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Three brides in white wedding dresses on their wedding day across three different decades.erent
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Our Editors Look Back on Their Parents' and Grandparents' Wedding Attire

We took a stroll down memory lane.

Puffy sleeves, embroidered vests, big hair: No, we're not describing a Dolly Parton concert—we're talking about our parents' weddings. There's just nothing quite like settling down with an old photo album and flipping through pictures of your parents (or grandparents) on their wedding day. Maybe it was a decade ago, maybe it was five decades ago—either way, the styles are sure to evoke a bygone era and some seriously amazing fashion choices.

This month, our editors dusted off those old albums and sorted through pictures from our family's weddings. You'll see a little bit of everything, from those aforementioned puffy sleeves to classically elegant tuxes and some seriously impressive updos.

Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director

A bride in a white wedding dress stands with her groom in a white tux on their wedding day.

Courtesy of Gabriella Rello Duffy / Design by Tiana Crispino

"My parents got married in July of 1985, and while there are definitely some details on my mom's dress that speak to the decade (note the puffy sleeves!), I've always found it to be surprisingly modern. The sheer, high neckline and bow accent are definitely on-trend for 2022. As for my dad's white tuxedo, I would say that this particular style feels right at home in 1985!" — Gabriella Rello Duffy

Corinne Pierre-Louis, Editor

A bride poses for a photo wearing a white wedding dress and holding white flowers on her wedding day.

Courtesy of Corinne Pierre-Louis / Design by Tiana Crispino

"My mom, Erneste, got married in 1990 and that's shown by her choice of dress. I've always admired her style, and even though her wedding gown wouldn't be trending today, there are definitely elements we're seeing in modern times like the allover lace, column silhouette, midi-length veil, and puff sleeves. Her bridal look gives me major royal vibes too, which is on par with how I see her: as a Queen." — Corinne Pierre-Louis

Ellie Nan Storck, Senior Editor

A groom wears an embroidered suit vest and a bride smiles while wearing pearls and a white long-sleeved wedding dress.

Courtesy of Ellie Nan Storck / Design by Tiana Crispino

"To say that I'm obsessed with my parents' wedding style is an understatement. I can't get over my dad's embroidered floral suit vest (and that mustache). It's so 70's, and despite the fact that they got married in the 80's, I associate my dad with the 1970's and his rock band era, so this picture is just perfect to me. The sleeves on my mom's dress place the style firmly in the eighties, but my favorite part of the gown is the drop-waist. It's so elegant, as is the silk. The touch of her simple pearl necklace really pulls everything together." — Ellie Nan Storck

Lilly Blomquist, Editorial Assistant

Two women in white wedding gowns hold white flowers on their wedding day.

Courtesy of Lily Blomquist / Design by Tiana Crispino

"For my grandmother's look on the left, I just love how timeless and tasteful this long-sleeve ball gown looks. The buttons down the back and the bow details on the sleeves add the most elegant touch. What really pulls the ensemble together is the veil topped with blooms! On the right, my mom's A-line gown with a square neckline is such a classic and flattering look. The subtle floral embroidery gives the getup such a romantic edge that's quintessentially bridal." — Lilly Blomquist

Tiana Crispino, Visual Editor

A bride and groom cheers with champagne on their wedding day.

Courtesy of Tiana Crispino / Design by Tiana Crispino

"These are my parents, Michael Crispino and Cynthia Rodriguez Crispino, on their wedding day on June 26, 1993. My mom's dress was a classic '90s bridal and a total steal—she got it for an amazing $75 and paired it with her pearl choker and cathedral veil." — Tiana Crispino

Shelby Wax, Senior Editor

A bride in a short-sleeved wedding gown holds white flowers next to her groom in a white and black tux.

Courtesy of Shelby Wax / Design by Tiana Crispino

"While my parents' style is truly classic, I love how they incorporated some trendy '80s elements into their summer wedding looks. My dad's white tuxedo was the perfect fit to complement the white floral-filled garden venue, while my mom chose her dress for the tulle skirt and the of-the-moment puff sleeves. Fun fact: My mom re-wore the dress in the early 2000s for a Las Vegas-themed party where my parents dressed as a bride and groom going to The Little White Chapel. To update the gown for the decade, she cut off the puff sleeves and swapped the headband for a chic low bun adorned with a gardenia." — Shelby Wax

Araziel Jackson, Associate Social Media Editor

A bride wearing a strapless white wedding dress and long white gloves stands with her groom who wears a white tux.

Courtesy of Araziel Jackson / Design by Tiana Crispino

"For her wedding day, my mom wore a strapless embroidered wedding dress that she got for just $700! She's usually not one for glamour, but I love that she didn't hold back on her big day. With a tiara, elbow-length gloves, and a traditional all-white look with hints of blue, she still looked like a princess!" — Araziel Jackson

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