These Are the Biggest Hair and Makeup Trends for Brides in 2022

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Weddings in 2022 are back in full force, from celebs like Kourtney and Travis to all of your friends who’ve finally rescheduled since 2020. And after last year's trends of ultra-glam, super-extravagant, "OMG-I-finally-can-have-my-dream-wedding" hair and makeup, we’re starting to see things veer towards more classic glam—think natural, glowy makeup and hair that looks effortless. No more heavy contouring over here!

Gucci Westman, renowned makeup artist, and Westman Atelier co-founder and creative director adds, “I'm seeing that many brides are opting for classic looks that enhance their natural beauty rather than a big transformation, which I always suggest! To pull this together, go for flattering rosy shades on the cheeks, a mattifying bronzer to warm up the skin, and a "your lips but better" pop of color on the lips.”

Carolyn Barber and Elena Frankel, co-founders of Flyte.70 add, “A soft-focus, luminous finish is on trend this year due to the pared-down rituals we all gravitated towards during Covid lockdowns. Going from ‘pre-Covid’ heavily contoured, blurred faces to present-day natural but elevated vibes are what we’re seeing across the board from the everyday to the wedding day. Heavy coverage and contouring are officially overdone (for now). But the ‘no-makeup, makeup' look might not be quite enough for your wedding day either, so finding that sweet spot is key.”

Meet the Expert

  • Gucci Westman is a world-renowned makeup artist, and the co-founder and creative director of Westman Atelier, a clean beauty cosmetics line.
  • Carolyn Barber and Elena Frankel are the co-founders of Flyte.70, a modern, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty brand.
  • Alexandra Wilson is a bridal hair stylist with over 10 years of industry experience.
  • Danielle Priano is a Design Essentials Masterclass host and celebrity hairstylist, with clients like Vanessa Hudgens and Cara Delevingne.
  • Taylor Murphy is the retail and education manager at Velour Beauty, a prominent eye makeup and lash line.

As for hair, brides are opting for lots of volume and classic styles. Wedding hairstylist Alexandra Wilson notes, “Tousled updos, glam waves, and half-up styles seem to be the most popular choices for brides this year. All of these styles can be done in different ways but a common factor in all of them is volume. Brides are wanting fuller-looking updos and thicker-looking hair when they are wearing it down, [and] a great way to help achieve that would be to use NIOXIN Diamax Advanced treatment. It essentially increases the hair thickness of each strand.”

Ready to learn more? Keep reading for a breakdown of 2022’s best bridal makeup and hair trends you need to know.

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The 2022 Hair Trend: Tousled Updos


Photo by Brogen Jessup

Updos are here to stay, but with a messy, boho twist. And Wilson touts the tousled updo as one of the top wedding hair trends for 2022. “Brides are loving the tousled updo as it’s so romantic and soft looking, which really fits in line with many bridal gowns.” Danielle Priano, celebrity hairstylist and Design Essentials Masterclass host adds, “a messy chignon is a classic bridal look that is timeless and on-trend.” 

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The 2022 Hair Trend: Half Up, Half Down

half up half down bridal hairstyle

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photography

Half-up, half-down looks are one of the biggest trends of the 2020s, but in 2022, we’re predicting that the style will be given a braided treatment and tons of extra volume. “Brides are also styling their hair half up with braids in the upper section. The loose hair can be styled in free-flowing, loose waves for a classic bohemian style. Design Essentials has a great Sleek Max Edge Control to keep the hair down and tame any flyaways,” explains Priano. 

The best part? It’s a hair option that provides the best of both worlds—glamorously long hair and face-framing tendrils. “Half up is always popular as it provides brides with the comfort of having some of their hair down to frame their face," notes Wilson.

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The 2022 Hair Trend: The Bridal Pony

bridal ponytail

Photo by Laura Memory Photography & Videography

Bridal ponytails were a trend last year and they’re definitely here to stay, thanks to their effortlessly chic styling options. “Bridal ponys are trending! I foresee this becoming very popular as we continue on with 2022 weddings,” says Wilson. “A long ponytail braid with accessories or some loose strands can be seen often lately,” adds Priano. 

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The 2022 Makeup Trend: Beautifully Blushed Cheeks

glamorous bride

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

If you’ve spent any amount of time on makeup TikToks, you’ll know that blush is back in a big way, and bridal makeup is no exception. Barber and Frankel reveal, that “beautifully flushed, hazy cheeks have taken over, and again, is a response to the pre-Covid makeup trends of two years ago. It simply looks pretty, flattering, and romantic.”

To transform into a truly blushing bride, try a silky, buildable cream blush with a soft dry-down: Flyte.70’s HazyCheek.Creme in Tenderness (a warm rose); and for normal to oily skin, try ColorBack.Pressed Cheek Blush in Linger.

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The 2022 Makeup Trend: Glossy Complexions

glossy dewey skin

Photo by Socal Standard

As we’ve seen over the years, matte is out, and a glossy, dewy, freshly glazed donut look is in. Experts at Rodial say, “We are seeing that brides are opting for bright, natural, and dewy skin in 2022—it’s all about glossy and glowing complexion.”

Want your own glow? They recommend mixing their Rodial Soft Focus Glow Drops to create that effortless dewy base with no shimmer. All you have to do is mix them with moisturizer or apply them directly to the skin for a natural sheen.

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The 2022 Makeup Trend: Effortless, Natural Lashes

natural lashes

Photo by Adriana Rivera

We can safely say that the ultra-glam, extra-long lashes of the late-2010s are on their way out. And according to Velour Beauty’s retail and education manager, Taylor Murphy, we’re going effortless and natural in 2022. “Trends we generally see with bridal lashes are more of an effortless, natural look, which comes across as more romantic and flawless. Most brides want their eyes to pop, but not be overdone, so makeup artists usually go for a lash style that is timeless and accentuates the natural shape of their eye."

For those who want to replicate this trend, Murphy suggests, "specifically, ½ or ¾ length lashes achieve this as they aren’t overpowering on the eyes, and they offer just a hint of that whispie, soft look that is so stunning in photos. The Effortless Collection or Magnetic Collection would be the perfect option for brides as they both come on a ¾ length band, making them very easy to apply in just 2 steps!”

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The 2022 Makeup Trend: Earth-toned Smokey Eye

earth tones eyes

Photo by David Bastianoni Studio

Yup, smokey eyes are in! But this time, it’s all about the earth tones, not the grays and blacks you might be thinking of. “Earth-toned smoky eyes with a soft shimmer help create dimension and subtle drama while pairing well with gleaming peachy nude or soft milky rose-toned lips,” explains Barber and Frankel.

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