How to Plan a Bohocore Wedding

If you want to host an earthy, ethereal celebration then this trendy aesthetic might be right for you.

boho bride and groom kissing at the alter

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If you feel like you've been seeing the bohocore aesthetic everywhere lately, you're not mistaken: It's become extremely popular in all aspects of our lives, including fashion, jewelry and accessories, and even home design. But those in the know can attest to the fact that bohocore has been a prevailing trend in the wedding space for years. Bohemian-inspired celebrations that are typically laid-back, earthy, and natural, and they often feature warm neutral color palettes, flowy lace garments, and beachside locales. While you've likely seen a boho bride once or twice in your life, you may not know how to host this type of celebration and might even be questioning whether or not this aesthetic is still relevant today.

According to Manda Worthington, owner and creative director of Mae&Co Creative, a wedding design and event production agency, bohocore weddings are still popular and certainly have a place in the wedding space today. "By definition, 'Bohemia' means unconventional and art-forward," shares Worthington. "I think boho-centric designs absolutely have a place in the wedding world if a couple's vision aligns with the vibe."

While that's great news for those with boho tastes, the main question that now remains to be answered is, "How do couples actually plan for this style of event?" Here, we exactly what you need to know.

How to Plan a Bohocore Wedding

Want to plan a bohocore wedding? To start, Worthington advises couples to focus on two main areas: florals and fashion. "I think the best area to lean into for a boho wedding will be in your florals and in your attire," she says. "Both of these elements can make a huge impact on the design of your day. Focusing on grasses rather than lush blooms or even choosing a wedding dress that feels a little unconventional, by using unique materials or colors, will really pull the boho concept all the way through your wedding day." More specifically, when it comes to florals, consider options such as pampas grass, dried grass, eucalyptus, sage, olive branches, and even rosemary to get the bohemian vibe you're looking to achieve.

Bride in Vintage-Inspired Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress with Long Hair and Oversized Flower Crown with Eucalyptus,, Hydrangeas, Mums, and Astible

Photo by READYLUCK Photographers

Bohocore Wedding Fashion

When it comes to fashion, look for pieces that give off a vintage vibe. Since most bohocore weddings lean more casual (though you can host a formal celebration if that's what you prefer), many couples opt for ethereal, airy styles. For brides, lace wedding dresses featuring either a mermaid or column silhouette are always great choices for this type of style. Bohocore celebrations are also a great time for brides to embrace a flower crown if they're searching for an alternative option to the traditional veil. As for groom's attire, consider lighter-hued suits, such as tan, in lightweight fabrics like linen and seersucker.

Bohocore Wedding Venues

Aside from fashion and florals, you should also pay close attention to your venue. Many bohocore weddings take place at seaside locations, as the setting lends itself to barefoot and carefree ceremonies. But for those interested in fully embracing nature, the desert is also a wonderful option for these types of nuptials. Not only does a desert locale provide the perfect bohemian-centered backdrop, but it also enhances the color scheme associated with this theme. Which hues in particular? "Generally, these colors will be neutral and earth-toned colors. So nudes, sand, ivory, greens, and dusty blush," Worthington shares.

Rug-lined wedding ceremony with dried floral details and mismatched chairs

Photo by Pat Furey Photography; Floral Design by Il Profumo Dei Fiori

Bohocore Wedding Details

If you're planning a bohocore wedding, it's important to decide how hard you want to lean on the aesthetic. Some couples prefer to select a few bohemian elements to highlight rather than embracing the aesthetic on every detail. "Keeping boho classy can be as simple as not going overboard. You don't need every single element of your day to scream 'festival,' you just want it to feel cohesive," says Worthington. "I think pairing boho elements with modern elements can really take out the 'cheese' factor in a lot of ways. For instance, you might use organic, linen tablecloths for your dining tables but you choose to use modern, sleek flatware for your place settings. The juxtaposition in the smaller details will help bring a balance to the overall design."

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