Meet the New Wedding Dresses 2020 Brides Will Be Wearing

See the gorgeous gowns about to debut at Bridal Fashion Week.

Marchesa Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Marchesa

Listen up, 2020 brides: If you haven't started shopping for your wedding dress yet, your journey begins right here! A whole slew of new wedding dresses are about to debut at Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020—and we have a special sneak peek!

Later this week, you might just see your dream dress hit the runway at Bridal Fashion Week, the time of year when all of your favorite bridal designers debut their newest collections of bridal gowns and ensembles. And to help kick start your wedding dress shopping experience, we scored the secret wedding sketches of designers like Marchesa, Hayley Paige, Lela Rose, Pnina Tornai, and more to give you the first look at all the new wedding dresses and freshest bridal trends that are about to be revealed.

So if you set a 2020 wedding date, keep scrolling to see the gorgeous new gowns brides will soon be wearing down the aisle. And be sure to follow our editors @brides on Instagram later this week, as we take you along to the Bridal Fashion Week runway shows and give you all the behind-the-scenes action!

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Lela Rose

Lela Rose Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Lela Rose

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Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Inbal Dror

"My inspiration derives from my belief that the bride glows on her wedding day with a halo, making her the center of a spiritual event. She is a symbol of devotion and tradition. Her dress reflects the eternal feelings she emanates with shiny and magical look: It is a fashion icon. I want my brides to look heavenly on this most important day of her life." —Inbal Dror

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Marchesa Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Marchesa

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Hayley Paige

Hayley Paige Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Hayley Paige

“This collection is inspired by the idea of the heart letting love run wild.” —Hayley Paige

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Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Ines Di Santo

From Ines’s new collection, Under the Impression... Join Ines in her study of impressionism and how it influences the modern bride.

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Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever

Like light bouncing off of a brilliant diamond, our Fall 2020 bridal collection was inspired by the beauty that is reflected from within. This collection celebrates a woman’s essence and individuality. It’s about reflecting on who she is and connecting to what really matters to her, including what she wants for her wedding day. 

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Lein Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of LEIN

"While designing FW20, the LEIN woman and her day-to-day was top of my mind. I wanted to create pieces that are permanent to her wardrobe; able to endure with ever-changing style and trends, but feel captivating and new. These are styles you can wear down the aisle, with romantic and memorable details and materials, and to your anniversary dinner for years to come." —Meredith Stoecklein

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THEIA Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of THEIA

Inspired by Frida Kahlo.

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Caroline Castigliano

Caroline Castigliano Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Caroline Castigliano

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Viktor & Rolf Mariage

Viktor & Rolf Mariage Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf Mariage

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Berta Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Berta

Privée Amalfi by Berta

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Amsale Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Amsale 

"A focus on detail, drama and refinement define this collection; featuring Amsale's signature clean lines and simple silhouettes presented in exquisite fabrics. This modern faille bodice is shaped with folded draping and accented with a cascading back bow." —Margo LaFontaine, Amsale Design Director

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Pnina Tornai

Pnina Tornai Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Pnina Tornai

"In a world where we are often fed with fake news, fake looks, fake truth... the only way to find our paths is to be real. Real with ourselves. Real from the inside out. Just Real. I have chosen to present 'Real' as a mosaic of different silhouettes and a combination of almost every fabric there is in bridal. This collection will walk down the runway on a variety of models representing almost every bride from every culture, color, and size. As real as can be, keeping in mind that the only way to achieve perfection is to accept our perfect selves as they already are—Real." —Pnina Tornai

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Laure De Sagazan

Laure De Sagazan Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Laure De Sagazan

Laure invites you to dive into the warm fragrances of the South of France. Meet with Godard's muses, Bardot and Anne Wiazemski, for a feminine and flirty stroll on the heights of sunny Cannes...Welcome to a French Riviera. Boldness and femininity, all pieces grasp the elegance and allure of an era, the vibrant '60s.  

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Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky Bridal Fashion Week Inspiration

 Courtesy of Rime Arodaky

This season, the stardust babe is a warrior of the universe. Made of cosmic dreams and falling stars, she is empowered. She chooses bold over safe. Come travel back in time with us to the decade of glittery nights.

