18 Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

Ditch the traditional fresh flower bouquet!

bridesmaids carrying parasols

photo by Michelle Scott

On your wedding day, your bridesmaids will be there every step of the way. This group of friends and family members are truly thrilled to be by your side throughout your celebration. But with choosing your bridesmaids also comes the choice of what each member of your wedding party will wear, as well as what each bridesmaid will carry as they make their way down the aisle.

Traditionally, bouquets made up of a mixture of colorful blooms have been key to completing the bridal party ensemble. And while coordinated floral bouquets are absolutely stunning, you may be looking for something a little different. Luckily, there are plenty of other options. From choosing a different shape to including a variety of materials, or even forgoing a bouquet altogether, an alternative may be the perfect fit to complete your aesthetic.

Below, find 18 bridesmaid bouquet alternatives to inspire your big day planning.

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Flaunt Floral Crowns

bride with bridesmaids wearing floral crowns

Photo by Karen Hill

Skip bouquets and go with floral crowns instead. Talk about the perfect fit for a garden party! Another option? Include both floral crowns and dainty bouquets, like this group did by featuring plenty of charming baby’s breath.

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Go for Greenery

Bridesmaids with greenery bouquets

Photo by Catherine Guidry

Love the bouquet look but don’t want to feature flowers? Go for all greenery! Work with your florist to put together lush arrangements of gorgeous greenery including eucalyptus, olive branches, ferns, rosemary, and more for a natural, textured option.

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Feature Anthurium

Bridesmaids with anthrium

Photo by A Heart String 

Want a unique choice? Skip flowers and play with plants. Anthurium is a flowering plant that gives off tropical-meets-modern vibes. Plan for your bridesmaids to carry a single stem in a coordinating color for a lovely look.

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Choose a Good Book

Bridesmaids carrying books

Photo by Treebird Photography

Love a great read? Bring that passion for reading into your big day. One bride and her bridal party carried beautifully bound books down the aisle as a truly distinctive option. Consider opting for the same novel for each bridesmaid, or have them select their favorite book to make it more personal.

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Parade With Parasols

bridesmaids carrying parasols

photo by Michelle Scott Photography

No flowers, no problem! Look to simple parasols as the perfect fit for your bridesmaids. This is a stunning choice if you’re planning a desert-inspired, boho, or even mid-century modern wedding.

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Consider Corsages

bride and bridesmaids in jumpsuits

Photo by Love is Rad

Who says your bridal party can’t flaunt a corsage? While these may bring back memories of high school dances, they're certainly not the same. We love the sophisticated look of a lush corsage with plenty of greenery on each bridesmaid’s arm. So chic!

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Select a Single Stem

bridesmaids carrying tropical single stem bouquets

Photo by Jana Williams

Planning a tropical party? Whether it's a formal reception or a casual beachside bash, look to plants from that locale. Ditch the bouquet and consider leaves. Large palm or monstera leaves can serve as a stunning alternative to a traditional bouquet. Consider using king protea as well for added interest.

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Play With Texture

bridesmaids with textured pink bouquets

Photo by Aaron Delesie

Texture, texture, and more texture! Astilbe is a flowering plant that can be found in beautiful hues such as white, pink, red, and lavender. Opt for bunches of this plant instead of a bouquet for a romantic-meets-whimsical choice.

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Look to Long Stems

bridesmaids with long stem calla lillies

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Ditch the traditional bouquet structure and go for long-stemmed options instead. These bridesmaids carried small bundles of calla lilies for a dramatic alternative. Long-stemmed delphinium, roses, snapdragons, and lupine would be a stunning option as well.

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Wear a Floral Cuff

Dried floral cuff on arm

Photo by Elizabeth Wells; Floral design by Amy Nicole Floral

Keep florals in the mix, but change the shape altogether. This stunning floral cuff is made up of dried flowers for a beautiful boho vibe. Consider incorporating fresh blooms or include dried grasses and dainty flowers for plenty of texture to match your wedding's aesthetic.

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Mix and Match

Bridesmaids with mix matched bouquets


What if each bridesmaid has their own distinct ensemble? Ditch the idea of coordinated bouquets and truly switch it up! Consider a mix-and-match option with each bridal party member carrying an alternative such as dried grass or greenery for a natural look.

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Hold a Hoop

bridesmaids holding a hoop bouquet


Finding the right fit for your bridal party all comes down to the overall theme of your wedding. A hoop bouquet can be the perfect complement to any ensemble. Better yet? You can find metallic options, wooden hoops, or even acrylic.

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Pair Fresh and Dried Blooms

Bridesmaids with fresh and dried bouquets


Can't decide behind a traditional fresh flower bouquet and dried blooms? You don't have to! Mix the two together for an interesting alternative to the norm. Play with matching colors or go for opposite hues for an intensely beautiful contrast.

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Switch Up Structure

Hanging floral bouquet


Look to a hanging bouquet for a different choice. Choose a base at the top, such as driftwood for a boho beach wedding or even a gold bar for a modern party. Incorporate dangling dried or fresh flowers, along with grasses.

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Select Silk

silk flower bridesmaid bouquet

Courtesy of Something Borrowed Blooms

Still want to stick with the traditional bouquet look? Silk flowers may be the perfect alternative to the norm. Consider renting silk flower bouquets for your bridesmaids. These silk blooms look just like the real thing, but you’ll be able to save on floral expenses at the same time.

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Play With Veggies

vegetable bouquet


Planning a farm wedding? A rustic, fall reception? Explore the possibility of using local vegetables as a fun choice! Consider colorful options such as purple asparagus, carrots, and radish to make a statement.

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Choose Minimalism

bride with bridesmaids in champagne dresses

Photo by Danilo and Sharon

If you want to break tradition altogether, go for it! Remember, it's all up to you. Skip bouquets or any other alternative options if you don’t love the look of it. Your bridesmaids just might be thrilled to walk down the aisle without having to worry about anything in their hands.

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Look to Lavender

brides holding lavender bouquets


Skip blossoms and go for greens, grasses, and plants. Dried lavender is not only stunning, but it provides the most incredible, calming fragrance to enjoy. Put together a simple bunch of lavender and other textured pieces for an effortless wildflower look.

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