12 Boho Makeup Looks for Your Wedding Day

bride in low v-neck, sheer long-sleeved gown holding bouquet and standing in desert

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Many brides start thinking about their wedding day makeup looks the day they get engaged. If you, too, are wondering what type of makeup look you want to rock on your big day, consider a beautiful boho look. 

"Boho is all about glistened skin that looks radiant while using minimal products," explains makeup artist Bina Khan. "The eyes should be soft with a bronze tone and the liner can be smudged out. Boho makeup is softer, more celebratory, has a mood to it. It’s romantic and layered and leans on artistic expression rather than creating a 'look,'" she adds.

Meet the Expert

Bina Khan is a makeup artist and co-founder of Just B Cosmetics.

Want to achieve this natural, soft look? Ahead, we rounded up our favorite romantic boho makeup looks to serve as inspiration for wedding day beauty.

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Soft Pink Lips and Dark Eyebrows

bride with pink lips, dark eyebrows (boho wedding makeup)

Courtesy of Bina Khan

This bride nailed the natural boho look. Her gleaming skin pairs perfectly with the rich pink tones of her lipstick to achieve an illustrious look.

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Classic Boho

bride with blush (boho wedding makeup) in v-neck sleeveless gown holding large bouquet

Photo by Alex Lasota

This bride embodied the classic boho style, which is to look effortless and free-spirited. Blush is very on-trend, and this bride ensured her look was complete with a soft and gentle flush.

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Green With Envy

bride in flowing green gown with white headpiece and sandals holding large bouquet in Utah desert

Photo by Elizabeth Wells Photography

We are jealous of this bride who flawlessly pulled off a green wedding dress paired with a perfect boho look. This bride’s makeup looked like an extension of her natural features while allowing the dress to be in the center of the spotlight. The overall look paired well with the backdrop of the Utah desert.

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Bronzed Cheeks

close-up of woman with pink lips, champagne bronzer with ornate gold headpiece

Courtesy of Bina Khan

Can’t make it to the beach before your wedding day? Don’t worry, some highlighting powder or a soft bronzer can create that beautiful sunkissed glow. Khan recommends adding rosehip oil to your foundation and sprinkling in a favorite champagne highlighter to achieve this look.

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Boho Fairytale

bride with neutral, but glowy makeup, nude lips, and loose hair waves smiling

Photo by Jodee Debes Photography

This bride looks like she walked out of a fairytale with her neutral, but glowy makeup, star-shaped earrings, and loose waves. The nude lip is the perfect hint of color against her natural look.

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A Touch of Glam

bride with soft orange and pink-toned lip being attended to by two makeup artists

Photo by Pbichara Photo

You know what else goes well with Mexico, sun, and tequila? A glowing bride who has nailed the boho look! This bride’s soft orange and pink-toned lip is a nice crossover between boho and glam.

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Fresh and Natural Glow

Indian bride with henna on hands, ornate bracelets and light blue floral sari

Courtesy of Vrishali Govardhan

No heavy glam for this Indian bride. The subtle contouring and flushed cheeks give this bride a radiant appearance.

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Shimmery Desert Bride

bride with long hair, shimmery eye shadow, and natural lip with head wrap and bouquet in desert

Photo by Krystal Turner Photography

Against the backdrop of the desert, this bride’s natural lip with a blush of color is the perfect bridal boho look. She finished her look with an elegant lilac head wrap, which highlights her shimmery eye shadow.

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Sunkissed Glow

bride with warm-toned natural makeup dancing in desert

Photo by Corey Lynn Tucker

This bride’s warm-toned natural makeup looks flawless and gives her the sunkissed, natural glow that is perfect in the backdrop of the desert. You can have this look by applying a loose mineral foundation as a base—it is easy to apply and most brands have include SPF!

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Pop of Red

smiling bride with smokey eyes and red lips holding bouquet and standing beside groom

Photo by Grace and Mitch

A natural look can still be paired with a pop of red, as exemplified by this bride. This bride’s makeup includes a soft, smooth complexion and a subtle smokey eye finished with a gorgeous red lip.

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Flawless Natural Glam

bride with natural makeup in crocheted wedding gown in groom's embrace

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

A boho bride wants to look like herself on her wedding day, which may mean soft and blended makeup. This bride donned a natural look alongside a unique crochet gown.

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All About the Eyes

woman with long black hair, gold shimmery eyeshadow, thick lashes and pink lips

Courtesy of Bina Khan

A pair of lashes can really elevate your eyeshadow and eye shape as this bride proves. Her gold shimmery eyeshadow coupled with her thick lashes is perfectly paired against the rest of her soft look.

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