The 14 Best Bolo Ties for Sophisticated Western Flair

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Whether shopping for the groom, best man, groomsman, or a guest, choosing a tie for a wedding is all about bringing an outfit together, but it’s also a great moment to show off your style and have a little fun with your ensemble. And, nothing says fun quite like a bolo tie. The traditional Western-style necktie is all about intricate detail, adding a bit of flair to menswear. But, you don’t need to be a cowboy to wear a bolo tie. Since its inception, the bolo tie has become a nod to personal style, including traditional western wear, as well as urban, rock, hipster, and even some more modern styles. 

One of our favorite things about bolo ties is how unique they can be, especially since so many of them are handmade with ornate gemstones, metalwork, and various shoestring ties or cords, giving them all the potential to become a family heirloom post-nuptials. 

We set out to find the best bolo ties from traditional western wear retailers such as Boot Barn, as well as artisanally made options from Etsy, keeping the bolo ties style spirit of intricacy, personality, design, and quality in mind.

Read on for the best bolo ties on the market.

Best Overall: Nudie Jeans Co Nisse Bolo Tie Black

Nudie Jeans Co Nisse Bolo Tie Black

Nudie Jeans Co

Since bolo ties are so personal, it’s hard to choose the best overall. But, for this category, we wanted something that was high quality and authentic with a more neutral design, so it fits an array of personal styles. Our top pick is this silver and black bolo tie from Nudie Jeans Co. The necktie is made from vegetable-tanned pieces of leather braided into the traditional cord style with a traditional engraved metal clasp and tips. It’s perfect for the minimalistic groom or the groomsmen as a way to compliment the groom’s tie.

Price at time of publish: $80

Material: Vegetable tanned leather and metal

Best Budget: HUABOLA CALYN Bolo Tie



Because of their handmade nature and intricate designs, bolo ties are typically pricey. But, there are some great affordable options, including this top-rated bolo tie from Amazon. The tie is made from braided leather with metal tips and an oval clasp featuring a natural black agate stone. And, despite some of its detail, it’s on the more minimal side of the spectrum, making it easier to get a lot of wear out of it.

Price at time of publish: $12

Material: Agate stone and faux leather

Best Personalized: Belts Buckles Bolos Southwestern Initial Bolo Tie

Belts Buckles Bolos Southwestern Initial Bolo Tie


Personalization is a great way to up the ante on sentiment for your wedding day. Why not make a statement out of it with this personalized initial bolo tie? The tie features a more traditional western style with a mix of brass and silver metals and ornate engraving on an oval clasp. And, for extra flair, this Etsy seller creates a matching belt buckle, too.

Price at time of publish: $28

Material: Brass, silver, and leather

Best Vintage-Inspired: Craft by Jasper Flower Grass and Tigers Eye Bolo Tie

Craft by Jasper Flower Grass and Tigers Eye Bolo Tie


We swoon for this vintage-inspired bolo tie. From its floral detailing to its stunning choice of gemstone, this handmade tiger's eye bolo tie is a great choice for anyone looking for a future family heirloom. Not to mention: Tiger's eye is a stone of courage, so it’s a great choice for the groom on the big day.

Price at time of publish: $28

Material: Zircon alloy, tiger eye, faux leather

Most Unique: Minima Maxima Shop Pansy Lariat Bolo Tie

Minima Maxima Shop Pansy Lariat Bolo Tie


If you’re looking for a bolo tie that takes unique to a whole new level, we are all about this floral bolo tie, which features a black and brass braided cord and stunning acrylic pansy flower clasp. The handmade bolo tie is made to be worn in several ways, including traditionally as a tie but also as a necklace with the clasp hanging lower.

Price at time of publish: $56

Material: Enamel, acrylic, walnut, and brass

For the Minimalist: Katie Kismet Black Diamond Metallic Bolo Tie

Katie Kismet Black Diamond Metallic Bolo Tie


Minimalist and bolo ties don’t always go together, but some of the more modern styles are a great choice for the person looking to rock a bolo tie that isn’t too detailed. We love the clean lines and sleek finish on this diamond-shaped bolo tie, which is made of glass and is formal enough to wear with a tux but also still able to be dressed down with a shirt and slacks.

Price at time of publish: $96

Material: Glass, leather, and silver

Best Splurge: Prada Brushed Leather Bolo Tie

Prada Brushed Leather Bolo Tie


A designer bolo tie also makes a great wedding keepsake. We love this fresh take on the bolo tie from Prada, featuring flat leather strap cords and a leather clasp in the shape of the Prada logo, with the enameled metal logo set in the center. 

Price at time of publish: $525

Material: Leather and enameled nickel-free metal

Best Gold: Designs by Maral Southwestern Brass Bolo Tie

Designs by Maral Southwestern Brass Bolo Tie


Thanks to their western heritage, bolo ties are traditionally made of silver, which makes a gold bolo tie all the more special and unique. This one is a simple and sleek take on the authentic bolo tie with a brass-colored round scalloped clasp, black braided cords, and brass metal tips. If you like this style and gold isn’t your vibe, it also comes in silver.

