25 Bridal Shower Cake Ideas for a Sweet Celebration

Find a design to fit every style of celebration.

Single tier white cake with orchid, pink roses, and dried white foliage

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Bridal showers are a pre-wedding event where friends and family come together to celebrate a bride-to-be. This occasion often has a menu full of hors d'oeuvres, delicious bites, and yummy desserts. If you want to end the celebration with a show-stopping treat for guests to enjoy, you can also serve a bridal shower cake as a final sweet touch to the day.

When it comes to the style of cake to serve, you have plenty of beautiful options to choose from. The cake design can inspired by the wedding's theme, location, or even the bride's gown. It's also a fun opportunity to select a confection with a nod to a color, flower, or destination the bride loves.

If you're hosting a bridal shower and want to get inspiration for a sweet treat to serve on the big day, we are here to help. Read on to see 25 beautiful bridal shower cake ideas every guest will love.

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Make a Masterpiece

White tiered wedding cake with leaves and pink floral accents

Photo by Jeremiah & Rachel Photography; Planning by Greenwood Events; Cake by Miss Patticakes

Love flowers? Make them the star by creating adorning your cake with seasonal blooms along the tiers. We love how light and airy this design feels.

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Showcase an Organic Arrangement

Sunflower and chamomile topped semi-naked cake with floral arrangement

Photo by Be Boulder Photography

A floral-adorned cake is perfect for an outdoor bridal shower. We love the look when paired it is paired with a semi-naked cake. Bold sunflowers and and petite chamomile help create an organic feel to the arrangement.

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Embrace Minimalism

White two-tiered cake with delicate botancials

Photo by Anna Peters; Cake by Honey Crumb Cake Studio; Floral Design by Botanique

This simple two-tiered cake feels modern and sculptural thanks to the addition of delicate botanicals, while a glass pedestal and creamy hue keep the look clean. 

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Make It Brunch

Waffle cake with green and white florals on cake stand

Photo by Dayna Studios

Many bridal showers are held around brunch time, so why not embrace a beloved breakfast food like waffles to create a memorable and unique cake? Serve with sides of whipped cream, syrup, and fresh berries.

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Serve Up a Trifecta

Trio of petite white cakes with white and blue florals on cake stands

Photo by Laura Anne Watson; Cake by Cake Envy; Floral Design by Blooming Hites

Good things come in threes, like this trio of mini cakes topped with pastel and cream-colored blooms. And remember, three different cakes mean three different flavor options.

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Design Your Table

Trio of white wedding cakes with flower arrangements on pink table

Photo by Ninety Three Creative

Don't forget about the design of your cake table, too. Pretty floral arrangements and a pink tablecloth make sure this sweet corner is perfectly on palette.

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Decorate With Beautiful Blooms

Single tier cake with pink florals and greenery

Photo by Anna Peters; Cake by Honey Crumb Cake Studio; Floral Design by Gather Design Company; Planning and Design by Callista + Co.

A simple white cake gets dressed up with a border of pale pink flowers and a little greenery, a trick that’s easy to replicate with blooms to match the palette of your celebration. 

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Adorn With Paper Flowers

Two tier white cake with pink, green, and yellow paper florals

Photo by Laura Anne Watson; Cake by Cake Envy; Event Design by G&A Weddings

You don't need real blooms on your cake, either. Florals created from wafer paper transform plain pink buttercream layers into a creative, colorful cake that is perfect for a spring celebration.

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Have It Hand Painted

Handpainted floral cake with rose, greenery, and berry designs

Photo by Jeanni Dunagan; Cake by Sweet & Saucy; Floral Design by Ella Mah; Planning and Design by Idyll Stories

A hand-painted cake is a beautiful way to add personal detail to the day, whether it’s a quote that’s meaningful to the bride-to-be or a pattern inspired by a favorite designer. This cake’s illustration captured the flowers and greenery used during the celebration.

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Try Truffles

Three-tier cake with truffles next to a floral arrangement

Photo by Tara Bielecki Photography; Cake by Wildflower Cakes 

A chocolate lover’s fantasy, this chocolate cake is filled with ganache and mocha buttercream and then decorated with chocolate hazelnut truffles. A sprinkling of powdered sugar adds depth to the design, while greenery provides a pop of color.

