30 Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas Your Friends Will Love

Bridesmaid Makeup

Photo by Nicole Kirshner Photography 

After a successful makeup trial, you'll have your wedding beauty look nailed down to the exact shade of lipstick. But has your bridal party started thinking of bridesmaid makeup ideas that they may want to rock down the aisle? Dress fittings and bachelorette party planning aren’t the only things on a bridesmaid’s to-do list, you know.

From that low-key, no-makeup-makeup vibe to glamorous eyeshadow looks that use every shade in the palette, these bridesmaid makeup ideas are sure to complement a wide range of personal styles and wedding themes. Best of all, they’ll all let your best friends’ natural beauty shine on through.

If the bridal party plans to have their makeup done by pros, have each 'maid bring a photo reference to speed the process along. Similarly, if everyone is taking charge of their own big-day beauty, it’s helpful to have a makeup look to mimic.

We’ve pulled together an array of super-stunning bridesmaid makeup ideas for you and your besties to peruse.

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Fresh-Faced Beauty

Fresh-faced bridesmaid

Photo by Mel Barlow; Event Planning by Carole Grogan of Bright Blue Events; Makeup by Megan Lombardi & Megan Mortenson; Bridesmaid Dress by Reformation 

This beauty is simply effervescent! While most brides and bridesmaids choose a full-coverage foundation for the big day, a CC cream will allow you to show off your freckles and natural glow while offering more color-correcting properties and coverage than a tinted moisturizer. Then, after laying down your base, use a rosy cheek tint to bring out that beautiful flush.

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Smoked-Out Liner

Smoked-Out Liner

Photo by @_phillipjohn_ of The Portos; Beauty by Miss Harlequin Makeup & Hair 

Check out that sultry, smoked-out liner on this bridesmaid! A soft kohl liner and, of course, a bit of blending will help you mimic this lusty look.

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Charcoal Shadow and a Nude Lip

Bridesmaid in yellow lengha

Photo by James x Schulze; Event Planning by Aimee Monihan of Mountain Occasions; Hair & Makeup by Full Circle Aspen; Bridesmaid Dresses by Raw Mango; Floral Design by Rishi Patel of HMR Designs

A nude or neutral lipstick is a match made in heaven to charcoal-hued shadows. The effect is glamorous, without looking too done-up. 

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Gold-to-Black Transition

Gold-to-Black Transition

Photo by JAYlim Studio; Beauty by Eva Gerapetritis 

The seamless transition of these eyeshadow hues is simply stunning. While the darker outer corners are moody and alluring, the flecks of gold catch the light beautifully.

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Pretty in Pale Pink

Pretty in Pale Pink

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography

Keep the bridesmaid dresses in mind when dreaming up bridesmaid makeup ideas. The pale pink eyeshadow these ‘maids are wearing, for instance, perfectly complements their frocks.

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Nude Smoky Eye

Nude Smoky Eye

Photo by Beauty by Hannah Elisabeth Beauty

Smoky blending techniques don’t have to be limited to basic black shadows. We love the dimension these nude hues bring to the smoky eye look.

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Gorgeous Rose Gold

Gorgeous Rose Gold

Photo by Gavin Cato; Beauty by Michelle Cato 

Rose gold is a universally flattering shade that’ll complement a wide range of skin tones and bridesmaid dress colors. Plus, it looks equally gorgeous on the eyes, as a highlighter or blush, and on the lips.

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Luxe Lashes

Luxe Lashes

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography; Beauty by Eva GerapetritisBoho Hair Salon 

Even if you don’t normally wear falsies, they’re often recommended to brides and bridesmaids as they’ll make your eyes pop in wedding photos. This bridesmaid’s look is all about the lashes, as she chose an extra-thick set of flirty falsies.

