20 Tips for Planning a Bridal Shower Brunch

Put together the perfect event for the bride-to-be.

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A bridal shower is a time for the bride-to-be to celebrate with her nearest and dearest—and a sophisticated brunch is a modern take on this pre-wedding tradition. After all, who doesn’t love brunch?!

If you’re tasked with the job of planning and hosting this type of event, you might need some guidance on putting together the perfect bridal shower brunch. So we consulted with party planning expert Terrica Skaggs, who shared 20 tips to make sure the day is a success.

Meet the Expert

Terrica Skaggs is the chief event planner and designer at Cocktails and Details in Brunswick, GA.

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Find the Right Venue

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You can match the bridal shower theme to the wedding day's style or come up with something completely original. Either way, Skaggs recommends finding a venue with plenty of space and great lighting.

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Choose a Historic Setting

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Every bride should feel like royalty at her shower, so why not host it in a heritage building or historic location? Think a stately home, a historic mansion, or even a castle. Any of these options instantly brings style and class to the event.

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Secure a Private Room

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When looking for a venue, try to book a private room, which adds to the intimacy of the event, according to Skaggs. This seclusion also allows guests to let loose and have some fun.

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Host an Afternoon Tea Party

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One of the most sophisticated bridal shower themes is an afternoon tea party. Make sure you have mini sandwiches alongside teapots filled with whatever drink you prefer. (Hint: It doesn’t have to be tea!)

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Design the Perfect Invite

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“Remember, any invitation is going to be the reflection and tone of the overall event,” explains Skaggs. “This allows a peek into what you have in mind so that guests can plan accordingly.”

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Keep the Guest List Small

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Keep in mind that this is a VIP-only event! “Since it’s more relaxed and intimate, you get to soak it all in," explains Skaggs. "Great food and decor definitely enhance this environment.”

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Tell a Story With the Decor

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Making your decor theme the star of the show is key. “Always look to tell a story, whether it is conceptual or personal,” says Skaggs. “Weave all the details into this tale—everything from florals to linens to lighting to food.”

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Experiment With Bold Colors

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Don’t hold back when it comes to color! After all, this is supposed to be a celebration, which means that you can be daring.

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Feature a Statement Centerpiece

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While we’re on the topic of decor, don't forget about the flowers. “Unique table options like connected serpentine or embellished square options are fun and out of the box," notes Skaggs.

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Don't Forget the Smaller Details

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Place attention on the small details in your decor. “If the staff are willing to help, provide all your decor in an organized manner," says Skaggs. "Provide images so that they know what it is supposed to look like."

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Consider Hiring the Wedding Caterers

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Skaggs suggests contacting the caterers hired for the wedding. “This is a great opportunity for them to flex their creative muscles and provide additional levels of service that may not have been an option for the wedding," she says.

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Put a Twist on the Classic Menu

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While everyone loves brunch staples, take it to the next level. “Twists on traditional favorites, like Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffles or peanut butter and jelly cocktails,” recommends Skaggs.

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Cater to All Dietary Requirements

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Find out about any dietary needs ahead of time. “There are many amazing options that are plant-based, gluten-free, or dairy-free,” says Skaggs. “If you’re offering a range of foods, make sure these are available."

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Get Creative With Presentation

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Showcasing the menu in a unique way makes the event memorable. “Presentation is a huge deal,” explains Skaggs. “As there are fewer guests than at the wedding, singular items like takeout boxes, walls, etc. are easy to produce.”

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Create a DIY Mimosa Bar

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Create your own mimosa bar to instantly "wow’" your guests. Start with some jugs of fresh orange juice, fresh fruit for garnish, and then get a cooler for the bottles of fizz. Cheers!

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Offer Mocktails

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Mocktails are a huge hit for those who choose not to indulge,” says Skaggs. “Alternatives like the Nojito, Cuddles on the Beach, Virgin Mary, and Bella Bellini provide the same flavor without the alcohol.”

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Play Personalized Games

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It’s time to have some fun with the ladies. “Any game that takes everyone down memory lane is always fun—especially since your guests may know you at different stages of your life,” says Skaggs.

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Book an Entertainer

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If you'd rather skip the games, consider hiring a form of entertainment to keep guests engaged. Some ideas include a tarot card reader, a comedian, or a celebrity impersonator.

When hiring an entertainer, consider the bride-to-be’s personality and taste. What would she find engaging? Answer that question and go from there.

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Decorate Desserts

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Another fun activity is having guests decorate their desserts. Each person gets a treat, such as a cake pop or cupcake, and is challenged with making it a showstopper. Of course, everyone gets to eat their sweet treat when it's done.

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Serve Up Some Cake

Pink bridal shower cake on table surrounded by bowls of candies and favor boxes

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Let them eat cake! Finish off the day with a stunning bridal shower cake that matches the overall theme of the event. You can use this work of art as a focal point in the room or ask the staff to bring it out as a surprise.

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