Brad Pitt Reveals He Crashed a Wedding While Filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

But the actor says the newlyweds didn’t seem to mind!

Brad Pitt

Steve Granitz / Getty Images

Saying “I do” to your partner is one of the most memorable moments in your relationship, and what really makes it special is the people who are there to witness your union. After all, it’s not every day that all of your closest friends and family members are gathered together in one place to celebrate you and your love. In rare instances, some lucky couples even have a VIP guest attend their nuptials—a celebrity. Stars such as Serena Williams, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry just can’t seem to resist crashing a stranger’s wedding. In a cover interview for W Magazine’s Best Performances issue, which was published on Monday, January 9, 2023, Brad Pitt reveals that he too was a wedding crasher 20 years ago. 

In 2003, while the actor was filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, he made an appearance at a couple’s celebration. “I have crashed a wedding party,” he tells the outlet. “It was on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We were filming down in this deco building downtown, and up in the penthouse above, we kept seeing people going up and down. It was a wedding party, so I crashed it, and they were OK with it.”

While Pitt's wedding crashing incident was nearly two decades ago, other stars have shown up as uninvited guests much more recently. In August of 2022, Keanu Reeves also crashed a couple’s wedding reception. The John Wick star happened to be at the Fawsley Hall Hotel in Northamptonshire, England when James and Nikki Roadnight tied the knot. According to Newsweek, the groom spotted the Matrix actor at the hotel bar, so he invited the actor to the post-wedding party. “He was very friendly and said he would [come] later on,” Nikki says. “We didn’t know if he would or not, but it was cool that my husband had spoken to him.”

The couple didn’t want to get their hopes up, but sure enough, a hotel staff member alerted the newlyweds that a “very special guest” had arrived. “It was all very exciting,” the bride told the outlet. “I went to say hi and introduce myself. I offered him a drink, but he declined that and said he’d just had a long flight, so he wouldn’t stay long, but it was so kind and friendly.”

Tom Hanks is another celebrity who’s been known to show up unannounced to couples’ weddings and wedding festivities. In March of 2022, the Forrest Gump actor photobombed Grace Gwaltney and her bridal party’s photoshoot outside of the Fairmont Hotel in Pittsburgh before her ceremony. “He was like, ‘Hey! I’m Tom Hanks. I would love to get a photo with you,’ and I immediately froze and was just looking around,” Gwaltney described to KCRA. “He was like, ‘You look so beautiful. I’m so happy for you.'”

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