An Exclusive Preview of the Fall 2023 Bridal Fashion Week Collections

These are the gowns brides everywhere will soon be wearing.

anne barge bridal sketch

Courtesy of Anne Barge

Our favorite time of year is almost here! If you don't already know, this season, New York Bridal Fashion Week will take place from October 11 to October 13, 2022. At Brides, we take Bridal Fashion Week pretty seriously (as you could imagine), and we're so excited to not only view the newest collections from our favorite designers, but also bring you the latest updates, trends, and more

As the world reopens and large-scale celebrations become the standard once again, we've seen designers take full advantage of "the return to normalcy", creating gowns worthy of being deemed as a showstopper. Not only that, but based on the inspiration provided for the Fall 2023 season, brands are curating collections that speak to their role in, and perception of, today's society—the changing of seasons, the journey a bride takes down the aisle, and the personification of femininity and elegance (to name a few).

So in anticipation of the Fall 2023 Bridal Fashion Week collections, here's an exclusive preview of a few looks that are set to debut. And for more Bridal Fashion Week content, continue to check back with Brides for updated coverage.

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amsale bridal sketch

Courtesy of Amsale

"The ambience of this season’s AMSALE Fall 2023 collection is misty, moody and emotion-evoking, taking brides on a journey for their wedding day both literally and figuratively" - Michael Cho, head designer

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Andrea Osei BRIDE

Andrea Osei sketch

Courtesy of Andrea Osei

"When creating Andrea Osei BRIDE, I was deeply inspired by clean lines, structure, and textures. I set out to create an air of bridal fantasy that still felt bold and modern. The collection as a whole takes a bride on a journey that embodies 'the Essence of Luxury Bridal'" - Andrea Osei, founder and designer

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Andrew Kwon

andrew kwon sketch

Courtesy of Andrew Kwon

"Building upon the brand’s eveningwear debut, the Andrew Kwon Collection 4 - Rarefied bridal collection offers an array of pieces that allow for each bride to feel red carpet-ready. Drawing a similar inspiration to the aforementioned collection, Kwon turned to the iconic 2004 Chanel No. 5 commercial featuring actress Nicole Kidman for his bridal collection as well. He wants his brides to feel the star power and elegance of a Hollywood A-lister." - Andrew Kwon

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Anne Barge

Anne Barge sketch

Courtesy of Anne Barge

“For the Anne Barge Fall 2023 Bridal Collection, I reflected on the beauty and serenity of the countryside—whether the lush meadows of England or the rolling hills of Kentucky where I grew up.” - Shawne Jacobs, founder and designer

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Arava Polak

Arava Polak sketch

Courtesy of Arava Polak

“Fresh, original, organic designs embody Arava Polak bridal gowns, accentuating every bride’s natural beauty that radiates from within. 'Fields of Halo' speaks her own language, the language of nature.” - Arava Polak

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Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka sketch

Courtesy of Badgley Mischka

“Our brides are more individual than ever, and that is the major inspiration for the collection. She wants to make a personal statement, and the collection offers her several unique ways to create her memory—all with the classic BADGLEY MISCHKA style and elegance.” - Mark Badgley and James Mischka, founders and designers

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berta bridal sketches

Courtesy of Berta

"It's a game of power, edge, and elegance—dedicated to the bride in want of a lavish, royalty-like premiere night of her new life, her wedding day. This season Berta wanted to keep it clean and classy, edgy and sexy, flirtatious and modern. While drawing inspiration from fabrics from all across the world and embracing the ideas of the renaissance, this collection exemplifies power, beauty, elegance, and modernism. With different necklines, and sexy slits combined with design elements and materials that accentuate the female figure which became Berta's core signature value and goal over the years when designing the next bridal statement. The FW23 collection is an empowering force of nature that is meant to inspire others to continue to create and is a reminder of what it is all about." - Berta

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Dana Harel

dana harel wedding sketch

Courtesy of Dana Harel

"Dana Harel’s Fall 2023 Collection is influenced by a balance between 19th-century fashion combined with elements of 90s glam. A parallel of royal corsetry, defined craftsmanship, and luxurious fabrications—along with unapologetic sensuality, figure-flattering silhouettes, and modern designs. The collection has a bold presence, but is also delicate in nature." - Dana Harel, founder and designer 