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Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Grace Loves Lace 

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Francesca Miranda

Francesca Miranda Fall 2020 Wedding Dress Sketch

 Courtesy of Francesca Miranda

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Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco Fall 2020 Bridal Fashion Week Sketch

Courtesy of Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco's latest collection, Moonstone, is inspired by the incandescent, radiant light of late summer sun setting over dramatic landscapes. Lush silk crepe is paired with shimmering metallics, creating the dreamiest color palette reminiscent of moonlit reflections. Voluminous sleeves and full skirts, alongside Alexandra's signature sleek silhouettes, form a dramatic harmony, evoking an ethereal dream.

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Sébastien Luke

Sébastien Luke Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Sébastien Luke

For the FW 2020 collection, we were inspired by all the fascinating shapes and elements from nature, spring flowers and summer waves in particular. We incorporated those elements into modern and romantic designs using luxurious fabrics and laces. We are also introducing more bridal separates, including tops, pants, and skirts, which will allow brides to easily mix and match their own unique looks.

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Lazaro Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Lazaro

“Spring 2020 is about statement-making gowns in the spirit of Paris couture. This is an iconic collection for me, these dresses will have a legacy. Voluminous gowns with asymmetrical horsehair skirts incorporate intricate crystal embroideries, embossed silks, deconstructed bows, and 3-D petals in abundance. My bride is always the centerpiece, she is unapologetic, empowered, and radiates beauty. Her image lives on as she dances the night away.”

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Blush by Hayley Paige

Blush by Hayley Paige Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Blush by Hayley Paige

 “Classic love songs played a huge role in inspiring this new collection. My mindset when creating it was, ‘You’re every love song ever written.’” —Hayley Paige

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Mark Zunino

Mark Zunino Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Mark Zunino

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EDEM Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of EDEM

The Bridal Couture Fall 2020 collection draws inspiration from the beautiful foliage and flowers of French forests—particularly those surrounding the brand's historical atelier in Lognon, near Paris—where beautiful flowers and branches inspired the collection's delicate hand-embroidered details.

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Anne Barge

Anne Barge Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Anne Barge

This season, the Anne Barge brand will celebrate 20 years. Inspired by our very own vintage designs, the Anne Barge Fall 2020 collection is the epitome of combining timeless silhouettes with new modern details. Gowns from the Anne Barge archives are re-interpreted this season, bringing new life to traditional and classic styles. This collection will not only showcase the brand’s evolution over the years but will also pay tribute to its original roots.

Clean architectural designs are made with fine Italian Kalika, for a simple yet refined look, while all over floral Alençon laces add an ultra-femme touch of elegance. Layers of delicately floating tulle are accented with 3D textures and metallic floral embroidery. Jumpsuits, bustiers and illusion necklines have been perfectly introduced into the collection for a nod to the present-day bride. The Anne Barge 20th anniversary brings meaning and depth to the brand’s past collections while also looking ahead to another 20 years of timeless yet contemporary designs.

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Allison Webb

Allison Webb Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Allison Webb

“Inspired by the American Ballet Theatre, this collection is infused with texture, elegance, and detail. Frothy concoctions are grounded in a focus on form; gowns are filled with sparkle and structure allowing brides to toe the line between classic yet contemporary, glamorous yet refined. Detachable bows have a starring role as do shoulder toppers, dramatic sleeves, and removable trains. Think Grace Kelly meets Swan Lake with a dash of joie de vivre and a lot of drama!”

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Isabelle Armstrong

Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Isabelle Armstrong

“Mystery, mischief, and the fashion-fueled fantasy of the 16th century Venetian ball masque are the driving force behind the fall 2020 bridal collection.” —Remy Quinones, founder and creative director of Isabelle Armstrong 

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Watters Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Watters

Inspired by the soft light of sunset and the romance of delicate and feminine lingerie.

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Willowby by Watters

Willowby by Watters Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

“Give your heart to a wanderer who found your soul and called it home.” Inspired by travels to far-off places in search of a great adventure and a greater love, this free spirited and bold collection embodies the essence of the courage it takes us to take a leap of faith and travel to the unknown.