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Embrace Buttercream

Two-tier buttercream cake with ruffle frosting and white and orange florals

Photo by Alex Lasota; Cake by Sarah Ojeda; Florals by Simplified Celebrations

Buttercream is a delicious cake ingredient that can create a stunning confection. We love how this two-tier design has a ruffle-like texture and is completed with beautiful florals.

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Decorate Like the Dress

Three-tiered square white cake with ruffle detailing

Cake by Maggie Austin Cake

If the bride has already found her wedding dress, look to design details—lace patterns, beading, or bows, for example—to inspire the shower cake. This three-tiered cake was made to mimic the movement of the ruffles on one bride’s gown.

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Fun and Fruity

Four-tier white cake with fresh fruit and multi-hued florals cascading down the dessert

Photo by James + Schulze

A white four-layer cake becomes even more eye-catching with a stunning cascade of fresh fruit and flowers atop the confection.

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Think Tropical

Three-tier white cake with palm leaf and white flower on cakes stand

Photo by Cari Courtright; Cake by Ma Petite Maison Cake Design; Floral Design by Tumbleweed Floral Truck

For a fun preview of the celebration to come, add a design detail inspired by the wedding venue. This cake evokes a tropical vibe with its vivid greenery and simple white bloom.

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Go Whimsical

Four-tier white wedding cake with pink, red, and orange flowers

Photo by AGP Collective

Petite blooms placed organically about a crisp white cake can add a certain whimsical je ne sais quoi to your bridal shower confection.

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Look to the Location

Two tier marbled blue, gold, and white cake with white florals

Photo by Ashley Noelle Edwards; Cake by Paper Heart Patisserie; Floral Design by Mignon Floral Co.; Planning by Events by Rebecca 

This cake’s abstract blue coloring, lined with gold leaf, mimicked the stained-glass windows and gold-hued panes of the converted sugar mill where the festivities took place.

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Add a Sweet Touch

Small semi-naked cake with pink flowers and greenery

Photo by Birds of a Feather; Cake by Scootabaker; Floral Design by Catalina Neal; Planned by Green Ribbon Parties

This little cake makes a big impression thanks to its beautiful, vintage green glass stand and abundant flowers that lend a Victorian feel.

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Serve Individual Cakes

Individual white cakes on plates with single rosebuds on top


Put dessert front and center with individual cakes on guests’ place settings as they arrive. Single-serving-sized desserts are not only beautiful but also a seamless way to accommodate attendees’ specific dietary restrictions.

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Top With Dried Foliage

Single tiered wedding cake with boho pink and white flowers and dried foliage

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

A mix of fresh blooms and light dried foliage like pampas grass can be a perfect design for a bohemian bride's cake.

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Play With Pressed Florals

Two-tier white cake with pressed pink, purple, and green flowers and greenery

Photo by Natalie Watson

We're obsessed with pressed flowers, and this cake is proof of why. Here, the ferns create a natural look when combined with vibrant petals and buds.

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Make It Moody

Black Four-Tiered Wedding Cake with pink and purple flowers

Photo by Stewart Uy Photography; Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop

You don't have to have a white or pastel cake at your celebration. A black cake painted with colorful blooms can definitely make a statement.

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Bright and Cheery

Yellow buttercream palette cake with painted peach florals

Cake by Sweet Heather Anne

Another fun color idea? Choose a sunny yellow cake to lighten up the mood of your bridal shower celebration. This sweet style is so chic with its painted buttercream florals.

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Play With Shape

Modern white three-tier wedding cake with arch design and candles

Photo by Dmytrii Puga Cake Design

Modern brides will love this simple tiered white cake design. Detailing with a palette knife creates a unique curvy shape alongside the confection.

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Worth With Watercolor

Blue, green, and yellow watercolor cake on white four-tiered design

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

Enhance the dreamy vibes of your bridal shower with a charming watercolor-inspired cake design. You can work in the colors of your celebration's palette to the cake.

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Offer Up a Variety of Flavors

Small naked cake with white bloom and pink florals with lemon cake label

Photo by Mel Barlow; Cake by Sweet LaurelFlowers by The Flower Lab; Planning by Bright Blue Events

Want to give your guests a taste of your favorite flavors? Serve up multiple cakes with delicious sweet blends. Make sure to add a sign to let guests know what they'll be tasting.

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