Meet the New Wedding Dresses Brides Everywhere Will Be Wearing Next Year

A preview into the Fall 2022 Bridal Fashion Week Collections.

wedding dress

Courtesy of Amsale

Happy Bridal Fashion Week! Our favorite bi-annual event is finally upon us and we couldn't be more excited! This season, some of the latest and greatest bridal designers are set to debut their Fall 2022 collections—and if you haven't experienced the glitz, glam, and glory of this magnificent weeklong event (or even if you have), we're here to help kick start your journey.

Starting on October 5, 2021, brands and designers like Marchesa, Grace Loves Lace, WONA Concept, and Scorcesa will grace the runway (both in-person and virtual), revealing looks brides everywhere will be rushing to wear. Even more, the collections will establsih the top fashion and accessory trends for brides to follow in 2022 and beyond.

So, to commemorate the start of our favorite season, we've rounded up a special sneak peek into some of the newest designs set to hit the runway. Keep scrolling for a first look, and don't forget to check back with Brides to see the full Fall 2022 collections as they're released.

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Allison Webb


Courtesy of Allison Webb

"This collection emphasizes understated luxury. I wanted to focus on what the brand is known for: Craftsmanship, construction, timelessness, and sophistication. Luxurious jacquard and Mikado fabrics are present throughout—and are accompanied by modern patterns and lightweight, fully embroidered gowns. There is a little bit of something for everyone!" - Allison Webb

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Courtesy of Amsale

"The architectural lines and silhouettes of the AMSALE Fall 2022 collection are inspired by Old World artistic bas relief designs that adorn the architecture of ancient civilizations. The refined structure is contrasted with nature-inspired movement, texture, and detail; I was influenced by forest streams, flora that blooms along mossy pebbles, ribbed aquatic mushroom caps and the tails of butterfly koi fish." - Michael Cho, designer at Amsale

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Andrew Kwon

wedding dress

Courtesy of Andrew Kwon

“For Collection 2, I looked back at moments over the past year and how dreams are still possible. How the fantasy becomes reality. And that women still seek beauty. The pieces are filled with touches of the constant, yet continually changing. Mimicking the effect of clouds floating in the sky, structured silhouettes are softened through contrasting textures. There are allusions to the glistening waterfronts of Marseille with juxtapositions of glittering, gossamer-like lace with sensual silks. Our woman seeks a new idea of celebration rooted in refinement. Gliding effortlessly with grace. And joy. There’s a presence of emotion. Of purpose. Of occasion. Throughout, the collection connects to the idea of place—the rolling hills of Provençe, the green mountains of Monaco, the skyline of Manhattan. Demure pastels—tart chartreuse, muted aquamarine, and easy buttercup—enliven with civility and connect back to nature. Together, it’s a portrait of memories—past, present, and future—meant for today and tomorrow." - Andrew Kwon

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Anne Barge

anne barge

Courtesy of Anna Barge

“For Fall 2022, we wanted to build on our previous collection, but enhanced with a touch of 1930’s glamour. Silhouettes are sensuous and elegant—we love low, square-front bodices with plunging backs—and our fabrics include satin crepe, floral brocades, and Italian organza. It’s glamorous and statement-making, but in a refined, timeless way.” - Shawne Jacobs, president and creative director of Anne Barge

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Courtesy of Berta

"We all dream of having that Cinderella moment when we grow up. A moment that will transcend time. Whether you want a boho wedding, a bold ball gown, or a fitted figure-hugging dress, the new FW22 BERTA collection is the embodiment of that dream. This season, we’ve experimented with new and unique fabrics, rarely seen in bridal fashion, while keeping in mind the modern bride who wants a touch of vintage glam, allure, and a bold statement moment. The new BERTA collection is a celebration of the feminine silhouette." - Berta Balilti, founder and designer of BERTA

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Blush by Francesca Avila

Blush by Francesca Avila

Courtesy of Blush by Francesca Avila

"Francesca Avila Pitera rejoins the creative helm of JLM Couture’s beloved Blush collection. The collection byline will be called Blush by Francesca Avila, nodding to her family’s maiden name and Spanish heritage. Bringing an elevated sense of romance and innovation, Francesca’s designs will infuse Blush with a fresh perspective, characterized by effortless elegance and femininity." - JLM Couture

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Dana Harel

dana harel

Courtesy of Dana Harel

"Women building up women has been a common theme this past year. The La Femme collection is created to encapsulate the true meaning behind being a strong, independent woman. Having a daughter of her own, Dana was inspired to produce a powerful line that every woman feels confident, feminine, and poised in. The basis of La Femme is influenced by world-renowned Italian actress Sophia Loren. Her effortless confidence and beauty is at the essence of this collection." - Dana Harel

