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When you're talking about a day as special as your wedding, we understand why getting everything just right is so essential. There is an infinite amount of guidance devoted to every aspect of wedding planning on the internet, but how can you tell which advice is worth taking? To help you feel confident in the information you're getting from Brides, we created our very own review board, currently made up of wedding planners, relationship experts, jewelers, and gemologists. These professionals are experts in their fields and review content associated with their areas of authority to ensure the content we’re creating is the clearest and most accurate on the web.

Our Methodology

We’ve carefully selected the members of our review board based on their extensive experience and working knowledge of their industries. Each member reviews relevant content in our library related to some of the most important decisions you'll make around your wedding or relationship to ensure the information you’re reading is accurate and updated; should they find something that’s not quite right, they’ll let our editorial team know so that we can correct it as soon as possible. Simply put, whenever you see a "Reviewed by" note at the top of an article, you know that this specific piece of content has received an official stamp of approval from our experts.

Our Reviewers

Wedding Planners

Chanda Daniels, Headshot

Chanda Daniels is the owner and creative director of Chanda Daniels Planning + Design and the founder of A Monique Affair, two San Francisco-based event planning companies. She is also a founding partner of Ethos West Collective and is recognized as a leading LGBTQ+ wedding expert.

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Chanda Daniels
Wedding Planner
Erica Estrada, Headshot

Erica Estrada is a California-based wedding planner and the owner, lead designer, and producer of Erica Estrada Design. She is also a founding partner of Ethos West Collective.

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Erica Estrada
Wedding Planner
Lea Stafford, Headshot

Lea Stafford is California-based wedding planner with nearly two decades of experience orchestrating luxury events in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond, including international destinations. She is the founder of Lea Stafford Events and the founder of Ethos West Collective.

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Lea Stafford
Wedding Planner
Jove Meyer, Headshot

Jove Meyer is the owner and creative director of Jove Meyer Events. As one of the top wedding planners in the world according to Harper’s Bazaar, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings, Jove crafts vivid, colorful celebrations of love inspired by couples who dare to be different.

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Jove Meyer
Wedding Planner

Jewelers and Gemologists

Olivia Landau, Headshot

Olivia Landau is a fourth generation diamond expert and a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accredited Graduate Gemologist. She is the founder and CEO of direct to consumer fine jewelry company The Clear Cut.

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Olivia Landau
GIA Accredited Gemologist
Sandy Ip, Headshot

Sandy Ip, a Hong Kong-based gemologist and jeweler, is the owner and head designer of Sevun. She is a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accredited Graduate Gemologist and a holder of the GIA Jewelry Design Certificate.

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Sandy Ip
GIA Accredited Gemologist

Relationship and Mental Health Experts

Landis Bejar, Headshot

Landis Bejar is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, holding Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Counseling from Columbia University. In 2018, Landis founded AisleTalk: Consultation & Therapy, a New York-based therapy practice devoted to supporting engaged folks encountering stress as they plan their wedding.

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Landis Bejar
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Minaa B. Headshot

Minaa B. is a writer, mental health professional, and founder of Minaa B. Consulting, a mental health consulting agency that helps organizations develop psychological safety.

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Minaa B.
Licensed Master Social Worker