21 Bold Bohemian Wedding Invitation Ideas

Bold and carefree designs for your boho wedding.

bohemian wedding invitation suite with inserts and florals

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

When it comes to wedding design, the fun is definitely in the details. From picking out the perfect bridal shoes to dreaming up an eye-catching altar site, these moments are where your wedding vision comes to life. Kicking it all off is your wedding invitation, which provides guests with their first impression of what your celebration will feel like.

Leaning toward boho for the big day? Then you’ll want stationery that follows suit. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish ways to interpret what can be a pretty broad aesthetic. If you’re marrying in the desert, try a neutral color palette or pick shapes inspired by the rise and fall of sand dunes. After something more whimsical? Opt for brightly-hued watercolor stationery or play with feather motifs.

Read on for even more boho wedding invitation ideas that are sure to get your guests excited about the big day.

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Line Envelopes With the Unexpected

Boho wedding invitation in a desert sand dune theme with textured liners

Photo by Anna Jones Photography; Stationery by Prim & Pixie

Natural texture is a signature of boho style, and your envelope liner is the perfect place to surprise your guests with a hint of it. Grasscloth in a neutral hue pairs beautifully with a desert-inspired color palette.

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Showcase a Single Shade

Boho wedding invitation in sage green with greenery design

Photo by Paige Jones and Ximena Zermeno Photography; Stationery by Minted 

A single shade can do all the heavy lifting when it’s used in an intricate pattern. Here, a serene sage gives off a boho, beachy vibe in an etched design. 

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Wow With Watercolor

Boho wedding invitation in bright and bold watercolors

Photo by Mary Costa/Stationery by Tropic of Flowers

Mimic the ever-changing colors of the sky with a gorgeous watercolor invitation suite. To boost the carefree factor, keep lettering lowercase and pick a font that resembles hand lettering.

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Play With Feathers

Neutral boho wedding invitation with feather motif

Photo by Laurken Kendall/Stationery by Camila Dias for Carta Plena

Used as a design motif or a three-dimensional accent, feathers are a whimsical touch for any boho-leaning stationery suite. To keep the look sophisticated, stick to plumage in neutral hues. 

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Choose Multiple Colors

Colorful boho wedding invitation in pinks, yellows and oranges

Photo by Michelle Scott 

While a more formal invitation might stick to a stricter color set, you’ll better capture the vibe of your bohemian wedding by expanding the palette. Let each insert take on its own happy hue, and you’ll wind up with a delightful, free-spirited suite. 

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Select Desert Shapes

Colorful neon boho wedding invitation with desert motif

Photo by Meg Smith/Stationery by Swell Press/Planned by Julia Lake

The easy, natural slopes of desert sand dunes are a perfect motif for a boho wedding invitation. Done in bright pops of color and paired with modern acrylic, the style sets a playful, energetic tone for the festivities to come.

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Opt for Deckled Edges

Moody boho wedding invitation with deckled edges

Photo by Kami Olavarria/Stationery by Four Things Paper

The rougher, uneven cut of this deckled-edge design feels more organic and handmade than a crisp, straight line. The style works especially well for a boho-meets-vintage aesthetic or for a wedding taking place at a historic venue.

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Be Inspired by Your Locale

Boho wedding invitation with retro fonts and photos

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

For their Mexico City wedding, this couple looked to an event that occurred in the same locale over 40 years earlier: the 1968 Olympics. That year’s iconic logo design inspired a retro font choice for this wedding stationery, which looks fresh and modern when paired with bold photography.

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Incorporate Leather Accents

Boho western wedding invitation with leather accents

Photo by Caroline's Collective

Want to add a luxe touch to your stationery without making it feel too formal? Consider textured leather. All of the enclosure cards in this suite were delivered in a hand-punched leather envelope, which could later double as a keepsake holder or even as a small clutch. And let's not forget about the custom bandana save-the-date.

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Experiment With Shapes

Pastel boho wedding invitation circle and square stationery

Photo by Stephanie Vegliante/Stationery by Emily Baird Design

Many pre-designed wedding invitations are designed with rectangular shapes. For a fun deviation that still feels polished, opt for square and circular stationery. When done in muted brights, this design is perfect for a cocktail-attire event.

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Include a Romantic Quote

Pastel boho wedding invitation with romantic quote

Photo by Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu/Stationery by Emily Baird Design

Romantic words are the perfect addition to a bohemian invitation suite. Select a quote that captures your relationship, or perhaps a couplet from a favorite poem, and use the phrase as a design motif on your stationery.

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Follow Your Stars

Constellation zodiac boho wedding invitation

Photo by Elisa Watkins/Stationery by Whimsy Design Studio

Constellation and zodiac themes are still hot for boho weddings, and a moody showing of stars and sky is the perfect theme for your invites. If you’ll be personalizing the design, consider incorporating constellations for the star signs of you and your partner as a subtle nod to your otherworldly love.

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Show Off a Subtle Emboss

Modern and minimalist boho wedding invitation with plant leaf emboss

Photo by Katie Ruther/Invitations by Swell Press

For a minimalist twist on the bohemian look, mix clean fonts with a pared-down color palette and a barely-there emboss of a tropical plant leaf. The look will feel modern and low-fuss but still convey sophistication.

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Go Big on Calligraphy

Black and white boho wedding invitation

Photo by Austin Gros/Stationery by A Fabulous Fete

The easy, organic loops and trills of calligraphy bring an element of romance to any suite. By making hand-written moments the focus of your design and minimizing other adornments, you’ll also give your stationery an easy-going feel that pairs perfectly with a boho celebration.

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Get Creative With Cacti

Boho wedding invitations with cactus motif

Photo by Erich McVey/Stationery by PS Paper

Monstera and palm leaves aren’t the only greenery options to add to your invites. If you’re marrying in a desert locale, consider incorporating cacti instead.

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Go Rustic

Rustic boho wedding invitation in blues and browns

Stationery by Shindig Bespoke

A moody palette of dark blues and greens pairs well with wood-inspired accents. Swap the jungle motif shown here for firs and evergreens, and the tropical-leaning look would instantly work for a celebration situated in the Pacific Northwest.

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Pick Wildflowers

Colorful wildflowers boho wedding invitations

Photo by Maddy Williams Photography

Roses and peonies are always pretty choices, but a boho wedding calls for a floral motif that's a touch more free-spirited. Grow-wherever-the-wind-blows-them wildflowers are the perfect fit.

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Stick to Neutrals

Neutral and rustic boho wedding invitations

Photo by Sweetwater Portraits/Stationery by Shindig Bespoke

A neutral palette of tans, creams, and whites conveys a chill vibe, while hints of textures and patterns ensure the design won't underwhelm.

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Feature a Retro Font

Blue and tan boho wedding invitations

Photo by Jessica Jaccarino/Stationery by Twinkle & Toast/ Event Design by Audere Events

The bold curve of this 1970s-inspired font pairs well with heavier shades of dark teal, sepia, and cranberry. Wood and leather accents round out the homage to the decade.

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Give Rust a Romantic Spin

Pink and terracotta boho wedding invitation

Photo by Joel Serrato/Stationery by The Idea Emporium

Earthy shades of rust and terracotta always feel at home at a boho wedding. For a romantic palette, pair the hues with layers of dusty rose and other muted pinks.

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Embrace a Hippie Vibe

pink orange boho wedding invitation

Stationery by Shindig Bespoke

If you want to do boho invites the retro way, rewind to 1969 and embrace the best of Woodstock. Wildflowers, bright colors, woodsy motifs... it's all pretty groovy, right?


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