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David's Bridal

david's bridal

Courtesy of David's Bridal

“For Spring ’22, we are excited to showcase our latest, exclusive collection which weaves David’s Bridal’s signature luxe sensibility with a romantic whimsy. We leaned into trends that not only inspire our brides but offer unexpected details to create something truly memorable just for her. The collection features ethereal A-lines, boudoir bodices, feminine sleeves, soft tulle fit & flares, detachable overskirts and trains, jumpsuits, alternate hemlines, and color alternatives—like black and blue—as well as an expanded illusion skin tone option. This exquisite collection has something for every bride on her big day and beyond.” - Heather McReynolds, vice president, general merchandising manager, bridal and dresses at David's Bridal

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Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav

Courtesy of Galia Lahav

"Just in time for a new episode, this season brings more excitement and action into our real lives after spending months watching shows that made us dream. Design duo, Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever say it is time to star in your own Telenovela and take the leading role. Breaking free from lockdowns and quarantine, yes, time to PARTY, not in front of your television or in small private gatherings, the world opens up to a thrilling chapter, your own." - Galia Lahav

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Grace Loves Lace


Courtesy of Grace Loves Lace

Since I founded GRACE ten years ago, I’ve spent years watching women in their dress appointment being torn between the classic sophisticated gown and the fun sexy gown. I thought to myself, what if the dress could represent all sides of our personality? The fun and the serious, the sexy and the conservative, the adventurous and the classic, the soft and the bold, the calm and the crazy. And so, that’s exactly what Coco Loco does.” - Megan Ziems, founder and creative director of Grace Loves Lace

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Halfpenny London


Courtesy of Halfpenny London

"The Orchid skirt with its matching puffy sleeves are made of meters and meters of watercolor printed silk organza. The lightness of the organza floats delicately over a petticoat of layers and layers of tulle with a peplum from the waist to make it bouncy and full. Such drama and magic in this beautiful look. Bringing the princess silhouette well and truly back." - Kate Halfpenny, founder and designer of Halfpenny London

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Courtesy of Houghton

"Debuting at NYBW for 2021 Season 1, Katharine Polk has taken the reins of her groundbreaking brand Houghton, founded in 2011. As the creative director, Polk has pumped new energy and creativity into the business and has merged it with her namesake brand Katharine Polk to create a powerhouse bridal brand—for the independent woman Katharine has been dressing for over 10 years. Polk will bring back her classic Houghton styles that exude the brand's DNA while tapping into the archives to design new boundary-pushing collections." - Houghton

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Ines di Santo


Courtesy of Ines di Santo

“For me, this collection is about remembering all the moments of my life that led me to this point and celebrating how the best memories were always centered around family. Whether it has been my God-given family or the one I’ve created along the way, family is everything and has always been at the root of my happiness. It inspires me to keep moving forward.” - Ines Di Santo

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Jenny Yoo

jenny yoo

Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

"Reminiscent of the glamorous Gatsby era, the collection marries modern, architectural seams and silhouettes with sexy illusion tulle details and romantic beaded florals." - Jenny Yoo

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Jenny by Jenny Yoo

 Jenny by Jenny Yoo

Courtesy of Jenny by Jenny Yoo

"Incorporating textural applique, laces, and sumptuous fabrications, the collection’s ultra-modern adorned silhouettes were inspired by a return to nature." - Jenny Yoo

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Justin Alexander Signature

wedding dress

Courtesy of Justin Alexander Signature

"The Justin Alexander Signature Fall/Winter 2022 Icons Collection, honors remarkable women who have made waves through the centuries and forged a path for future generations. Inspired by trailblazers like Justin's grandmother Shirley, who co-led the family's journey into bridal back in the 1940s, we pay tribute to global changemakers with unfaltering spirits. From activists and artists to heroines and Hollywood legends - these women have brought positive change to this world in very different ways, each delivering a powerful legacy. Like the women we pay tribute to, every gown in this new series makes its own striking statement; allowing our Signature brides to come to life through every detail. Prominent sleeves and necklines bring confidence, distinctive laser-cut embroideries, hidden mini skirts and pop-in linings are bold and daring. Clusters of tonal embellishments, luxurious textures, gold metal trims, and 3-D floral laces offer impressive finishes for the bride after a wedding day look that will continue to inspire for years to come." - Justin Alexander Signature

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Katherine Tash

wedding dress

Courtesy of Katherine Tash

“'You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you'. - Pride and Prejudice // I fell in love this year, and I wanted to create a collection that felt like love in all ways—love for your partner, and self-love. This new collection is a celebration of love and the female form. If the past year taught me anything, it was to simplify, both in life and in design. I learned so much about myself, and about my brides, and focused the direction of our brand into what women were telling me that they want - modern gowns, with classic undertones and supportive structure. We used silk fabrics that drape in easy silhouettes against the body but still have supportive interiors built-in, and maintained our classic balance of trend conscious but not trend driven design. Our gowns are for the woman who knows who she is, she appreciates design and quality, and wants to look singularly herself on her wedding day." - Katherine Tash

