20 Stunning Bridal Shower Hairstyle Ideas

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Brides need more than just a beauty look for the wedding day, but the bridal shower, too! For this reason, finding a fitting hairstyle for your bridal shower should be high on your to-do list—and of course, we're here to help!

When choosing a bridal shower hairstyle, the options abound. From elaborate to casual, classic to glamorous, there are no rules when it comes to your 'do. Perhaps you want something fuss-free. Opt for a casual ponytail dressed up with ribbon or simple waves. Itching to make a statement with your hair? Then be sure to wear a show-stopping accessory. Whatever look you choose, make sure the style feels true to you!

Ready for some inspiration? Look ahead for 20 of the most stunning bridal shower hairstyles for all hair types and lengths.

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Low Ponytail


Photo by Lauren Orlowski

Instead of opting for an elaborate hairstyle, try a low ponytail with wispy strands of hair to frame your face. This bride added texture to the ponytail to make the style look more layered.

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Natural Curls


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There is nothing more beautiful than just leaving your hair as is—and this bride is proof! No matter the texture, consider letting your natural locks shine at your shower.

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A Low Chignon

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You can never go wrong with a low bun. It’s elegant, yet low-maintenance. On the day of your shower, have your hairstylist secure your bun at the nape of your neck, or you can quickly complete the style yourself. Just be sure to have strong hold bobby pins on-hand to hold the bun in place!

Leave a few strands of hair loose to make the bun look undone and carefree.

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Double Loops

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Although you will already be the center of attention at your bridal shower, put the spotlight on your hair, too. Draw inspiration from this bride, who wore a fun double looped hairstyle. To recreate, smooth your hair out and secure the top half of your hair higher up on your head, then loop the rest of your hair below.

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Volumized Bun

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A classic bun never disappoints. Give the look life with some volume in the front of your hair. It’s a classic updo with a simple touch.

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Loose Waves


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The secret to effortless waves? Curl your hair then brush them out—it's a casual look that will never go out of style! For your bridal shower, wear your hair down and forget about it. Your curls will speak for themselves!

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Half-Up, Half-Down

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Photo by Sara Lobla

Is there anything better than a half-up, half-down style? And, if your hair is naturally curly, you have an advantage. Separate your hair evenly and use your favorite hair tie to secure a half ponytail. Finish the look off with a frizz-free spray.

If you do not have naturally curly hair, use a curling wand to add tight curls to add more texture to your look.

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No Frills Updo


Photo by Margherita Calati

A simple updo can serve as a mini teaser for your wedding day hair. For a look as polished and sleek as this bride's, have your stylist tightly gather your hair and secure the bun with a chic hair tie or decorative barrette.

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A Simple Ponytail

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Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

Opt for a simple ponytail for your shower. However, simple doesn't mean boring! Ask your stylist to wrap extra hair around your ponytail base instead of securing it with a hair tie to create a unique and mesmerizing look.

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A Chic Lob


Photo by Chi-Chi Ari

Bold brides, consider cutting your hair! While this may seem like a massive no-no before your wedding, there's no better time to do a complete hair refresh. For your shower, add some texture to your new hair length through loose waves or curls. Then on your wedding day, rock some hair accessories that compliment your wedding dress.

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Messy Plaits


Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

There's nothing better than a hairstyle that looks undone and put together at the same time. Instead of a fishtail braid, or simple braid, choose a messy plait. Your stylist can assemble your hair loosely and let some tendrils hang in the front to frame your face.

To create a more ethereal look, tuck fresh flowers or decorative pins through the braid.

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Gathered Ponytail

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Red Aspen Photography 

Dress up a classic ponytail with ribbon or a bow. This is an elegant and subtle touch that will upgrade any look.

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Low-Maintenance Locks


Photo by Sandy Soohoo

An easy-going bridal shower day look involves letting your hair hang down, literally. Let your hair be in its natural state. Leaving your hair be its natural self creates an elegant touch for the day. There's nothing better than being yourself while celebrating your upcoming nuptials.

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Beachy Ponytail


Photo by Robin Harper

Add some beachy waves to your ponytail. Not only will the added texture add volume to your hair, but it elevates a classic ponytail.

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Glam Curls


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Perhaps you want to be full glam for both your bridal shower and your wedding, and there's nothing wrong with that. For your shower, wear large and voluminous curls for an Old Hollywood look.

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A Fastened Fishtail

fishtail braid and flower crown

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography 

A classic fishtail braid is intricate and will require more effort than a typical braid, but the finished product is worth the added time. Accessorize with fresh flowers or your favorite hair pin!

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Blown Out Hair


Photo by Joey Willis

Head to your favorite hair salon for a blowout. A simple blowout adds a sexy and sleek look on your bridal shower day. Plus, adding a little flip to your ends gives the illusion of multiple layers.

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A Modern Design

Bride with faux hawk laughing with groom

Photo by T&S Hughes Photography

A modern bride needs a stylish hairstyle like this faux hawk look. Start by adding a braid at the crown of your head and have it extend down the length of your hair. Once the braid is secure, gather the excess hair into a bun for a two-in-one hairstyle.

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Multi-Tasking Ponytail


Photo by Charla Storey

If a ponytail is your go-to style, why should that change for your bridal shower? Start by having your stylist add a volumized half-up, half-down look. Then, gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail.

 Hide your elastics by wrapping a few strands of hair around them.

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Boho Half-Up


Photo by Olivia Markle

Boho hairstyles are effortless and stunning at the same time. If you're a bride who seeks a boho-inspired look, try this playful tousled style. Instead of adding just loose waves, add a side braid that weaves into your hair for an extra touch.

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