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Luminous Highlight

Luminous Highlight

Photo by Olvera Photography

A swipe of a light-reflecting highlighter on your cheekbones will brighten up the whole face. Need proof? Look no further than these gorgeous, radiant bridesmaids. If you’re doing your makeup yourself, opt for a  cream highlighter for an all-day glow, being sure to use a blending sponge to keep it looking natural.

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Super-Sharp Eyeliner

Bridesmaids carrying books

Photo by Treebird Photography; Hair by Candice Cuardos; Makeup by Lauren Leitzke; Bridesmaid Dresses by Fame and PartnersNasty Gal & Asos 

The sharpness of these bombshells' eyeliner, coupled with their vampy lip colors, keeps the overall vintage vibe of their makeup and looks oh so pretty. If you’re a novice with eyeliner, an ultra-fine felt-tip eyeliner pen will have you mastering the look in no time.

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A Red Lip

A Red Lip

Photo by Jennifer Larsen 

This classic shade can turn any bridesmaid into an old-Hollywood starlet! Plus, a red lip looks lovely with nearly any color dress. For instance, paired with a black gown, scarlet-hued lipstick is pure glamour, while a poppy red looks romantic next to a pretty-in-pink frock, like the one this ‘maid is rocking.

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Creamy Shadows

Creamy Shadows

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography; Beauty by Marlena Makeup Artistry & Boho Hair Salon  

Cream eyeshadow, as opposed to the classic pressed powder formula, can give lids a glossy appearance that’s especially gorgeous for summer weddings. Just be sure to use an eyeshadow primer to keep the cream from settling into your crease as the day wears on.

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Winged Liner

Winged Liner

Photo by Jason Bihler Photography; Beauty by Canaan James

We’ll forever be fans of fabulous, flicked eyeliner, akin to the look this beauty is donning. The blended brown shadows add just the right amount of drama.

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Matching Lips

Bridesmaids with bride

Photo by Laura Gordon

With subtle, pinky hues, this entire bridal party is killing the natural makeup look. The matching, blush-hued lippys keep them from looking washed out and are perfectly suited for the chilly winter festivities.

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Dark and Sultry

Dark and Sultry

Photo by Erin Wilson Photography

Equal parts glamourous and sultry, a classic, dark smoky eye is likely to never go out of style. Just remember that blending is your best friend here to keep the look from appearing overpowering or heavy.

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Sunshine Sheen

Sunshine Sheen

Beauty by Hannah Elisabeth Beauty 

Check out this golden goddess! Her light-reflecting golden eyeshadow and glossy lip shine brightens up her entire complexion and is bound to pop in wedding photos.

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A Pop of Punchy Pink

A Pop of Punchy Pink

Photo by Cavin Elizabeth Photography 

What’s not to love about this bridesmaid's punchy pink lipstick? A bright, saturated shade like this is a great choice for summer weddings and tropical beach nuptials.

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Moody, Fall Makeup

Moody, Fall Makeup

Beauty by La Belle Visage 

But what about fall and winter weddings, you ask? While a more-muted palette is suitable no matter the wedding theme or season, bolder, deeper colors and metallic formulas are a perfect match for fall and winter weddings. The amethyst-inspired purple tones in this bridesmaid's look are an unexpected touch.

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Delicate Dove Hues

Delicate Dove Hues

Photo by Katherine Dalton

Keep the makeup look light if you or your bridesmaids are accessorizing with statement-making floral headpieces to keep any ensemble elements from competing with one another. With a wash of delicate dove gray hues, this bridesmaid’s eye makeup is subtle yet stunning.

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Subtle Contour

Subtle contour

Photo by David Salim; Event Planning by Design Anarchy Studio; Hair & Makeup by Lala Barbie & Marcela Bantea 

Kim K, eat your heart out. We love how subtle this beauty’s cheekbone contour is. While it still expertly shapes the face, the light touch allows her natural glow to take center stage.

