21 "Something Blue" Wedding Flower Ideas

Place setting at a wedding tablescape with a white, cream, and blue floral centerpiece

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios; Floral Design by Ovando 

The age-old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a beloved wedding tradition even to this day. No matter your wedding style or design, there is a way to incorporate a hint of blue into your big day. One of our favorites? Blue wedding flowers.

“Adding tones of blue to your wedding color palette is an elegant way to create something timeless,” says floral designer Erice McNeff.

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From hydrangea to hyacinth, there’s a plethora of flowers to consider if you’re opting for floral arrangements in shades of blue. “French blue is the tone most naturally found in nature, and it's a color that will never go out of style,” shares McNeff. Hanging installations, bridesmaids' bouquets, and even a corsage all hold endless possibilities when it comes to design direction. “It's also a color that can lend itself to a variety of color palettes; most obviously, it suits well with creamy whites, but it can also be stunning against yellow, tan, and pink.”

Delphinium and hydrangea are the go-tos for a stunning blue arrangement, as they're available year-round and very easily accessible. For something more unique, opt for Muscari or hyacinth.

Read on for 21 dynamic blue wedding flower ideas you'll love.

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Choose Tweedia

Mid-section of bride in white gown holding a bouquet of greenery and tweedia

Photo by Golden Hour Studios; Floral Design by Flowers by Maria 

Small in size but not in impact, the electric, though oftentimes pastel, blue of tweedia should definitely be considered as a candidate. “Tweedia and larkspur work so well as filler blooms,” says McNeff. Just a few sprigs and your eye will be instantly drawn to the cool accent.

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Enhance the Venue

Bouquet of blue hydrangeas underneath a lantern

Photo by Peter and Veronika; Floral Design by Genio e Sregolatezza

Hydrangeas will always have their place when it comes to a design focused on a blue color palette. Evaluate pre-existing spots within the reception venue where you can create a "moment" in which a floral installation can shine.

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Keep It Subtle

Tablescape with blue tablecloth and a cream and blue floral centerpieces

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Floral Design by Mindy Rice 

Opt for a lush, romantic floral arrangement teeming with fresh flowers in neutral colors. Tuck a sprig or two of a blue flower, like Muscari or clematis, for just a subtle hint of blue.

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Go Traditional

Tablescape with floral centerpiece of white and blue flowers

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios; Floral Design by Ovando

Stick to a traditional floral centerpiece. Have fun with your florist when it comes to the design’s "recipe" and make room for blue blooms amongst a sea of white. Tweedia and sea holly are beautiful options that add texture and variegated shades of blue when it comes to unexpected accents.

Match your table linens or glassware to your blooms to bring the entire tablescape together.

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Build a Floral Wall

Flower wall with greenery and yellow, peach, and blue flowers

Photo by Kate Headley; Floral Design by Susan McLeary 

More is more when it comes to floral installations. Brimming with blooms both dyed and natural, the floral wall at this Detroit wedding at the Shinola Hotel included blue-hued botanicals in pastels for the ultimate wow factor.

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Give It to the Bridesmaids

Bride with five bridesmaids on each side, bridesmaids holding blue bouquets

Photo by Danielle DeFiore; Design by Isabelle Kline Design 

Give your 'maids their moment in the spotlight with blue bouquets. Whether petite posies of hyacinth, a single stem of hydrangea, or a large bouquet of delphinium, a splash of blue will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Accent With Orange

Floral centerpiece with blue and orange flowers

Photo by Danielle DeFiore; Design by Isabelle Kline Design 

Here’s a color combo we can absolutely get behind: blue and orange. While untraditional in most senses, the contrast of cool and warm tones creates a one-of-a-kind design from centerpieces to boutonnieres.

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Create an Altar Moment

Outdoor wedding altar surrounded by pampas grass and blue Delphinium

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios; Floral Design by Ovando 

When it comes to the ceremony, there’s no doubt you want to make an impact in terms of the design. One of the best ways to do that is with an exquisite altar design. Consider a setup full of gorgeous blooms; the combination of pampas grass with delphinium in blue for this Hamptons wedding might have you seriously considering how you can recreate this exact design.

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Mix It Up

Escort card table at a wedding surrounded by blue and white flowers

Photo by Kate Headley; Floral Design by Bloom Floral Design and Compass Floral 

Make a statement with a variety of blooms in shades of blue. This blue and white wedding in Michigan boasted an escort card table full of gorgeous arrangements in blue and white vases for an extra pop of "something blue!"

