15 Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas for the Perfect Present

Pro tip: Personalize them for extra sentimental value.

bridal shower gift basket

Courtesy of Lia Lara Events

An invitation to a bridal shower almost always comes with a link to a registry full of gift options. But sometimes ordering off the registry isn't possible, whether that's because you've put off the gift-buying so long that nothing is really left, or because you just want to get the bride-to-be something that feels a bit more personalized. In either instance, opting for a bridal shower gift basket is an excellent idea.

What Is a Bridal Shower Gift Basket?

A bridal shower gift basket is either a box or an actual basket that contains several different products instead of just one gift. It usually features some sort of theme and is given to the bride at her bridal shower.

A gift basket like this not only allows you to make the gift feel more sentimental but also gives you the opportunity to include several items instead of just one. "A bridal shower gift box is the perfect way to never show up empty-handed," Chelsea Moore, founder and CEO of BOXFOX, tells Brides.

There is no exact formula to follow when creating the perfect bridal shower gift basket. You can choose to include a wide variety of small items with one stand-out item, you can just select three or four items to include, or you can do a bunch of smaller items. The possibilities are endless, making this a really versatile gift idea. Moore adds, "It can be a small token or a grand gesture, whatever your budget allows."

How to Create a Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Once you decide to gift a basket like this, your first step in creating it (if you choose to put one together yourself instead of buying one already made) is to settle on a theme. There are so many themes you could pick, like a kitchen/cooking theme filled with basic cooking utensils and some food or a romantic newlywed theme filled with items like a bottle of wine and Mr. and Mrs. glasses.

While bridal shower gift baskets certainly don't have to be picture-perfect, it's always a nice perk to make them look beautifully put together. "The easiest way to look like the most thoughtful person in the world is to stick to a color palette," Moore says. Select a color or two colors, and try to pick only products in those shades. It delivers a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing basket every time.

You should also decide whether you want the gift basket to be completely focused on the bride or more on the couple. It's nice for the bride to receive a gift basket full of items just for her, but it's equally as nice to receive useful gifts for the couple. So, really, the decision is yours!

What to Put In a Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Once you have a theme and potential color palette in mind, you can start selecting items to add to the gift basket, and there is no right or wrong amount. "You can include two items or 20, it really is up to you," Moore says.

She recommends selecting items that are personal to your relationship with the bride, groom, or couple. "A little can have a big impact that way," she says. "My favorite shower gifts are the ones that maybe call out a specific memory or lean into their honeymoon or the wedding destination." Choose items that feel personal to make your basket stand out.

You can also pick items off the registry to add to the gift basket—this is a good way to buy them some of the smaller items they registered for. But don't feel like you have to stick to that. "We are huge fans of going a little bit rogue and ordering off registry for bridal shower gifts," Jamie Kutchman Wynne of Marigold & Grey says. "Let the grandmothers and aunts handle the pots and pans and spatula while you show up with a gift that's unique and perfectly designed for just the bride."

Specific themes are a good way to narrow things down, but you can also choose a slightly more vague theme—think "Something Blue." In either case, make sure the items complement each other and make sense together. Don't pair something like matching coffee mugs with the laundry hamper from their registry. The goal is to make the gift basket look curated instead of a jumble of random items.

Finish off any gift basket with a personalized touch. "We top all of our gifts with your note, handwritten, and honestly, the personalization itself is priceless," Moore says.

How to Determine a Budget

It's easy to get carried away and end up spending a lot of money on your gift basket, but that isn't necessary. "We truly believe it is about the thought and intention," Moore says. "There isn't an appropriate amount and there doesn't have to be."

A bridal shower gift basket is a great gift idea for multiple people to get in on. It allows each of you to pick items you like and gives you a larger budget to work with.

To avoid overspending, choose a budget that works for you (and any others participating) and go from there. For example, decide that you each want to chip in $75 and then select items that fit that budget. This is a good way to narrow things down and stay within a reasonable price range.