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wedding dress

Courtesy of Lazaro

"The Lazaro bride is a very sophisticated, fashion-savvy bride who understands fine fabrics. I want to highlight the inner beauty of all my brides. This is one of the most special days of their life and it is a true privilege to be a part of it!" - Lazaro Perez, founder and designer of Lazaro

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Lihi Hod

wedding dress

Courtesy of Lihi Hod

"Dreams 2021, an invitation to celebrate the feminine body. To allow free movement and ease, and to dream of new beginnings. Always inspired by French romantic style with its light boho-chic, timeless aesthetic, full of optimistic spirit, youth, and love for natural beauty. The collection was designed to serve the bride in her first steps - celebrating life and the world around her." - Lihi Hod

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Madeline Gardner

wedding dress

Courtesy of Madeline Gardner

"A return to refined romance, inspired by iconic women like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Clean and sleek silhouettes can be found this season throughout my collection with glimmers of mystique and surprise." - Madeline Gardner

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wedding dress

Courtesy of Marchesa

"The F/w22 Marchesa Bridal Couture collection is inspired by the John Singer Sargent painting “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose”, 1986-5. It’s a beautiful late summer portrait of children playing amongst flowers and glowing paper lanterns in an enchanted English garden. Gorgeous blooms in fading sunlight evokes a warm atmosphere, embracing the coming of autumn and the changing of colors in twilight." - Georgina Chapman, creative director and co-founder of Marchesa

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Marchesa Notte

wedding dress

Courtesy of Marchesa

"This season the Marchesa Notte Bridal Collection is a celebration of timeless elegance. Encrusted rose embellishments adorn the bodices of a-line dresses with sweeping scalloped hems; An embroidered duchess satin, carefully laser cut in floral motifs form a light yet structured ball gown; pebbled organza 3D flower appliqués and tulle ruffle textures create soft yet voluminous ball gowns that feel light and ethereal." - Georgina Chapman, creative director and co-founder of Marchesa Notte

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Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

wedding dress

Courtesy of Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

"Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing porcelain with metal, often gold or silver. The broken pieces are thought to be more beautiful for having been broken. After losing my dad from Covid, it felt like the perfect representation of life imitating art. As I picked up the broken pieces, I poured everything into creating something beautiful. I incorporated ethereal chiffon detachable layers, French laces, silk, and beaded appliques accompanying heavier Italian crepes and crystal fringe edges. Irregular cuts, metallic fabrics, style lines and touches of silver are meticulous details sewn throughout the pieces, a soft reference to Kintsugi."- Nadia Manjarrez, founder and creative director of Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

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Odylyne The Ceremony

wedding dress

Courtesy of Odylyne The Ceremony

"I am often inspired by magic and fairytales with a twist. Like Valerie, blossoming into womanhood, she experiences many strange effects and visions when she puts on a pair of magical earrings. This collection also feels this way for us. We want the bride that chooses one of these gowns to feel transformed from the feeling of normalcy to all the elements that transcend magic and the unknown. Ultimately that the future is her fantasy that feels limitless." - Stephanie White, founder and designer of Odylyne The Ceremony

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wedding dress

Courtesy of PatBO

"Designed for her most important life moments from wedding weekend to wedding day with the brand’s signature hand-embroidery and sophisticated cutouts." - Patricia Bonaldi, founder and designer of PatBO

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Peter Langner

wedding dress

Courtesy of Peter Langner

“Our new collection is a modern twist on timeless design- more architectural shapes, innovative necklines, and meticulous attention to detail for a woman who is looking for the unique and unforgettable. A mix of exquisite textures and handcrafted techniques create a tea-length gown of linen, raffia, and silver lace or a wispy woven chiffon gown enveloped by a silk Mikado jacket. Our passion for detail and luxe fabric and our love for precise, elegant design are what distinguishes our Spring/Summer 2022 Bridal and Evening collection.” - Peter Langner

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Rebecca Vallance

Rebecca Vallance

Courtesy of Rebecca Vallance

“My Bridal 'En Blanc' collection is based on the notion that I wanted to explore dresses that are for every occasion - the full spectrum from minimalist to maximalist dresses. I want to dress our bride in a gown for her ceremony, but we also want to provide pieces she might need for her many surrounding events: the engagement party, the rehearsal dinner, the reception, and the after-party. This collection has a dress for everyone. 

