30 Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

From tousled waves to undone updos, these stunning styles are perfect for boho brides.

Loose Waves and Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown

 Photo by Mari Sabra Photography; Hair by Blond Studio; Florals by Simple Florals

Boho brides need a hairstyle that’s as free-spirited as they are. If your big day can be defined by all things earthy and ethereal, the last thing you want in a wedding ‘do is a stiff, slicked-back bun or tight curls drenched in hairspray. Fortunately, you won’t find any of that here.

From tousled waves to undone updos, these stunning styles are perfect for boho brides. If you wish to wear your hair down, consider rocking cascading curls that are loose and softly textured. If you want your hair out of your face when you hit the dance floor, try a messy bun or thick braid. Bits of floral and foliage are always welcome in boho wedding hair looks, so feel to tuck a bloom into your lush curls or pop on a flower crown.

Avoid hairstyles that look too perfect or overly done. The beauty is in the imperfections, so don't be afraid to brush your fingers through your curls to loosen them or untuck a few strands from your updo to frame your face.

Need some more inspiration? Browse 30 beautiful boho wedding hair looks below.

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Hybrid Braid with Daisy Headband

Hybrid Braid With Daisy Headband

Photo by Kayla Fisher 

We’re getting serious Rapunzel vibes from this fishtail/crown braid hybrid. The looseness of the braids is quintessential bohemian, as is that dainty daisy flower crown.

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Unexpected, Elemental Crowns

Unexpected, Elemental Crowns

 Photo by Ahr Photos; Hair by Giava Visagismo

While bridal tiaras are typically associated with more glamorous styles, boho brides can still have their crowning moment by incorporating natural elements into their headpiece. This structurally striking piece is a gorgeous finishing touch to this bride’s natural curls.

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Braided Updo with a Twine and Floral Crown

Braided Updo With a Twine and Floral Crown

 Photo by Kristen Pierson Photography; Hair by Amy Merritt

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to wear your hair loose and flowing over your shoulders for it to be boho. Brides who don’t want to be pushing their hair out of their face every two minutes can opt for a braided updo like this one. This bride finished hers off with a pretty-in-pink flower crown.

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A Halo of Pampas Grass

A Halo of Pampas Grass

Photo by Foolishly Rushing In; Hair by Zoë Elizabeth; Florals by María Limón 

Pampas grass has been a major wedding trend for some time now and we don’t predict this wispy, wheat-hued detail going anywhere. Besides being a welcome addition to floral displays, pampas grass can also serve as a boho hair accessory, as proven by this unique look that replaces a more traditional flower crown with a halo of the earthy material.

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Twisted and Tucked Updo

Twisted and Tucked Updo

 Photo by All My Love Photography

Wouldn’t this twisted and tucked updo look right at home in the English countryside? We especially love the boho touches of sprigs of greenery and pops of bright florals.

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Loose Curls Topped with a Hat

Loose Curls Topped With a Hat

Photo by Anni Graham 

Hats are the unexpected hair accessory that’s been trending among brides, thanks to royals and runways alike. A felt field hat—with or without some florals sitting on its brim—is the perfect finishing touch to boho wedding hair, like this bride’s loose curls.

Save the hat for your reception or just some of the portraits you snap with your partner. A hat is a bold accessory that you might not want to steal the show at your ceremony!

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Natural Curls with a Gilded Floral Comb

Natural Curls With a Gilded Floral Comb

 Photo by Samantha Clarke Photography

We love the way this bride wore her natural curls pinned up to the side. It's a unique way to showcase her rose gold hair comb. Boho brides who are interested in accessorizing with hair combs and pins should look for ones inspired by florals and greenery in order to keep the style natural and wholly bohemian.

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Loose Waves and Frida Kahlo-Inspired Flower Crown

Loose Waves and Frida Kahlo Inspired Flower Crown

Photo by Mari Sabra Photography; Hair by Blond Studio; Florals by Simple Florals

Go for all the bold boho vibes with a flower crown that would make Frida Kahlo proud! This bride wore her long brown locks in touchable waves and topped things off with a lush halo of roses and King Proteas.

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Fishtail Crown Braid

Fishtail Crown Braid

 Photo by Indiee Fox

Surprise! Braids are big when it comes to boho wedding hair, and this fishtail crown braid is a spin on the style that’s hard not to love. The halo hair chain also adds a bit of rocker-chic edge to the otherwise soft and feminine look.

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Free-Flowing Waves

Free-Flowing Waves

Photo by Shane and Lauren Photography; Hair by Kelly Jones Makeup & Hair; Florals by Seascape Flowers

This bride’s boho wedding hair is proof that you don’t need florals, a flower crown, or any other hair accessories to pull off the style. She effortlessly executes it with just tousled waves and an undone waterfall braid.

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Braided Updo with Flower Chain

Braided Updo With Flower Chain

Photo by Lindsey Pantaleo; Florals by My Secret Garden 

Pay special attention to the florals accessorizing this intricately braided updo. Limiting the blooms to the back, this greenery chain of pink roses offers a whole new way to wear a flower crown.