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Madeline Gardner

Madeline Gardner Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Madeline Gardner

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Michael Fausto

Michael Fausto Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Michael Fausto

After honing his skills in the ateliers of luxury houses across New York and Italy, designer Michael Fausto decided to embark on creating a collection of his own vision.

The debut Michael Fausto collection draws inspiration from the jewel box that is Capri. An unending spring of life and beauty, the island has been a magnet for artists, poets, socialites, and more for years. Whether you are having a freshly grilled fished at La Fontelina, or envisioning Homer’s sirens bathing near the Faraglioni, Capri offers glamour and excitement to everyone. The inspiration was interpreted into undulating drapes of duchess satin, intricate beading of bougainvillea, and dramatic silhouettes. 

Michael Fausto aims to serve the modern heroine. Delivering a refined sensibility coupled with a flare for drama, this clothing is made to exalt women. Since the world began, women have worn the title of creator, mother, lover, destroyer, and countless more; and it is our goal to celebrate every incarnation.

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Wtoo by Watters

Wtoo by Watters Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Wtoo by Watters

"Cabinet of Wonders" is inspired by the collected memories and nostalgia of worldly travels, experiencing different cultures, and the rich tapestry of the landscapes of far flung places. The Collection was photographed in the beautifully textured Duquette House. The house was a work of love by renowned designer Tony Duquette.

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Julie Vino

Julie Vino Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Julie Vino

“This season I wanted to introduce sleek and sexy styles. The shapes are a combination of symmetrical to non-symmetrical, clean to embellished, matte to glossy, which shows the direction I wanted to take my brides this season.” —Julie Vino

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Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Morilee by Madeline Gardner Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Morilee by Madeline Gardner

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White by Vera Wang

White by Vera Wang Bridal Fashion Week Sketch

 Courtesy of White by Vera Wang

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Carol Hannah

Carol Hannah Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Preview

 Courtesy of Carol Hannah; Photo by Harwell Photography

The 2020 Carol Hannah collection, FLORA OBSCURA, explores the elements of a secret garden, with sculptural and architectural details layered with untamed florals.

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Rivini by Rita Vinieris

Rivini by Rita Vinieris Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch
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Kelly Faetanini

Kelly Faetanini Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Kelly Faetanini

 The Fall 2020 Kelly Faetanini collection is inspired by the Amalfi Coast of Italy. You'll see lots of floral embellishments and pops of color this season! 

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Justin Alexander Signature

Justin Alexander Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Justin Alexander

The Justin Alexander Signature Fall/Winter 2020 collection was inspired by unique and diverse experiences encountered while traveling. The season begins with the spotlight shining on tailored sophistication and organically builds into a romantic and whimsical fantasy featuring 3D florals, feathers, soft petals, billowing sleeves, and ruffles. The collection is dramatic yet austere and brings an elevated elegance to bridal.

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Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Savannah Miller

Inspired by the Nick Cave song of the same title, Breathless is a collection of romance and beauty. The juxtaposition of contemporary music and archival fashion give this collection a unique and fresh point of view. 

For fall 2020 Savannah Miller has explored the use of texture to create a thoroughly modern collection for the alternative, fashion conscious bride. The designer’s love of 1930’s style is reflected in the cool simplicity of dresses designed with sleek silhouettes and glamorous detail. She continues to explore alternative solutions to the traditional with the addition of a tailored jacket featuring a detachable Chantilly lace skirt and has reimagined the velvet cape she wore to her own wedding in billowing crepe de chine. 

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Jenny Yoo Collection

Jenny Yoo Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

This season blends strong architectural lines and soft bias draping to create refined glamour in statuesque shapes.

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Monica Byrne

Monica Byrne Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Monica Byrne

"Fields of Pearls"

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Jenny by Jenny Yoo

Jenny by Jenny Yoo Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Jenny by Jenny Yoo

Pairing soft and dimensional texture with modern silhouettes, each gown in the collection captures a flirty romance that is both feminine and alluring.