The Rebecca Vallance woman is bold⁠, and the bride is no exception. We designed the collection around 1940’s dramatic oversized taffeta bows mixed with textural crepe to give a dramatic look. Combining unique fabrications is what we do best. Our Japanese Chantilly lace mixed with our form-fitting crepe wraps around the body to give an elegant silhouette. The silk devore mixed with the ostrich feathers brings a sleek addition to bridal this season.“ - Rebecca Vallance, creative director

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RIVINI by Rita Vinieris

wedding dress

Courtesy of RIVINI by Rita Vinieris

“Inspired by a new era where extravagance meets simplicity. Where expression of individuality through little puffs of pleasure give a connection to the tangible world.” - Rita Vinieris, founder of RIVINI and Alyne by Rita Vinieris

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Sareh Nouri

wedding dress

Courtesy of Sareh Nouri

"Sareh Nouri hopes each bride is transformed into a magical world of emotion and whimsy. This collection looks to spark inspiration into each bride and their partner's love story, making these gowns the missing piece to their fairy tale." - Sareh Nouri

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Courtesy of Scorcesa

"For this collection, I was inspired by the nostalgic romantic era of the 18th-century picturesque backdrop of the lush mountainous countryside of Mole Saint-Nicholas, Haiti." - Charles Dieujuste, founder and designer of Scorcesa 

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Sophie et Voilà

wedding dress

Courtesy of Sophie et Voilà

"Sophie et Voilà was born with an aspiration for timelessness that we are clearly achieving. The ICON Collection breathes minimalism and non-fashion style, two concepts that 21st-century brides have made their own. Every year, we reissue some styles from our old collections giving them a new look, more contemporary styles, and more fashionable content—demonstrating that classic design is independent of trends and is capable of lasting in time. That, in addition to character, is sustainability. At Sophie et Voilà we never forget our commitment to the planet and that is why we do not discard any design, but rather we adapt it to new needs. Personality, consciousness, and timelessness are the three pillars on which we base this new ICONS capsule." - Sofía Arribas, creative director, and Saioa Goitia, CEO, of Sophie et Voilà

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Stefania Everenn

wedding dress

Courtesy of Stefania Everenn

"The Stefania Everenn debut collection boasts romantic shapes, timeless designs, and modern features. With versatility, quality, and size inclusivity as priorities, this collection allows brides to find a dress for multiple occasions including their wedding day, engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon. Crafted in the heart of New York City, we take inspiration from the practicality of everyday life and the dreams we hold inside." - Stephanie Pennington, founder and designer of  Stefania Everenn

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Theia Bridal

wedding dress

Courtesy of Theia Bridal

“The Autumn 2022 THEIA Bridal collection continues to explore a modern sensibility inspired by nature and light.  Delicately beaded gowns, hand-placed appliques, and floral textiles mimic organic shapes contrasting with architecture, as found in the New York Botanical Garden.  A fascination with the natural world provokes a playfulness among minimalist aesthetics with maximum impact. The collection evokes the kind of serenity only found in nature.” – Karin Gardkvist, design director of Theia Bridal 

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wedding dress

Courtesy of Verdin

"I am very excited to introduce THE ROYAL COLLECTION for Fall 2022. I was inspired by the fantasy of royal weddings throughout history. My vision of these romantic and timeless brides is reimagined by pairing the classic silhouettes with modern touches. I created gowns with dimensional textured flowers, dramatic sleeves, and detachable trains in airy organza so my brides will feel like royalty without the weight. With Princess Diana serving as a muse I hope to bring the spirit of this collection forward with her same strength and grace. Gustavo Nunez, creative director and founder of VERDIN BRIDAL NEW YORK

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WONA Concept

wedding dress

Courtesy of WONA Concept

"The new white-line collection by WONA Concept, named Love in the City, consists of 41 magnificent wedding gowns of diverse styles and materials. The collection introduces 19 A-silhouette gowns, 17 mermaid styles, 3 lush ball gowns, and 2 midi-length dresses. The special feature of the collection is hidden in detachable capes and boleros, that enrich a single dress with double sensation. Dresses of the collection are featured with lightweight fabrics, a large variety of embellishments, a combination of colors, and experiments with length." - WONA Concept

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Wtoo by Watters

wedding dress

Courtesy of Wtoo by Watters

"The second you step outside, a warm tropical air surrounds you—the perfect setting for a tropical daydream. Bright florals and lush palms tucked around every corner, so we followed suit with this collection. Hints of blooms are hidden throughout the designs, bright notes of coral-colored roses, beautifully adorned bodices of rosebuds, dramatic skirts resembling flowers that are ready to burst, and beading that glistens like the morning dew. We did not shy away from color nor texture, as this collection embraces exotic elements and surprising combinations." - Vatana Watters, creative director, and Sydney Watters Dunbar, style director, of Wtoo by Watters

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