28 Beautifully Bohemian Wedding Cakes

Channel earthy tones, dried blooms, and texture on your sweet treat.

boho wedding cake with gold details

Photo by Meagan Puett; Cake by Sandra's Cakes

If you’ve chosen your wedding style, then chances are, you’re starting to plan the details to match. And along with that comes the choice of your wedding day sweets! For many, it may be appealing to switch it up with clever treat alternatives, but for others, it’s all about the classic towering statement cake.

If you’re planning a boho wedding, and you’ve chosen to serve cake on your big day, it may seem like the two can’t go hand in hand. But think again. Boho means everything from organic details, Earthy vibes, and greenery to plenty of dried florals, natural elements, and color palettes of jewel tones or earth tones—and there are plenty of ways to incorporate these gorgeous details into your cake design.

Ready to find the perfect sweet for your boho wedding theme? Read on for 28 of our favorite boho wedding cake ideas.

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Look to Palette-Knife Artistry

buttercream painted cake

Courtesy of Almonds and Apricots

Want subtle blooms? Skip the idea of fresh flowers on your cake and opt for buttercream details instead. Look to a white cake with earth tones for a beautiful, nature-inspired design.

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Incorporate Thistles

boho pink and white wedding cake

Courtesy of Cakes In The City Utah

A simple way to dress up a sleek three-tiered cake? Incorporate bundles of dried grasses and thistles for plenty of texture. We love the way the crimson pops against a muted pink tier.

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Turn to Textured Buttercream

boho cake with leaves

Photo by Henry's Diary; Cake by Sift and Gather

Embrace a natural design by incorporating textured buttercream. A tall single-tier cake with a collection of leaves and blooms on top is sure to make a boho statement.

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Channel the Sun

boho sun wedding cake

Courtesy of Deliciously Divine Cake Design

Boho doesn't always have to mean dark and moody! Embrace one of our favorite natural elements, the sun, and display its rays on your cake. We love the subtle pink hue of this confection, paired with glowing golden rays.

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Flaunt Pretty Florals

sunflower wedding cake

Courtesy of blushing cook

An organic look is perfect for a boho wedding, but it doesn't have to be all about greenery. Make a statement with a bright and colorful cake adorned with edible blooms.

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Make It Modern

white boho wedding cake

Courtesy of Dmytrii Puga Cake Design

Don't want to lean too hard into moody colors and elaborate texture? A boho-meets-modern cake is an ideal fit! Work with your designer to create a tiered masterpiece featuring textured detailing that looks like a rainbow.

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Embrace Earth Tones

neutral boho wedding cake

Photo by Kindle and Graine; Planning by Roots to Stems; Cake by Dolce Couture Cakes

You can play with so many different hues when it comes to a boho cake, and this design pulls it off in the best way. We love the subtle cream base with pops of vibrant orange and red. A topper of fresh blooms and dried pampas sprigs makes it that much more interesting.

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Add a Pattern

textured boho wedding cake

Photo by Mallory Sparkles; Cake by Sweet P Cakes and Cookies

This design is subtle, yet absolutely stunning. Look to a white wedding cake, with just a hint of a textured pattern. Of course, organic dried greenery and leaves elevate the display even further.

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Go for Gold

boho wedding cake with gold

Photo by Meagan Puett; Cake by Sandra's Cakes

Channel golden hour with this stunning cake design. Incredible gold-leaf detailing creates a textured look on this confection. Lunaria and neutral grasses take it to a whole new level of gorgeous.

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Consider Contrast

black boho cake

Courtesy of Almonds and Apricots

Get a little moody with your boho cake. This design starts with a two-tiered black cake as the perfect backdrop. But, it's the king protea and other dried, textured elements that provide an interesting contrast.

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Look to Dried Elements

boho wedding cake with grasses

Photo by Hugo Coelho Fotografia; Cake by Migalha Doce

Adding natural, dried elements is one of the simplest ways to transform a plain white cake into the perfect boho design. Use a variety of sprigs to make an organic display.

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Choose Colored Buttercream

green boho wedding cake

Photo by Megan Montalvo Photo; Cake by Sift and Gather

You can always incorporate boho tones into the color of your buttercream. While this single-tiered cake may be small, it certainly packs a beautiful punch.