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Enaura Bridal

Enaura Bridal bridal sketch

Courtesy of Enaura Bridal 

"Introducing 'Zephyr', the 10-year anniversary collection from Enaura Bridal. Inspired by soft, gentle movements, 'Zephyr' combines delicate fabrics with ornate detailing." - Enaura Bridal 

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Francesca Miranda

Francesca Miranda sketch

Courtesy of Francesca Miranda

"Each Francesca Miranda gown is hand-made in our atelier using the most exquisite fabrics and artisanal craftsmanship, that defines the brand and translates to a gown that as I see it, has an exquisite mix between classic and contemporary femininity.“ - Francesca Miranda, founder and designer

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Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav sketch

Courtesy of Galia Lahav

"This collection summons Couture grandeur in praise of leading ladies who defined a decade in American history, bringing full Hollywood glam and showcasing an ensemble of sublime feminine silhouettes. Princess ballgowns serve you a Grace Kelly moment, with sumptuous bejeweled cinched bodices [and] elongating drop waistlines accompanied by netted gloved sleeves; co-starring along regal voluminously layered skirts—embellished or pleated—in silk tulle. Prepare to be dazzled as Galia Lahav reinvents the GOLDEN AGE. It lies before, not behind us." - Galia Lahav

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Gemy Maalouf

Gemy Maalouf bridal sketch

Courtesy of Gemy Maalouf

"The Fall 2023 Collection is the culmination of creativity inspired by female artists recognized throughout the world for their incredible contribution to all forms of art. Choosing art as the theme of our 2023 Bridal Collection is a way to celebrate this beauty in different mediums, allowing us to recenter the female perception and pay tribute to the female artists who inspire our work." - Gemy Maalouf

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Halfpenny London

Halfpenny London bridal sketch

Courtesy of Halfpenny London

"This delicious cupcake of a dress was inspired by a bride I worked with on a bespoke gown a few years ago. The Sadie gown has layers of tulle gathered to create a magical, fluffy skirt—that is juxtaposed with a clean, sleek bodice, cut shorter at the center front to show off an incredible pair of shoes! So light and easy to wear, this gown is an homage to my bride and her effortless style. - Kate Halfpenny, founder and designer

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Hermione de Paula

Hermione de Paula bridal sketch

Courtesy of Hermione de Paula

"Entitled ‘Lunar Garden’ the 2023 Couture Collection is inspired by the concept of the moon, sea, and stars as a harmonious natural governance." - Hermione de Paula

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honor bridal sketch

Courtesy of Honor

"This collection started with the idea of corsets or the lack thereof, how they symbolize a contradiction between the expression of beauty and restriction. I was thinking a lot about where we are at this moment in time, the exaggeration of the female form, layering, and texture." - Honor

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HOUGHTON bridal sketch

Courtesy of HOUGHTON

"Houghton’s 'Spencer' Gown, named after Spencer Tracey, Katharine Hepburn’s co-star. This gown was inspired by a look that Katharine (Polk) found in Katharine Hepburn's archives. This gown is the epitome of her love of men's vests combined with a ruffled skirt. Katharine then elevated the look and took the design further—the final gown will be executed in multiple layers of raw silk organza to achieve a scalloped effect layering each ruffle to create an elaborate beautiful full skirt paired with a fitted corset vest top combing menswear tailoring with evening feminine details." - HOUGHTON

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Inbar Freiman

Inbar Freiman sketch

Courtesy of Inbar Freiman

“The 2023 Collection, Ivory Mist, reflects the soft and graceful qualities of the sea. The collection’s natural silk and chiffon fabrics are inspired by the ease of the ocean waves. As waves calmly crash upon the shore, the gowns drape seamlessly along the bride's silhouette.” - Inbar Freiman

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Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo bridal sketch

Courtesy of Ines Di Santo

“For my Fall 2023 collection, 'Illuminated Soirée', Murano Chandeliers are the centerpiece of my inspiration as I’ve long admired their unparalleled craftsmanship, sophisticated yet whimsical use of color, and ability to spark imagination. The ability to trigger a childlike sense of wonder is why I looked to them to inspire the opulence of this season’s collection.” – Ines Di Santo, founder and designer