Price at time of publish: $43

Material: Brass and faux leather

Best Turquoise: Belts Buckles Bolos Southwestern Turquoise Bolo Tie

Belts Buckles Bolos Southwestern Turquoise Bolo Tie


Turquoise is a classic feature of the bolo tie, and we love the nod to tradition with this modern southwestern bolo tie. The cord is made of genuine leather and cinched together with a stunning turquoise-colored agate stone, giving it a more muted hue.

Price at time of publish: $28

Material: Agate and leather

Best Silver: Montana Silversmiths Men’s Silver Scrolled Bolo Tie

Montana Silversmiths Men’s Silver Scrolled Bolo Tie

Boot Barn

It’s all in the details with this silver bolo tie from Montana Silversmiths. The tie is designed with western tradition and authenticity in mind yet has more of a modern feel to it. We love the simplicity of the design, making it a great neutral bolo tie for any occasion, including a wedding.

Material: Leather and silver

Best Western: Montana Silversmiths Southwest Bolo Tie

Montana Silversmiths Southwest Scalloped Bolo Tie


Bolo ties are classically western, but some take that nod even further. We love the mix of silver and gold in this Southwest-inspired tie, especially for a wedding. The clasp features a gold and black southwestern design with a unique scalloped edging that stands out in the crowd. Plus, the arrow tips are a great addition to the detailing.

Material: Leather and silver

Best Turtle Shell: Minima Maxima Shop Tortoise Shell Bolo Tie

Minima Maxima Shop Tortoise Shell Bolo Tie


For something a little different, we can’t stop staring at this handmade tortoiseshell bolo tie. Unlike other bolo ties, this one has more of a gold and tan color scheme with tan leather cord and a wooden art deco-style clasp with acrylic tortoiseshell front and center.

Material: Maple hardwood, acrylic, copper, and leather

Best Modern: Minima Maxima Shop Modern White and Gold Bolo Tie

Minima Maxima Shop Modern White and Gold Bolo Tie


If you love the bolo tie trend but want something that feels a little more modern and quirky, this is our top pick. The tie features beautiful white cords with charm tips and a handmade contemporary wooden clasp featuring acrylic detailing in the center. The tie is a nod to western style with some art deco flair, making it a great choice for any bohemian-style wedding.

Price at time of publish: $66

Material: Maple hardwood, acrylic, and brass

Best Novelty: KoYo Official Store Guitar Head Bolo Neck Tie

KoYo Official Store Guitar Head Bolo Neck Tie


Crank up the volume on fun (and funny) with a novelty bolo tie. We love the musical spin on this bolo necktie, featuring a miniature guitar head clasp in your choice of black and gold, red, or blue with beautifully braided black cording and intricate metal tips to match.

Material: Metal and faux leather

Meet the Expert

  • Linda Davis is a stylist at House of Colour in the Kansas City, Missouri area.
  • Lydia Winkler is a style expert and tech founder who makes bolo ties in her free time.

What to Look for in Bolo Ties


“Pay attention to scale,” says stylist Linda Davis, adding that it’s important to consider whether or not you look better in a small, medium, or large clasp before shopping for a bolo tie. Also, it’s important to consider the scale of the clasp with the scale of your collar. “Pair a small bolo clasp with a narrow collar [and] a larger bolo clasp with a wider collar,” Davis adds. 

Face Shape

Davis also recommends paying attention to your face shape. “Men with a round or molded looking face will often look better in a round or oval clasp,” says Davis. “Men with a more angular or chiseled face may look best in a more angular clasp."

Personality and Style 

“Look for them to be personal,” says Lydia Winkler, a style expert and tech founder who makes bolo ties in her free time. It’s also important to consider personal style—especially in a wedding setting. If the groom and groomsmen are wearing bolo ties, she recommends choosing them "based on the groom’s style."

  • What is a bolo tie?

    “A bolo tie is a necktie with a braided cord [and] metal tips held together with a clasp,” says Winkler. They are also sometimes referred to as shoestring ties and can be made of cord or braided leather. The clasp is typically something ornamental and statement-making. “Traditionally, they have had more of a western look to them,” says Davis. “But the style has come back with a wider range of varieties that appeals to those looking for a more casual, urban, or quirky look for the groom and groomsmen,” Davis adds.

  • What should your bolo tie match?

    Thanks to their often intricate design, bolo ties can bring in color through the choice of metal, cord, and the clasp’s gemstone, crystal, or glass stone. “While the color doesn’t necessarily have to match the bridesmaid dresses, it should harmonize with the color scheme of the wedding,” says Davis. “Consider using the same metal color on your tie as you chose for the wedding rings."

  • Can you wear bolo ties to your wedding?

    “If this style feels authentic to the groom, a bolo tie is a fun way to bring some personality and character to your wedding,” says Davis, adding that style is less about what is on-trend and more about who you are. “If a bolo tie fits your personality and personal style, go for it."

  • How do you wear a bolo tie?

    With bolo ties, you don’t have to deal with the fuss of tying a tie, so they are very easy to wear. “Traditionally, bolo ties are worn like any other necktie, with a collared shirt buttoned to the top and the tie firm around your neck,” says Davis. That being said, if your wedding or the wedding you are attending is slightly informal and more laid back, you can loosen the tie slightly. “The tips of the tie should end approximately four inches below your breastbone,” she says.

Why Trust Brides 

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