perfectionist in you will thank us later.

  • How should you style a burgundy suit?

    For a formal occasion, like a wedding, the safest bet is to pair your burgundy suit with a crisp white shirt. A black tie works with a burgundy suit, but you could also choose a tie in a slightly different shade of burgundy for a more monochromatic look. For a slightly more casual event or wedding, you can choose a patterned silk or button-down shirt underneath the suit to show off your personal style.

  • Are burgundy suits appropriate for black-tie weddings?

    For a black-tie optional wedding, dark-colored suits are recommended, so a dark burgundy suit would be an appropriate choice. For strictly black-tie events, you might be better off with a black tuxedo or suit.

  • What color shoes should you wear with a burgundy suit?

    This wine-toned suit pairs well with almost any color shoe, like black, brown, or even charcoal. Depending on the exact shade of burgundy, you can really play around with color.

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