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Jenny Yoo by Jenny Yoo

Jenny Yoo by Jenny Yoo bridal sketch

Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

"We were inspired by the confidence and independence of our modern bride to create sensual details, dramatic slits, and delicate cutouts that add drama and romance." - Jenny by Jenny Yoo

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Jenny Yoo Collection

jenny yoo collection bridal sketch

Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

"This season was about exploration of the DNA of Jenny Yoo over the past 20 years. We looked to create new signature pieces cultivating glamour and elevated draping details." - Jenny Yoo Collection

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Julie Vino

Julie Vino bridal sketch

Courtesy of Julie Vino

"This season my collection is highly feminine incorporating luxury embellishments such as crystals and pearls, accompanied with body contouring shapes that will make my brides feel glamorous and the best version of themselves. I am always one for unlikely chic and sexy elements: a plunging low back or illusion lace" - Julie Vino, founder and designer

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Justin Alexander Signature

Justin Alexander Signature sketch

Courtesy of Justin Alexander Signature

"The Justin Alexander Signature Fall/Winter 2023 collection, Garden of Love, draws inspiration from Italian Renaissance gardens. Known for their beauty, these gardens exude romance, sophistication, and attention to detail, in the same way our new collection was crafted. The season begins with our signature modern styling with unexpected elements, such as sheer backs and sides, sculpted exposed corsetry, thigh-high slits, and sultry low backs. It then builds into romantic couture craftsmanship with fashion-forward floral appliqués, bold textures, and opulent hand-beading that emits a subtle sparkle. This collection marries romance and modern sophistication in a style that embraces the elegance of these Tuscan gardens." - Justin Alexander Signature

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Katherine Tash

Katherine Tash bridal sketch

Courtesy of Katherine Tash

"There was so much 'blossoming' happening in every area of my life this year. Exponential growth that felt beautiful, hard, intentional, necessary, all of the big things all at once—and topped off with an engagement in the South of France this summer. I joked a lot with my fiancé that it felt like being fed through a fire hose of emotions. But isn’t that what we’re striving for with our lives? To feel it all, and learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves little by little? To experience the world with open eyes, through love, and take it all in. I think this collection is a reflection of setting those intentions. This year I received so much of what I had hoped for and worked for in my life. Designing the collection felt like a moment to lean into that pure happiness and enjoy the fruits of my labors. I was finally, In Bloom." - Katherine Tash, founder and designer

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Kelly Faetanini

Kelly Faetanini bridal sketch

Courtesy of Kelly Faetanini

"This season, I found inspiration in the character of Carrie Bradshaw and her fearless and timeless fashion choices. I had a lot of fun working with draping techniques that create exaggerated accents that are playful and feminine. We also have some Carrie-worthy textures and colors, including black, blush, and feathers. I am excited to share this collection with you as we commemorate a decade of bridal fashion from the Kelly Faetanini brand." – Kelly Faetanini, founder and designer

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Kim Kassas Couture

Kim Kassas Couture bridal sketch

Courtesy of Kim Kassas Couture

"Time-traveling back to the en vogue 1950s and 1960s, Kim Kassas revisits—and reimagines—the glamour, opulence, and romance of the City of Lights with the new Fall 2023 bridal collection. Overflowing with exuberantly bold, yet delicate-as-air, layers-upon-layers of silk taffeta, the collection pulls inspiration from the seductive fashion, culture, and vibes of elegant mid-century life en Paris. - The Kim Kassas Team

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Lihi Hod

Lihi Hod bridal sketches

Courtesy of Lihi Hod

"The inspiration behind my new collection 'Diamonds and Rust' is the image of the wild, free-spirited woman of the sixties. Picture a sexy bohemian aura, mystical moments, wild roses, sweet-scented candles, blaring music, and fearless dancing into the night. An inspiration that finds its voice in Joan Baez’s soundtrack 'Diamonds and Rust.'" – Lihi Hod, founder and designer