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Make an Autumnal Statement

red boho wedding cake

Courtesy of Perfect Cakes Co

Planning a fall wedding? Incorporate plenty of burnt orange for a seasonal boho design. We can't get over the clear tier in the middle of this confection, showcasing even more color and texture.

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Incorporate Draping

boho wedding cake with draping

Photo by Mémorelle Weddings; Cake by Migalha Doce

Bring on the texture with this cool cake style. The draping on this confection is awe-inspiring, providing just a hint of romance and paired with organic grasses to complete the look.

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Feature Feathers

boho wedding cake with roses and feathers

Photo by Wild Meadow Photography; Cake by the cake artisan cake kitchen

Trying to pull off a rustic-meets-refined vibe? This design is it. Made up of two sleek white tiers, this cake provided the perfect backdrop for fresh roses, handmade sugar flowers, dried grass, and a few dangling feathers to complete the look.

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Go for Geodes

geode wedding cake


If you're searching for something truly out-of-the-box, look no further. This clever design embraces the incredible beauty found in nature. By mimicking a natural geode with metallic detailing, it makes the most stunning statement.

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Play With Plenty of Detail

boho cake with flowers

Courtesy of Ellie Kay Cakes

Boho wedding cakes are all about neutral colors and plenty of detail and texture. This design pulls that off beautifully with the addition of wispy white blooms and burnt orange hues.

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Channel Terracotta Clay

terracotta wedding cake

Photo by Mitt Photography; Cake by Migalha Doce

A truly bold earth tone? Terracotta clay—and this cake embodies that hue in the most incredible way. Turn to natural, warm hues and add whimsical dried branches for a lovely design.

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Add Greenery

wedding cake with greenery


Want something simple and sweet? Channel a charming boho vibe with a hint of whimsy by decorating a textured white cake with dainty daisies and sprigs of greenery.

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Choose a Bold Hue

red-orange wedding cake

Photo by Sarah Olivia Photo; Cake by Miss Red's Catering Co.

If the color doesn't wow you on this cake, the details will. Gold detailing was added to the top of each tier, paired with intricate floral details for a bold boho design.

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Showcase Succulents

wedding cake with succulents


Obsessed with plants? Showcase your love for succulents on your cake! We love the way gold detailing and a few succulents transform this otherwise white wedding cake.

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Keep It Simple

boho wedding cake with gold


Boho doesn't have to mean going over the top with color and detail. Keep things simple with a tiered white cake, paired with just a hint of texture and neutral color.

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Turn to Terrazzo Tiles

geometric boho wedding cake

Photo by Macy Spencer; Cake by sweets by sam

Terrazzo is a style of flooring made up of chips of various materials, providing stunning detail. This cake channels that concept and embraces a boho color palette to take it to a whole new level of beauty.

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Commission a Masterpiece

buttercream yellow boho wedding cake


A boho wedding is the perfect opportunity to show off incredible artistry, especially with your cake! This cake design utilized a muted yellow base to let intricate buttercream blossoms shine in a variety of gorgeous colors.

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Channel a Beachy Vibe

boho beach wedding cake


Who says you can't have boho at the beach? Embrace a moody turquoise hue with pops of orange and coral to make a colorful statement.

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Wow in Winter

winter boho wedding cake


Boho wedding cakes are definitely not just for summer and fall. You can bring boho to winter, too. Top your wedding day sweet with red and white blooms, along with thistles and sprigs of greenery added to the mix.

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Celebrate Your Surroundings

black boho wedding cake

Photo by Westlake Photography; Cake by Adorabella Cake Design

Hosting your nuptials in the sand? Embrace your natural surroundings and incorporate it into your cake design. A black, tiered cake provided the perfect backdrop for an intricate sand-hued bundle of dried elements on this confection.

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Get Creative with Color Wash

mustard yellow wedding cake

Photo by The Springles; Cake by Red Robin Pantry

If you're looking for a sign to ditch your typical white wedding cake, this is it. Channel a boho vibe with a stunning bright yellow hue. Take it even further with color-washed buttercream and intricate piped flowers for added interest.


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