That budget can and should be based on what you can afford. Don't feel pressured to spend a lot more if you're very close to the bride or if they spent a lot of money on your own bridal shower gift. The real importance in your basket is the meaning behind it, not the price tag.

Looking for some bridal shower gift basket inspiration? Keep reading for 15 expertly curated ideas!

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Happily Ever After

box with cookbook and more

Gifting and Photo by BOXFOX

"This is the perfect gift to send ahead of a wedding," Moore says. "With so many scheduling conflicts this year, we're seeing a ton of folks send this when they can't attend a friend's wedding or shower!" It features an espresso theme, so get this for your friend who loves a good cup of coffee.

Total Cost: $205.58 or $165, packaged by BOXFOX

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Perfectly Curated Kitchen

black gift box with kitchen accessories

Gifting and Photography by BOXFOX

Moore calls this "the perfect elevated and effortless gift for newlyweds." Stocked with items for the most aesthetically pleasing kitchen pantry, she explains, "It is filled with luxe items like Le Creuset and Onsuri olive oil to help make seemingly normal places (their kitchen!) more special during this fun time." This is a good way to get in the basics, but to make them more elevated.

Total Cost: $275.40

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All Blue

something blue gift box

Gifting and Photography by BOXFOX

"This is a curation I’ve used time and time again," Moore says. This box is filled with small luxuries for the bride rather than gifts for the couple, which is a nice change for a bridal shower gift.

Total Cost: $201.04

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The Wedding Planner

champagne box

Courtesy of Lia Lara Events

Even after her bridal shower, the bride has a lot to do to get ready for the big day. A gift box like this one takes the edge off. "As a planner, I’m a little biased about this one, but this gifting experience was my favorite to curate," Lia Lara, Peruvian event producer, creative director, and owner of Lia Lara Events, tells Brides. "It sets the perfect tone for the bride’s planning journey." This box was meant to feel more personal, too: "For this box, we focused on the bride’s new initials, her wedding colors, and her love for stationaries. We carried that detail throughout the items included to create a curated gifting experience."

Total Cost: $87.99 (excluding bath bomb, candle, and stationery)

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Modern Mrs.

spa day gift basket

Courtesy of Marigold & Grey

This is another gift basket that focuses more on the bride than the couple. "Not all brides are traditional brides and steer clear of all things pink and bridal white," Wynee says. "We love this 'Modern Mrs' box because it makes quite the black and white statement. Full of luxe self-care and spa items, it’s the perfect way to pamper the bride and make quite the splash at the shower as she opens it and discovers all that’s inside."

Total Cost: $120 or $159, packaged by Marigold & Grey

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Something Blue

gift box

Courtesy of Marigold & Grey

Every bride needs her "something blue," and this box is full of them. "We love this modern yet classic interpretation of 'something blue,'" Wynee says. "A blue floral robe is the highlight of the gift but not close behind are the spa and self-care items along with a shimmery Corkcicle tumbler to enjoy at the bachelorette weekend, bridal shower, or even while getting ready on the wedding day."

Total Cost: $150 (excluding scrunchie) or $179, packaged by Marigold & Grey

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Sparkle & Shine

gift box

Courtesy of Michelle Madison

"This gift box is for the bride who craves the extra things in life!" says Michelle Madison, lifestyle expert, TV host, and event designer. "Gift her a custom chalice of her best selfie adorned in Swarovski crystals and watch her sparkle and shine before the big day. The ultimate bespoke gift set includes a personalized keepsake gift box and handmade card with coordinating envelope to share just how much she's loved."

  • Personalized Swarovski Crystal Selfie Cold Cup
  • Personalized Keepsake Gift Box
  • Handmade Card featuring Gold Foil Selfie Silhouette
  • Coordinating Handmade Textured Demask Envelope

 Contact Michelle Madison for pricing.

