22 Bridal Hairstyles That Look Even Better with a Ribbon


Natalia Ibarra

When it comes to our favorite bridal hairstyles, less is more—but there's one small hair accessory that can take a look from pretty to gorgeous. We're talking about a classic hair ribbon. Whether your wedding day hairstyle of choice is loose waves or a raked back updo, a small piece of ribbon can transform your 'do. (You can even easily pair a satin bow with a hair accessory for the ultimate romantic beauty vibe.) The key is to loop the ribbon into a loose bow—or skip the bow altogether opting for just a simple knot and free-flowing ends—to give your look a modern, less juvenile effect.

When it comes to picking the perfect piece of ribbon you can make it personal and choose a cut of trim from your favorite dress or a relative's wedding gown. You can even opt for a monogrammed moment with a bow emblazoned with your soon-to-be new initials. There are countless ways to incorporate a ribbon into your bridal hairstyles and we've got just the inspiration you need.

Keep scrolling for 22 exquisitely ribboned looks to consider for your very own wedding day 'do.

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Top It Off

Bride in hat

Sara Lobla

A tiny fishtail with a pastel-colored ribbon makes this bridal hat look even more romantic. Who would have thought the combo would be so picture-perfect?

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Dainty Details

Ribboned bridal hair

Paulina Weddings Photography 

A delicate casading white ribbon adds a soft touch to a laid-back chignon. This dainty detail was wrapped around the bride's head for a bohemian vibe.

Experiment with varying lengths and widths of the ribbon to achieve massively different looks with very little effort.

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Go Sheer

Bridal hair

Alex Gaboury 

A classic black bow is always a good idea. We're loving the sheer texture of this one which adds a sexy, peek-a-boo touch.

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A Hint of Pink

Bridal portrait

Red Aspen Photography

An easy, breezy pony is instantly romantic with a velvety pink accent. This plush color picks up the pink hues in the dress and earrings while complementing the rest of the floral embroidery on that stunning dress. This garden-inspired look is an absolute dream.

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Caged Up

Bridal portrait


A birdcage veil with a ribbon accent is the perfect way to show off a shorter hair length.

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Consider Some Constrast

Ribbon hair

Getty Images 

Keep it simple—and showcase a pair of statement earrings—with a clean pony and a black bow. The stark contrast between the black accessories and lacey white gown is oh-so chic.

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Something Blue

Bridal braids

Inés Molina 

Top off a beautiful set of braids with a tiny strip that can also double as your something blue. This vibrant pop of color adds a playful surprise to the bridal ensemble.

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Parisian Inspired

Bridal hair

Alex Gaboury 

Play up the impact of your long locks with an equally long and thick bow. The black romantic ribbon tied around this twisted low ponytail has all the Parisian feels. Très magnifique, non?

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Accent with Tulle

Maria Baraza 2019 Bridal Collection

Maria Baraza 

What's the most bridal fabric you can think of? Tulle, duh! This tulle-wrapped chignon is exquisitely wedding appropriate and totally adorable to boot. Just picture the portraits with those flowy ends waving in the breeze.

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Wrap It Up

Bridal hair

Molly Sims 

This ribbon-wrapped ponytail is simultaneously edgy and romantic. The fashion-forward 'do is just as runway-ready as it is altar bound.

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Retro Glam

Bridal hair

NG Estudio by Natalia Garcia

We love it all: The retro vibe of the veil, the cool twisted chignon, and the coordinating ribbon to finish it off. The various textures—the feathered cap, the netted veil, the lace dress, the beaded neckline, the covered buttons, and the glossy ribbon—offer tons of dimension to this monochromatic look.

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A Headband Alernative

Temperley London AW17


Thick, wide ribbons are perfect for tying around your hair like a headband. This black velvet option adds a rich and sumptuous (and totally sweet) detail to the hairstyle.

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Pretty Plait

Bridal portrait

Sara Lobla

Embrace a boho-inspired look with a beautifully woven french braid, wispy bangs, and a satin ribbon at the very end. Braids and ribbon are a match made in heaven, you can even weave some of the ribbons through the plait for a surprising mix of color and texture amongst your locks.

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Natalia Ibarra 

Yes, you can still rock a hair accessory with your ribbon, and this bride makes a serious case for it.

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Double Duty

Lela Rose Bridal 2019

Taylor Jewell 

Why use a boring old elastic or hair tie to gather your tendrils when you can opt for something far more opulent and cool. Take note of this Lela Rose Bridal inspo and secure a low ponytail by tying a ribbon around the neck, holding the hair to the nape, and gaining a choker necklace in the process.

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Go Glitzy

Bride and baby

Sara Lobla

Sometimes you want a little glam in your hair but aren't much of a hairpin or tiara girl. Enter the metallic hair ribbon. A glitzy wrap around the base of your pony is a sleek way to inject some sparkle into your style without a heavy metal accessory.

Try different variations in fabrics, colors, and textures in your trim to play with the look. Velvet makes for a sumptuous addition while something organic, like burlap, takes on a rustic feel. Tulle is soft and ethereal whereas leather can toughen up a minimalist style.

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Frame Your Bun

Bridal hair

Molly Sims 

Circle a voluptuous bun with a thick glossy ribbon, like this one, and tie it in a pretty bow. The result is an eye-catching frame for your voluminous coif.

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Great Lengths


Lela Rose 

If there ever was a call for a light, summery breeze to sweep through your nuptials it's this. Imagine those long delicate strands billowing behind you as you exchange your vows or, better yet, while you make your grand entrance down the altar. For the proper execution of this dreamy look we believe longer is unquestionably better.

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Forgo the Bow

Maria Baraza 2019 Bridal Collection

Maria Baraza

No need for a bow when you can embellish a sporty-chic high ponytail with a loosely tied scarf. The epitome of effortless elegance. All you need is a vintage car for your very grand exit.

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Set Aside

Giambattista Valli SS20


Give your 'do a twist by tying a ribbon with the bow facing outwards. The subtle derivative of the usually centered approach will freshen up the overall vibe.

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From Below

Bridal hair


While most ribboned looks result in a delightful bow sitting prettily above a chignon or braid, this style takes an edgier approach.

By tying the bow beneath your bun you're allowing it to become the focal point while the ribbon takes a refreshing supportive role in the background.

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A Minimalist Vibe


James Autery 

This creative bride opted for a crisp, black accent to elevate the minimalist hairstyle. The contrasting addition was the perfect complement to the low back, beaded gown she wore for her modern warehouse wedding in Hudson, New York.

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