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Textured Curls and Colorful Blooms

Textured Curls and Colorful Blooms

Photo by Gillespie Photography; Hair by Amy Merritt 

Opting for bohemian styling doesn’t mean you’re limited to neutral hues. This texturized curly ‘do got a major dose of saturated shades thanks to those brightly colored blooms.

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Straight with a Double Strand Headpiece

Straight Wedding Hairstyle With Double Strand Headpiece

Photo by Betsi Ewing; Hair Accessory by Hushed Commotion; Hair by Be.NYLA 

This bride’s strands are styled sleek, straight, and wholly unfussy. Tucked in the back is a double-stranded floral headpiece, courtesy of Hushed Commotion.

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Undone Bridal Bun

Undone Bridal Bun

Photo by Hedi Elyse Photography; Hair by WedLocks Bridal Hair and Makeup 

Meghan Markle has nothing on this messy bun! The intentional imperfections give the relaxed look a natural, free-spirited vibe. Unlike with a slicked-back chignon,  you won’t have to worry about a few tendrils coming loose on the dance floor.

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‘70s Style Waves

‘70s Style Waves

 Photo by Sarah Joy Photo

Inspired by the 1970s, these softly textured waves are totally hippie-chic. To get a similar look, use a large-barrel curling iron and then separate and tousle the curls, brushing through with your fingers to create a soft texture and natural movement.

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Messy Bun with Sprigs of Greenery

Messy Bun With Sprigs of Greenery

Photo by Rebecca Yale 

Pulling some locks loose from a bun or updo is a great way to frame the face and relax the look. Tuck in a few sprigs of fresh greenery and you’re all set to walk down the aisle, boho bride!

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Half-Up Half-Down Celtic Braids

Half-Up Half-Down Celtic Braids

 Photo by Glitter & Twigs; Hair by Babu Hair & Beauty

This bride’s glossy curls were worn in a half-up half-down hairstyle with thick Celtic braids. She completed the look with a mini bouquet of white blooms. Lovely!

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Thickly Braided Undone Updo

Thickly Braided Undone Updo

 Photo by Mayfield Photography; Hair by Caitlyn D of Lux Beauty & Bridal

We love the lush volume in this braided undone updo. To make a braid look fuller, gently pull apart the strands to give them more width, or you can sprinkle on a little volumizing powder.

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Center-Parted Waves with Hair Chain

Center-Parted Waves with Hair Chain

 Photo by Jillian Bowes

For a flower-less hair accessory that still has plenty of boho charm, hair chains fit the bill—and even offer a bit of edge.

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Messy Updo for Curly Hair

Messy Updo for Curly Hair

 Photo by Nadia Hung Photography

This bride’s soft curls add some gorgeous texture to her messy updo. Without a hair accessory in sight, this is a great option for brides whose style tends to be on the more simple side.

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Chignon with Floral Hairpiece

Chignon With Floral Hairpiece

 Photo by Katy Lunsford Photography

How gorgeous is this gilded hairpiece? It lends a bit of both glamour and boho style to this bride’s unfussy chignon.

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Intentionally Imperfect Braid

Intentionally Imperfect Braid

 Photo by The Bold Americana

Possibly the best part about boho wedding hair looks is that they don’t have to be perfect. Take this bride’s braid for instance. It’s made all the more interesting thanks to its free strands.

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Crown Braid with Loose Tendrils

Crown Braid with Loose Tendrils

Photo by Alycia Lovell; Hair by Paige Barker 

What’s not to love about this bohemian hairstyle? From the crown braid to those face-framing strands to the added greenery, this is like a boho trifecta.

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Wavy Ponytail with Flower Crown

Wavy Ponytail with Flower Crown

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography

While that softly textured ponytail and those long, piece-y bangs sure are stunning, the star of the show here is that leafy boho flower crown.

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Loose Waves Tied with a Ribbon

Loose Waves Tied with a Ribbon

Photo by Tom Leung Photography 

This bride embraced boho style with cascading curls and delicate buds tucked just so. A gauzy ribbon also adds just the right amount of sweetness.

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Messy Bun with White Flower Crown

Messy Bun with White Flower Crown

 Photo by Volvoreta; Florals by María Salazar

The name of the boho game is, in one word, effortless. This perfectly imperfect hairstyle embodies that to a tee.

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Peekaboo Braid

Peekaboo Braid

 Photo by Kate Drennan; Hair by Head Studio, The Perth Hair Stylist

Sometimes, a sweet and subtle braid is all you need to take give your style a boho boost. That peekaboo fishtail braid in this bride’s golden locks is all the proof you need!

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Loose Curls with a Side Part

Loose Curls with a Side Part

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

This bride’s long locks looked right at home at her bohemian outdoor wedding in California. The baby’s breath is such a dainty, delicate touch.

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Wrapped and Braided Updos

Wrapped and Braided Updos

Photo by Kristin Sweeting Photography; Hair by Katie Be and Shear Abby 

This pair of beautiful brides both rocked boho wedding hair looks for their Colorado nuptials. We can’t choose which one we love more!

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Bold and Bright Florals

Bold and Bright Florals

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography 

If your boho wedding is taking place on a beach or tropical destination, you can meld the two styles by donning a flower crown crafted from highly saturated florals.

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