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Hang It Overhead

Hanging greenery installation with pink, purple, and blue hanging flowers

Photo by Shannen Natasha for The Wedding Artists Co.; Floral Design by Dana Markos Events 

Don’t forget to look up! Create a gorgeous canopy of blooms with an overhead floral installation straight out of your flower fantasies. For this classic wedding on the New England coast, the dance floor was set beneath a floral sky composed of lupines and delphiniums in shades of blue (with some pink and green thrown in) for a larger-than-life ode to "something blue."

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Use Cloches

Two cloches, one with blue flowers inside, the other with cacti

Photo by Kate Headley; Floral Design by Susan McLeary 

Inventive, unexpected, and a perfect choice for a modern or eclectic wedding, consider these an upgrade from standard floral centerpieces. Tall cloches with carefully selected blue floral arrangements are absolutely something that will keep your guests talking about your great style.

Create a monochromatic look with several different blue tones, use a blue hue to create a complementary palette with terra-cotta colors, or create a triadic palette with rich fuchsia blooms and chartreuse greenery, advises McNeff.

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Make a Grand Exit (or Entrance)

Couple leaving their wedding ceremony with blue floral arrangements positioned at the venue entrance

Photo by Monica Leggio; Floral Design by Tulipani Bianchi 

Embrace blue from the get-go with an over-the-top floral arrangement for your ceremony grand exit. Better yet, position the vessels at the entrance to the ceremony space for a touch of blue on either side of your “I do!”

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Opt for a Blue Bouquet

Mid-section of bride in white dress holding a bouquet with white, cream, and blue flowers

Photo by Kristin Sweeting Photography; Floral Design by Farmette Flowers 

Keep your "something blue" as part of your bridal look by incorporating the color into your bridal bouquet. From cascading bouquet designs to a bouquet featuring those blue-centered anemones, we totally love the pop of color for your walk down the aisle.

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Don't Forget the Cake

Three-tiered white wedding cake with cascading greenery and burgundy, peach, and blue florals

Photo by Judy Pak Photography; Cake by Blue Hill Stone Barns 

Who says your wedding cake can’t share the "something blue" love? If you’re opting for a flower-adorned cake, consider including a touch of blue among the design for a simple, fresh approach.

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Choose Muscari

Close-up of man with a Muscari boutonniere on a collared shirt

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Floral Design by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning

Classically chic, choose Muscari for an elegant accent to floral arrangements. It’s perfect for boutonnieres, bouquets, and everything in between. “I actually like to use the same flowers, the soft stems of Muscari and hyacinth, to add engaging movement in both bouquets and centerpieces,” says McNeff. 

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Embrace a Fall Palette

Bride holding bouquet with orange, peach, cream, and blue flowers

Photo by Judy Pak Photography; Floral Design by Saipua

Normally when thinking of an autumn color palette, dark reds, vibrant orange, or even deep purples come to mind. Well, we’re happy to say that midnight blue has its place in the fall season, too! Get inspired by this Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding and turn the traditional color scheme on its head. We love the inclusion of blue flowers in this bridal bouquet to accent the stunning orange and off-white design.

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Line the Aisle

Wedding aisle lined with delphinium flowers

Photo by Marcus Meisler; Floral Design by Lily Paloma  

We love an aisle moment! Line the aisle with floral arrangements both wild and elegant at the same time, creating a shape that stands tall, thanks to blooms like delphinium in their classic blue.

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Keep It Colorful

Bride and groom saying their vows at an outdoor wedding ceremony with a multi-colored floral wedding arch

Photo by Rach Loves Troy; Floral Design by Harvey Designs 

Embrace color: If you go blue, you don’t have to stick to blue only. A myriad of colors might be just your style if you're planning a whimsical celebration. Pops of blue hydrangea throughout the design, like the altar at this Savannah wedding, will draw attention in all the best ways.

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Keep It Small

Close-up of person pinning a blue thistle boutonniere to a man's suit

Photo by Randy Barnes of Alpine Wedding Photography; Floral Design by New Leaf Design 

Boutonnieres, while not essential, are a great way to incorporate a touch more of your floral design plans for the big day. Blooms like blue thistle (aka sea holly) are a great option for a subtle but surefire way to check the "something blue" box.

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Choose Hyacinth

Bride holding hyacinth wedding bouquet

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Floral Design by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning

Often closer to purple than blue, hyacinth is the ultimate choice when it comes to color saturation; not to mention, the fragrance is heavenly. Use hyacinth in your bridal bouquet or even in your centerpieces for a charming design perfect for a spring wedding.

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Make It Wild

Bride holding a wildflower bouquet with daisies and blue cosmo

Photo by Kate Headley; Floral Design by Sweet Root Village 

You know how we feel about that just-scooped-from-the-field look of bouquets. Opt for wildflower stems—we’re big fans of the rarely used blue cosmo.

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