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Zac Posen x White One

Zac Posen x White One Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020

 Courtesy of Zac Posen x White One

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David's Bridal

David's Bridal Fall 2020 Bridal Fashion Week Sketch

 Courtesy of David's Bridal

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Sophie Et Voilà

Sophie et Voila Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Sophie Et Voilà

If there is something that Sophie et Voilà is proud of, it is its origin, its land and the culture that emerges from it. It is this timeless culture that, in one way or another, inspires our collections, because we carry it inside us and it is a fundamental part of who we are. Sophie Et Voilà's new collection is resounding, powerful, and noble, but at the same time it is feminine, subtle, and delicate.

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Melissa Sweet for David's Bridal

Melissa Sweet Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Melissa Sweet for David's Bridal

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Eisen-Stein Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Eisen-Stein

Soar to new heights with the Eisen-Stein Fall 2020 collection. Inspired by the winged wonders, this season features flowy and sleek silhouettes crafted with soft ethereal tulle and custom-made lace. Each gown captures the magical spirit of the exotic jungle while featuring accents of crystal beading, wispy feathers, and 3D foliage embellishments. Nude corsets, high-slits, and plunging illusion necklines emphasize the sensual style, while silk white designs are mixed in for a classic touch of elegance. A whimsical play on light, delicate gowns, and meticulously crafted designs embody a fashion-forward collection inspired by the true nature of the flying creature. 

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Oleg Cassini for David's Bridal

Oleg Cassini Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Oleg Cassini

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Lee Petra Grebenau

Lee Petra Grebenau Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Lee Petra Grebenau

In celebration of her brand's 10th anniversary, designer Lee Grebenau crafted her fall 2020 bridal collection inspired by one of nature's most treasured gemstones: the pearl—a rare symbol of perfection, beauty, and purity that from antiquity has epitomized timeless elegance and classic style. These all elements the designer has always sought her designs to embody, and they are distinctly reflected in this season's collection.

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Galina Signature for David's Bridal

Galina Signature Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Galina Signature for David's Bridal 

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Valentini Spose

Valentini Spose Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Valentini Spose 

Inspired by the city lights, the Valentini Spose Fall 2020 collection shines brighter than the rest. Shimmering gowns illuminate the new collection with 15 standout pieces. Rich styles with contemporary silhouettes and architectural shapes take focus this season. Fashion forward designs including pantsuits with custom lace, flowing cathedral capes, and scoop necklines emphasize modern pieces made for the non-traditional bride-to-be. Refined details of pleated ruffles, delicate silk tulle, and dramatic flutter sleeves sparkle with Swarovski crystals and pearls, sequins, and precious stones. The glistening designs of Fall 2020 are destined to turn heads this season, conveying a bold collection that will shine all night long.

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Peter Langner

Peter Langner Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of Peter Langner

Step into a naturalist atmosphere. Inspired by a wonderland of dreamy and evocative elements of the big anemone, the Peter Langner Fall 2020 collection delicately intertwines contemporary designs with eccentric details. Precious fabrics in pink, gold, and champagne hues are hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals and beads. Structured bodices are enriched with dramatic overskirts, bows, and exquisite draping. Fluid lines and classic silhouettes are accented with deep V and boat necklines, while fanciful details of floral lace appliqués and tulle add layers of romance. A wondrous interpretation of nature’s garden combined with modern elements of design and couture level detail convey a sumptuous collection fit for every elegant bride-to-be.

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The Atelier

The Atelier Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

 Courtesy of The Atelier

Inspired by a royal fantasy, no detail is spared in The Atelier Fall 2020 collection. True couture craftsmanship takes form in dreamy gowns of layered tulle, intricate lace and the finest silk crepe. Figure flattering and exposed corsetry is complimented by dramatic voluminous skirts, for a modern take on the traditional ball gown. Artisanal beading and textured metals dance across necklines and bodices, adding decadence to each design. Unique hand embroidered artwork of carousels, Ferris wheels and 3D florals, bring each gown to life. The exquisite design and couture tailoring of the Fall 2020 collection is suitable for every majestic bride-to-be. 

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Leah Da Gloria

Leah Da Gloria Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2020 Sketch

Courtesy of Leah Da Gloria

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