16 Times Tattoos Totally Made a Bridal Look

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As a bride, many decisions must be made when it comes to your wedding day look, from the shoes to the hairstyle. For brides with tattoos, showcasing or downplaying their ink is a big decision in and of itself. Tattoos can run the gambit of bright colors or just all black, but no matter the design, the choice to put them on display ultimately comes down to incorporating them into the full bridal look.

Chest pieces can be accentuated with sweetheart necklines, delicate wrist and arm ink can be emphasized by a minimalist gown, and full-back designs can be displayed between perfectly placed straps. There are endless possibilities to draw attention to your design if that’s what you want.

Ahead, 16 brides who absolutely slayed their bridal look—tattoos and all.

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Mimic the Design of Your Dress

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Photo by Biancca Wallace Photography

If you’re working with a tattoo that is perhaps characterized by a shape that can be easily mimicked, play into that. This bride’s delicate horseshoe ink on the back of her arm was the perfect setup for a match made in tattoo heaven. The low back of her wedding gown creates a U-shape that has us seeing double.

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Cover It Up Ever So Slightly

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Photo by Erich McVey

Choose a gown with a sheer neckline so just enough of your tattoo shows. The beaded lace gown on this bride was her number one option for covering her tattoos in a way that still revealed enough to keep things chic.

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Go Intricate

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Photo by Jenna Boyer Photography

The intricacy of a tattoo’s design is ultimately a reflection of the story it’s trying to tell. Carry that theme over into your wedding dress selection by opting for a gown with intricate lace patterns. 

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Stick to Simplicity

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Photo by LaJoy Photography

This bride’s arm tattoo, located on the side of her wrist, is prominent enough to notice but distract. A sleek bridal look, from head to toe, is just the ticket.

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Add It to the Shot List

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Photo by Melissa Marshall

If you have a couples tattoo (we LOVE!), take the liberty on your wedding day to play it up. From simple symbols to intricate art, you’ll definitely want to make sure your photographer has the 411 so you can take the time to pose for a snap or two.

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Opt for a Plunging Back

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Photo by Greg Finck Photography

Spine tattoos are striking, so opt for a wedding dress with a low back so you can show it off. Take things a little bit further with a gown with lace detailing that will only serve to emphasize the work of art.

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Embrace Your Signature

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Photo by LaJoy Photography

Think of a tattoo as a signature of sorts, especially when it’s literally your name—or at least your initial. A strapless dress is definitely the way to show off your ink in all its glory like this bride did.

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Consider Roses

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Photo by Savannah Lauren Photography

Red roses are popular tattoo designs and equally popular wedding flowers. The deep red of this bride’s dramatic bouquet with garden roses coordinates perfectly with the red rose tattooed on her shoulder and forearms, creating near-perfect symmetry between the two.

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Take the Plunge

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Photo by Lauren Nicole Photo

A plunging neckline can be an intriguing design element for any gown, especially if you’re showing off a tattoo. The deep V and sleeveless design of this bride’s wedding dress allowed her to put her ink on full display.

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Match the Flowers

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Photo by Kristin Kay Photography

A tattoo full of bright colors is undeniably going to stand out, should you choose to put it on display. Why not tie those colors into your bouquet? Use bright, refreshing blooms, like coral anemones and yellow ranunculus, along with lots of fresh greenery for a cheery bridal bouquet.

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Show Off the Sleeve

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Photo by Gui Jorge

Have a full sleeve tattoo from wrist to shoulder? Let the design stand in place of an actual sleeve and select a sleeveless gown and minimal accessories to bring the entire look together.

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Put It On Display

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Photo by Anders Ostman Fotograf

Framed perfectly between the ruffled shoulders of her dress, this bride’s bee tattoo got the display it deserves. The swiss dot sheer paneling adds a layer of intrigue without obstructing or distracting from the true work of art: her ink!

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Opt for a Sweetheart Neckline

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Photo by Emily and Jacob Photography

A sweetheart neckline has always been a fan favorite. This bride’s dress was the perfect choice when it came to rocking her tattoos; the neckline hit at just the right spot to showcase her flower designs, while her wedding bouquet carried on a similar theme with peonies and roses.

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Keep It Delicate

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Photo by Markit Photography

The tattoo on this bride’s shoulder blade is simple and delicate, a design she unsurprisingly wanted to show off on her wedding day. The satin corset on the back of the strapless gown, along with the minimalist drop earrings, kept things chic and ultra-feminine.

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Embrace the Whimsy

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Photo by Perpixel Photography

Feathered gowns add a bit of whimsy to a bridal look, regardless of season or style. A perfect complement to the delicate, whimsical design of her tattoo, the sleeveless, feathered gown this bride chose definitely sent out romantic bridal style vibes—even down to the crystal floral headpiece!

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Play Into the Placement

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Photo by Drzazga Photo

A foot tattoo can actually serve as the ultimate hidden gem on your wedding day. This bride selected just the right pair of shoes to really show it off.

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