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Madeline Gardner sketch

Courtesy of Madeline Gardner

"It’s always been a dream of mine to present and design bridal gowns at the couture level. I am so excited to launch my new couture bridal collection, MADELINE, this upcoming season. The collection is inspired by beauty from within and the concept of being beautiful from both the inside and out. The gowns are designed not just to be stunning on the outside, but a tremendous amount of detail goes into the interior construction of each gown. A variety of silhouettes, from leg-bearing columns to frothy princess ballgowns and exquisitely draped fishtails, shape the collection." – Madeline Gardner, founder and designer

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Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Madeline Gardner bridal sketch

Courtesy of Madeline Gardner

"The Spring 2023 Morilee Empire Collection was inspired by the edgy spirit of New York, combined with the romantic essence of bridal for a collection like no other: soft and delicate yet fierce and strong. Full of both over-the-top ballgowns and strikingly simplistic styles, all combined with our signature touch of romance. This collection sees a return to bridal trends of the past, making them new and fresh again. I’ve taken traditional touches and mixed them with unexpected elements, creating designs that are meant to excite and inspire. The Empire collection is dynamic, romantic, and diversified, just like my brides from around the world." – Madeline Gardner, founder and designer

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Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal sketch

Courtesy of Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

"To celebrate our new home in Mexico, my husband and I went up to the rooftop to enjoy a glass of wine. We were met with the most incredible sorbet-colored sunset, which was the starting point for this season's collection. I incorporated subtle ombre colors and textures inspired by nature into the Fall 2023 collection." - Nadia Manjarrez, founder and designer

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Peter Langner

Peter Langner bridal sketch

Courtesy of Peter Langner

“While designing the ‘AWAKE’ Collection, Peter Langner drew from within his childhood memories with careful attention to touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. Langner is not only presenting unique and beautiful gowns, but an entire experience.” – Peter Langner Milano

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Rixo Bridal Fashion Week Sketch

Courtesy of Rixo

“The inspiration behind RIXO’s fourth bridal collection is 1930's Hollywood Glamour. Our pieces are always vintage-inspired, and we’ve used vintage fabrics and trims to craft the collection.” — Orlagh McCloskey, RIXO co-founder

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SCORCESA bridal sketch

Courtesy of SCORCESA

“A timeless bride is a modern bride.” - Charles Dieujuste, founder and designer

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Sophie et Voilà

Sophie et Voilà

Courtesy of Sophie et Voilà

"Luxury is time—the time invested in the creation of each of these dresses. Luxury is knowing that only the most skilled hands are capable of shaping these garments. These embroidered textiles, these artisanal appliqués. Every single stitch. Luxury is the art that Sophie et Voilà aspires to with their Couture line, by highlighting artisanal crafts, culture, and experience as their work philosophy. The introduction of the line is comprised of eight pieces that come in white, as well as a range of colors, and are made from the most exclusive fabric sourced and the most intricate patterns drawn up by the company to date. These transformable dresses, mini dresses, and coats are of the highest quality produced by us so far—and though they are soaked in the DNA of our brand, they indicate our evolution towards a more delicate and elaborate style of dressmaking." - Sofía Arribas, creative director, and Saioa Goitia, CEO

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Stefania Everenn

Stefania Everenn bridal sketch

Courtesy of Stefania Everenn

"At Stefania Everenn, Fall 2023 is full of clean lines and sophisticated shapes while still providing an unexpected twist in a deep slit, hidden pockets, or an oversized bow. Just as life and love are full of surprises, our gowns will embrace the joy in each of these moments." - Stephanie Pennington, founder and designer

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The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo

The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo bridal sketch

Courtesy of The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo

"The Bridal by The Atelier’s new collection, Paradise, is surrounded in the light of The Divine Comedy, Dante once said: express the love and affection to your dearly beloved. The Divine Comedy love is a pure and elegant love that every one of us thinks that’s how love should be, but it is actually obnubilated with our very own yearnings. We deconstructed and spliced each fantasy image with different textured fabrics, and created the beautiful creation of The Divine Comedy on each design with metal threads in different shades of colors. The celestial astrological patterns are also added with a strong art deco style which creates a mysterious, noble, sensual, and ethereal aura to the collection." - The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo

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THEIA bridal sketch

Courtesy of THEIA

"The THEIA Autumn 2023 bridal collection boldly expands upon its modern wedding vernacular with loose nods to an avian theme, where voluminous appliqués and sculptural details mimic characteristics apparent in nature." - THEIA


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