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Go for Gold

Go for Gold

Photo by Janelle Elise; Beauty by Nashville Wedding Stylist

This luxe look takes the (wedding) cake: The intensely metallic shadows here create a glitzy, golden haze, while the warm brown drifting along the outer corners add dramatic dimension. A high-shine mauve lip color is the perfect finishing touch.

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Soften That Smolder

Bridesmaid looking at bride's ring

Photo by Kristen Curette; Hair by Graciela Saldivar; Makeup by Paloma Garcia

To soften deeper eyeshadow shades, keep the rest of the face neutral. A peachy-pink lip brings a delicate touch to the warm, smoked-out shades adorning this bridesmaid's peepers.

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No-Makeup Makeup

Bridesmaid in colorful dress

Photo by Kadeem Johnson, Dar Es Salaam Riser

Some bridesmaids opt to avoid bold makeup choices that could potentially pull attention away from the bride (impossible if you ask us!). But regardless, the no-makeup makeup look is one that works for countless styles, seasons, and wedding themes. Incorporate elements like the healthy lit-from-within glow, a pretty posy lip color, and defined lashes for a naturally beautiful look.

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Velvety Lipstick

Velvety Lipstick

Photo by Shane and Lauren Photography 

While we love glossy lips, matte lipsticks—like this ‘maid’s earth-toned lip—are an excellent choice for bridesmaids as they typically have a stronger staying power than their high-shine counterparts. Just be sure to moisturize lips before applying to ensure that the color doesn’t dry, feather, or flake.

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Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic Makeup

Photo by Love Is My Favorite Color; Event Planning by A Very Beloved Wedding 

To complement their blush tulle bridesmaid dresses, this bridal party chose a similarly rosy monochromatic makeup look. This trendy technique keeps the eye, cheek, and lip makeup shades all in the same color family and is often rocked by celebs and bridesmaids, alike.

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Muted Shadows and Raspberry Lips

Muted Shadows and Raspberry Lips

Beauty by Vanity Belle

We’re loving this chic contrast: The muted, neutral eye makeup is a comely companion to those just-bitten, raspberry-colored lips.

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Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb

Photo by Asha Bailey Photography; Makeup & Hair by Jackie Romero

Shine on, bridesmaids! Fit for a glamorous ballroom wedding, this gorgeous, glittery eye makeup will have the entire bridal party looking radiant.

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A Matte Base

A Matte Base

Photo by Hannah Elisabeth Beauty

How pretty! Here, matte shadows and makeup create a clean, elegant base, while an icy pop along the brow bone and cheek lend just a touch of luminosity.

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Double-Dose Liner and Extra-Long Lashes

Double-Dose Liner and Extra-Long Lashes

Photo by Hello Blue 

Kohl black liner along both the upper and bottom lashes can make peepers pop, as do extra-long lashes. To mimic this makeup, look to a lengthening mascara formula made to define—rather than thicken—and be sure to swipe on a primer beforehand to help those lashes reach new heights.

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Brown-Hued Beauty

Brown-Hued Beauty

Photo by Zach Harrison Photography; Beauty by Nashville Wedding Stylist 

This makeup look has all the goods. From the range of shimmery and matte taupe shades that are adorning the lids, crease, and brow bone to the creamy neutral lip color, there’s a lot to love here—a perfect fit for a day filled with love!

  • When should wedding makeup appointments be booked?

    As soon as possible, since hair and makeup artists book up early. We recommend locking someone down as soon as the wedding date and venue are set. Schedule trials one to three months before the wedding.

  • How much does it cost to hire a makeup artist for a bridesmaid?

    This really depends on location, how involved the look is, and an artist's level of experience, but average rates in the U.S. tend to be between $50 and $350 per service.

  • Who pays for bridesmaids' makeup?

    If the bride requires every member of her bridal party to have their makeup done, she should cover the full cost for each bridesmaid. However, if it's optional, it's perfectly fine to ask the bridesmaid cover the cost, although splitting it 50/50 is a nice gesture.

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