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His & Hers Destination Vibes

destination vacation gift set

Courtesy of Michelle Madison

When Madison's clients decided to co-host a destination baby gender reveal weekend, she wanted to welcome the guests in style with this curated gift basket. It also works perfectly as a cute bridal shower gift. "This gift set of libations-inspired treats included pineapple liqueur infused popcorn and the couple's favorite tequila with a welcome note attached. For their walks along the estate's private beach, the ladies' bags had cocktail recipe-themed flip flops while the guys had blue sunset flip flops," she explains.

  • Custom Kraft Bag with Ribbon Handle
  • Pineapple Liqueur Infused Popcorn
  • Tito's Handmade Vodka Mini Bottle
  • Cocktail Recipe Flip Flops for Her or Blue Sunset Flip Flops for Him

Contact Michelle Madison for pricing.

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His & Hers Gift Box

white and black boxes

Courtesy of Michelle Madison

The bridal shower might be all about the bride, but the gifts are for the couple. Madison has created these his and hers gift boxes in the past, which is a great idea to be inspired by. "I focused on nostalgia using a scented candle with notes of vanilla to capture the feel of their first date at the park paired with a playlist from their favorite concert. After pouring their champagne, they can top it off with a personalized drink topper before toasting to love," she says. Madison used very personal touches to make this box special.

  • Personalized Acrylic Playlist
  • Custom Drink Topper 
  • Erato 12 candle "Love EZ" 
  • Miniature Champagne Bottle

Contact Michelle Madison for pricing.

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Lingerie Box

gift box

Courtesy of Keri Calabrese Photography

Buying a piece of sexy lingerie for the bride is a shower tradition, but elevate it with this box. "I love everything about this lingerie box!" says wedding photographer Keri Calabrese. "It’s definitely a sexier and more intimate gift for the bride you know really well." This box was personalized with framed photos from the couple's engagement session.

Total Cost: $197.90

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Thanksgiving Basket

thanksgiving basket

Courtesy of Keri Calabrese Photography

A holiday-themed basket full of decorations for one holiday is such a fun and unique idea. "I’m seeing lots of holiday-themed baskets at bridal showers this year," Calabrese says. "I love this idea because it’s inexpensive, yet thoughtful. A group of friends can go in on this idea together to make an even bigger impact. Each friend can curate a basket for a different holiday." These boxes are filled with home décor to make holiday decorating even easier, and this particular one features a Thanksgiving theme.

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Backyard BBQ Basket

backyard BBQ basket

Courtesy of Keri Calabrese Photography

Another fun and unique idea is a box filled with basics for entertaining guests, and this one focuses on a barbecue or outdoor dining. "It’s perfect for the girl who has everything because many of these items can be used once and disposed of," Calabrese says. "This particular box includes fun and festive paper plates in various sizes, cocktail napkins, paper straws, grilling seasonings and tools, drink umbrellas, and a mini Le Creuset casserole dish in a color the bride probably doesn’t already have. This is definitely a party in a box!"

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Showered With Love

gift set

Courtesy of Knack

A relaxing gift set is a lovely way to go about your bridal shower gift basket. "This double entendre gift set provides a bit of pampering 'me time' to counteract any wedding preparation stress," says L​aura Jennings, CEO and founder of Knack. Everything inside is meant to make the bride feel like she has her own at-home spa. "And best of all, this gift set supports both woman-owned and BIPOC-owned brands," Jennings adds.

Total Cost: $127, packaged by Knack

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Renew & Relax

gift set of bath products

Courtesy of Knack

Think of this as a set of relaxing items for the couple to enjoy after all of that wedding planning is done. "This gift set is rich with positive energy, starting with its California-grown white sage smudge stick to cleanse and purify the bride-to-be's environment," Jennings says. "In keeping with the intention of this gift, this set supports both women and BIPOC-owned brands, and 100 percent of the items are sustainably produced."

Total Cost: $98, packaged by Knack

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Day After the Wedding Basket

honeymoon basket

Courtesy of Samantha Goldberg

"This 'day after the wedding' basket has the best morning cuddle ingredients for the new [couple]," says Samantha Goldberg, celebrity wedding planner. This is filled with cozy items that they'll use right after they get married and for some time after, and is definitely a unique idea.

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