A Guide to Bohemian Weddings with couple kissing at boho wedding ceremony

Everything to Know About a Bohemian Wedding

Learn all about the natural and carefree wedding style.

If you consider your style more carefree, earthy, and natural, you might want to have your wedding embody that vibe as well. After all, you want your special day to feel like a reflection of you and your spouse-to-be. Luckily, a bohemian aesthetic can translate beautifully into a nuptial celebration. If you want to host a boho wedding, you can easily capture that feeling with the choices of your venue, attire, beauty choices, ceremony design, and reception décor.

Want to learn the defining qualities of how to curate this bohemian wedding style? Ahead, we break down some of the best ways to create a natural, dreamy, and romantic celebration.

Bohemian Venues

You can give any venue—from a hotel ballroom to a backyard—a bohemian aesthetic with the right styling. But, there are some locations that naturally exude a boho vibe. These kinds of locales can easily give your wedding that carefree feel without much extra work.

One prime bohemian wedding venue is the beach. A barefoot ceremony with the dreamy neutral tones of the sand and calming blue water behind is the perfect backdrop for a boho wedding. Reuse natural materials like driftwood to build an arch or shells to create table place cards for a sustainable take on a boho wedding.

Another great wedding location for bohemian brides and grooms is the desert. The rich tones of the earth is a stunning shade to set the tone for your celebration. This is also a great locale for boho couples that get out in nature, and can host pre-wedding hikes or activities for their guests.

Bohemian Attire

Those who consider their style to be boho likely already embody look that in their daily fashion choices. So, picking attire for your wedding is the perfect time to embrace the aesthetic in a big way. Most boho weddings don't have a formal dress code requiring tuxedos, so grooms can suit up in natural materials like linen or a variety of hues to coordinate with their wedding colors.

Bohemian brides often lean towards materials like lace or soft, flowy silhouettes for their wedding day. Many also like to go for sustainable and timeless looks by choosing vintage pieces, often from the late '60s and '70s. These are often paired with soft beauty looks with whimsical accessories like flower crowns or other natural elements woven into the hair. Wedding parties can follow suit with comfortable silhouettes in complementary shades to the décor or floral prints.

Bohemian Décor

How you style a wedding with the ceremony and reception décor is one of the easiest ways to infuse your celebration with a bohemian aesthetic. Pieces in natural tones and materials, along with vintage elements, can easily make a wedding have that whimsical and carefree feel.

First, consider the florals you will use for your wedding day. While fresh flowers are always stunning, consider infusing pampas grass, dried grasses, or other textural greens to your centerpieces, bouquets, and ceremony setup. This will quickly give your wedding a more earthy, bohemian look.

The rest of your wedding décor can also embody a boho look. Considering lining your aisle with vintage rugs, setting up a lounge area with woven poufs and rattan seating, or decorating your tables with natural linen tablecloths in soft tones. All these elements can come together to create that beautiful bohemian aesthetic you've always dreamed of for your wedding day.


A Guide to Bohemian Weddings

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