14 Bridesmaid Accessories to Elevate Any Wedding-Day Look

From beaded bracelets to diamond necklaces, these ideas will help take any ensemble to the next level.

Dallas' bridesmaids wearing tan dreses and chandelier earrings

Photo by Emily Gude

As the bride, choosing the perfect getup for your bridesmaids is only half the battle. Once you’ve selected an outfit for your group that complements your color palette, venue, and aesthetic, your next step will likely be to pick out the accessories. Whether it’s a pair of diamond drop earrings or a beaded hairpin, these supplemental pieces are the best way to take any ensemble to the next level. "Accessories complete the look," Katie Hubbard of My Wedding Wardrobe says. "You could have an incredible bridesmaid dress, but if you don't have the right shoes and accessories, it can ruin the look."

What's more, not only do accessories have the ability to elevate a look, but they also serve as the perfect bridal party gift. That being said, you don’t have to prescribe the same items for each person, and some brides even allow their bridesmaids to pick out their own pieces in order to highlight everyone's personal style.

So whether you opt for the same accessories or let your crew choose their own, here are 14 bridesmaid accessory ideas that will upgrade any wedding day outfit.

Meet the Expert

Katie Hubbard is a personal stylist with six years of experience, and the founder and CEO of My Wedding Wardrobe based in Dallas, Texas. 

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Drop Earrings

Bridesmaids in high-neck navy dresses with drop earrings

Photo by Emily Barbee

One trend that has taken over the wedding fashion world—for both brides and bridesmaids—is drop earrings. This bridal party opted for pieces that featured gold flowers and pearls, which was the perfect accent for a summer, garden wedding. To replicate the look, have your squad pull their locks back into an updo, so that their earrings are the focal point of their ensembles.

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Diamond Necklaces

Bridesmaids in gold dresses with diamond necklaces

Photo by Kesha Lambert Photography

There’s nothing more classic than a diamond necklace. For her Brooklyn wedding at a boathouse, this bride and her bridesmaids all coordinated in delicate chains with a single gemstone. Her gang even sported the same pair of diamond earrings, which really took their look to the next level. When paired with gold dresses, these sparkly accessories will add even more glimmer to glamorous nuptials.

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Personalized Hair Pins

Bridesmaids in neutral dresses with beaded hair pin

Photo by Makenzie Rogers

A custom hair accessory is a great thank-you gift to give your group on the morning of your wedding day. This bridal party, in particular, sported beaded clips containing the phrase “bridesmaid" to commemorate the big day. Not only will these pins add some personality to your bridal party’s attire, but they’ll also serve as a token of remembrance for years to come. 

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Silver Bangles

Bridesmaids in beige dresses and silver bangles

Photo by Photo by Julieta

Whether you’re saying “I do” by the beach or at your parent's home, silver jewelry is always a timeless and versatile option, especially when worn with a beige gown. You can either ask your bridesmaids to sport a single band or have them stack multiple pieces for extra glitz. For a fully coordinated outfit, pair it with matching heels and earrings in the same metallic shade.

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Black Heels

Bridesmaids in black dresses and black heels

Photo by Megan Robinson

If you’re hoping your bridal party’s outfits will evoke cohesion without looking too cookie-cutter, ask your closest friends and family to pick heels from the same color palette. That way, they can each wear something they feel comfortable and confident in without looking inconsistent. Specifically, black is a no-fail color for any locale, season, or time of year, and the entire ensemble will be especially flattering and sophisticated if they also slip on black dresses.

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Chandelier Earrings

Bridesmaids in tan dresses and chandelier earrings

Photo by Emily Gude

Clipping on chandelier earrings is a show-stopping way to decorate your gang’s getups. At this industrial Baltimore wedding, each bridal party member had interlocking hoops suspended with strands of diamonds that popped against their tan gowns. To ensure the jewel is the center of attention, this accessory looks best with bare necklines, so consider a cowl neck or deep V-neck sans necklace.

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Dainty Necklaces

Bridesmaids in rose gold and champagne dresses with dainty necklaces

Photo by Beatrice Howell

For those who have minimalist aesthetics., supplement your team’s dresses with subtle bling. "If you are struggling with the right accessories, I always say less is more," Hubbard notes. "By that, I mean simple over statement pieces." We love how these delicate diamond necklaces enhance these bridesmaids’ champagne and rose gold gowns rather than overpowering them. If you’re looking for more glam, a pair of diamond studs or a tennis bracelet will also create a similar effect.

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Flower Crowns

bridesmaids in ivory gowns

Photo by Bonnie Sen

Flower crowns are the quintessential hair accessory for bohemian weddings, but they're also a suitable option for summer nuptials or garden fêtes. What's more, selecting white dresses will provide a blank canvas for these lush accessories to come to life. To keep it consistent, use the same flowers as those in your bouquet and centerpieces.

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White Parasols

Natalie walking around the tropical garden in the rain with her bridesmaids in pink dresses

Photo by Leah Marie Photography

Yes, umbrellas are a practical accessory for rainy or sunny weather, but they’re also a chic supplement to any outfit. As a unique alternative to the traditional bridesmaid bouquet, consider asking your bridal party members to carry parasols. We love this option for desert-inspired nuptials, a boho bash, or a mid-century modern wedding.

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Gold Sculptural Earrings

Brianne drinking champagne with her bridesmaids

Photo by Jana Williams

For a stylish piece of jewelry that will definitely bring the drama, think about gold sculptural earrings. At this ethereal Eastern Shore wedding, these bridesmaids wore silver-hued gowns that allowed their long metallic jewels to make an impression. The best part? Since these items are so eye-catching, no one will have to layer additional bracelets, rings, or necklaces. 

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Diamond and Beaded Bracelets

Bridesmaids in black dresses with beaded bracelets

Photo by Amanda Donaho

Black dresses are chic on their own, but wearing a strand of diamonds on your wrist will bring a whole new level of sophistication to a look. For instance, when this bride said “I do” at her glamorous black-and-white nuptials, her girls stood by her side in matching beaded bracelets that doubled as friendship bracelets.

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Colorful Gemstone Necklaces

Bridesmaid wearing a muted pink dress and colorful necklace

Photo by Katherine Marchand Weddings

Do you want your group to embrace color? A necklace with bright gemstones will do the trick. A muted pink or neutral dress will create the best backdrop for a vibrant strand of jewels, and a bright bouquet and red lipstick will also help pull the look together. Play with bold shades for spring or summer soirées. 

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Nude Pumps

Bridesmaids in green dresses and nude heels

Photo by Lilly Red

Whether your crew is wearing white or hot pink, nude shoes are always a viable option, especially if you want the gown or bouquet to do the talking. A pair of tan heels in different styles gave these green dresses an earthy and natural look, which enhanced the tropical aesthetic. 

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Pearl Studs

Bridesmaids in pink dresses and pearl stud earrings

Photo by Love Is My Favorite Color

Pearls are having a moment in the world of bridal fashion and for good reason. They’re a simple and elegant accessory that transcends time, but they’re also perfect for all modern celebrations. A pair of pearl studs will complement rosy pink gowns and whimsical bouquets, and will also fare well with black dresses for a traditional event or blue getups for a nautical wedding.  

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